Is Rain International a SCAM? No, But There’s A Better Opportunity Than This!

Chances are high that someone introduced you to Rain International and you want some affirmation first if this company is worth your while before you will make your deci​sion whether you will join them or not.

​Researching about a seemingly good online money-making opportunity will help keep scam companies at bay.

Out there in the Information Highway, there is a manifold of online money making opportunities, but not every single one of them is legitimate and reliable.

This is the reason why doing some research first is paramount not only to your success but also to your safety and security.

Let me be completely transparent to you on this, I am not associated with ​Rain International or to any other networking company for that matter. This is the reason I am not inclined to take sides or protect an interest.​

I can honestly say that I am delivering you a truthful and honest to goodness review of the Rain International business structure. I present the opportunity as they are, no more and no less.

​So you can make a decision to yourself whether this opportunity is worth it or not.

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​Rain International Summary Review


Founder: Byron Belka

Price: $104.95

Best For:  People who are well-versed in selling health supplement products. 

Is Rain International a SCAM

Summary:  ​Rain International is a qualified multi-level marketing company.  In order for ​their independent distributors to earn, they need to commit a significant amount of time ​of their week ​selling company products and at the same time build their own downline team (you earn a commission from your downline team's direct sales output). Since the company is employing an MLM business model, it is no wonder that their product offerings come in exorbitant price tags. Despite the fact that the main ingredient for their health supplements are seed-based and several other plant derivatives, this online business opportunity is still something I would not encourage anyone to join. I have a number of valid reasons ​why so and you will uncover them with this detailed review. 

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: NO


What is Rain International?

​Rain International is a qualified MLM company founded by Byron Belka. The company produces an array of seed-based health and wellness products in the hope of bringing about the most nutrition-packed supplements to nourish the human body.

The brains behind this company determined that in order for them to develop the kind of health supplements they have in mind, they need to go back to the basics. This meant the use of organic, non-GMO plant seeds and mix them up with some ​

Rain International Scam

other plant-based ingredients. They are making use of cold press process​ to help them ensure that the final product is top-of-the-line quality and reaches the market in good shape and condition.

Rain International is not just involved in the production of seed-based supplements. They also offer a “partnership program” to qualified individuals who want to join the company to become part of their pool of product distributors.

This is an opportunity for people who want to make money online by virtue of direct-selling and building their own network of member-customers.  

Rain International Products

This company never had a hard time establishing its name in the industry. Their seed-based lineup of supplements gained wide acceptance fast and quickly gained ground in the health and wellness market.

The company’s flagship product is a supplement they named as  Soul. The thinking minds of the company are on the assertion that it comes with various health benefits including improved mental focus and clarity, boost on the immunity function, and enhanced endurance.

What is Rain International About

​Rain’s Soul nutritional product is made from natural ingredients including black cumin, black raspberry, chardonnay grape seed, and D-ribose.  

Some other product offerings they have to include Fused, Core, and Form.

The form can help people get back in shape by helping their body burn calories faster and to promote weight loss it will suppress their appetite. Hence, the name.

Rain International Soul

Rain’s most recently launched product is a nutritious coffee they call Fused. They also have the Rain Core, a one-ounce fluid which they say has  8 times protective power.  However, the company warns us though to take caution when using it. It should not be used for the treatment of any disease since it is not FDA approved and thus have no therapeutic claims.

Personally, I think that these product offerings they have are pretty amazing and promising indeed. I haven’t come across this kind of idea before, and it’s a refreshing approach when it comes to supplements.  

Rain International products

How to Get Started with Rain International?

If you want to become a Rain product distributor, the least amount of money that you will need to shell out is $104.95. This entitles you to receive your own Virtual Business Kit valued at $39.95. In addition to that, you also agree to sign up as a recurring user/customer of Core or Soul, valued at $73 and $65 respectively.

​There is nothing to stop you from making yourself a bigger investment. The company is giving you full liberty to choose from:

  • Soul Basic ($104.95) or Soul Builder ($299), 
  • Soul Pro ($689) or  Launch Basic ($315),
  • Soul Elite ($1,320), or Launch Pro ($1,249). 

Availing yourself a larger business package entitles you to receive instead a​ Success Kit as opposed to a Business Kit.

​This multi-level marketing company gives us a variety of ways to earn money from their platform.

  • They have various bonus offerings paid on a weekly basis. I am not going to go into their details but here are some bonus packages they offer to members: Team commissions, First Order, Lifestyle, Leadership, and Referring Customer.  
  • Commission earnings on direct-sales. Most of their members would buy their products on the retail price and sell them through their personal website usually with a markup price. They are normally at 30% commissions.

Aside from those, members can also progress to different levels in the system and each of these tiers offers various attractive benefits. In order to move up the rank in the network, you need to hit a designated volume for both legs of the binary system. And of course, you need to keep your distributor profile active.  

​The next rank after Associate is the Rain Associate, this requires you to have 50 Personal Volume on your associate/distributor account to qualify.

Rank #1:
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From Rain Associate, your next progression is  Manager. To qualify for this level, you need to have 50 PVQ and 300 CV.

There are 9 other levels at stake as you deliver better and better performance using their system.  

Despite the fact that Rain Internationals has in place various levels of achievement for their top grossing product distributors, they don’t have any income disclaimer anywhere on their homepage.

But if you will take some time to check out their  policy report, you can glean the following texts:

“At Rain International, we believe that the income potential we have for our product distributors are competitive enough. Thus, they are highly attractive. This eliminates the need to report to the general public the earnings of other members.”

Perhaps only the brains who structured such policy can interpret what those texts really meant to convey.

The Ugly Truths About Rain International REVEALED!

​If you have been following my reviews on various networking companies before, you will agree with me when I say that every single product these MLMs offer to their market comes with a high price tag.

These exorbitant prices are intentional with the purpose of helping the company cover for the cost of their product distributors’ compensation packages. Keep in mind that the multi-level marketing business model always works to the advantage of the company itself, but not so for their pool of independent distributors.

This is one of the many reasons why the vast majority of independent distributors in any networking company, and not just in Rain International, are finding it hard to become successful in this “personal business” they have.

These companies would often say to their pool of independent these distributors that they are helping them have their own “personal business. But in truth, it is just a bluff. You need to have a discerning mind to know this.

Coming from someone with relevant background in the MLM sphere, I am saying that this industry is one of the most difficult to earn income from.

What I Do Like About Rain International?

​Rain International is another health and wellness MLM company with very little to offer to the industry. What they’re currently doing has been done by their competitors even before they came about, except for one aspect which is worth mentioning here. They are making use of seeds and other parts of plants to produce their supplements.

The use of plant seeds, particularly cumin seeds, may be considered by many of us as a radical approach in terms of creating health supplement products, but we have to admit that it is indeed very promising.

It may even serve as a catalyst for us to evolve the way we produce our health supplements.

Is Rain International a SCAM?

​We are not going to qualify Rain International as a scam nor as a pyramid scheme company. This unbiased review we have here is proving to us that this networking company is indeed a legitimate supplement business.

They produce pharmaceutical grade products, and with that, we can see that they have this so-called good manufacturing practice.

We can count that their product offerings are certified GMO-free and drug-free, too.

Compared to many other MLM companies, you will scarcely find their product offerings online because you can only buy them from their distributors.  

​How I Make Money Online?

If you are seriously looking for the best online money making opportunity, I suggest that you try ​ affiliate marketing instead. As an individual who’s already tried both the MLM and affiliate marketing worlds, I know that I am in the position to really tell which one is the far better option.

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  • You are not required to buy starter kits
  • No joining fees    
  • Work at your own pace
  • Promote any product or brand you like to a global audience    
  • A chance to promote products or brand you are passionate about
  • Make money while you sleep    
  • A chance to earn passive and residual income    

My purpose in enumerating some of the good points you get from the Wealthy Affiliate marketing opportunity is for you to get the whole picture -- the system is designed to work in your best interest.

The  Wealthy Affiliate is a community of dreamers, but these people are in touch with the real world. They understand how the world works. It is made better in the sense that you kick it off with no strings attached as it gives you an option to have a free trial.

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​Did you honestly think that Rain International and the networking business they have on offer would be the answer to your quest for  the best online money-generating opportunity? Typical networking companies don't deliver our best expectations from them. With all the things I presented you with in this review, are you still going to join this company?  Why? Or why not?  Please share your comments below. 

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