Is Residual Profit Machine A Scam? – It’s 100% A Pyramid Scheme

Residual Profit Machine













  • Suitable for Newbies
  • Free Referral - Rotator System
  • Good Commission


  • It's A Pyramid Scheme
  • Its' Promoting and Recruiting - MLM
  • Total Upsells of Nearly $13K
  • It's will Sucks your Money Dry
  • Minimal Support
  • Sucks Training and Minimal Info
  • You need to Own The Products before Sell
  • No Trial - Risky

What Residual Profit Machine? Is it a scam or legit? As anyone who has participated in an MLM scheme will tell you, part of the problem with the setup is that it’s often very difficult to recruit members. But you have to if you actually want to earn money. Now Residual Profit Machine is based on the usual multi-level marketing setup, but with a significant change—you don’t have to do your own recruiting at all. Or at least, that’s the claim. Read this for more understanding on how Multi Level Marketing works and structure?

Residual Profit Machine Product Review

Name: Residual Profit Machine
Website: www.rpmfunnel.com OR www.nationalwealthcenter.com
Products: MLM
Founders: Tony and Brandon
Cost: $25 all the way to $7,500 (+ $9.95 admin fee)
Verdict: Rank at 3/10

What Is Residual Profit Machine and How Does It Work?

The Residual Profit Machine is the sales system used by the National Wealth Center. This is the organization that offers close to 300,000 different digital products, which are mainly various online business guides in the video, audio, and PDF formats.

First, you have to pay $35 at the start so you can become a member. To remain a member, you then have to avail of some of the product packages that the National Wealth Center offers. Once you’ve purchased a product package, you can then, in turn, sell it and then you earn commission on the sales.

These packages include:

#1 Self-Development. Monthly fee of $25.

#2 Wealth Development. Monthly fee of $50.

#3 Business Development. Monthly fee of $100.

#4 Fitness Advantage. A one-time payment of $250.

#5 Wealth Advantage Elite. A one-time payment of $1,000.

#6 Network Marketing Elite. A one-time payment of $3,500.

#7 The Vault. A one-time payment of $7,500.

What’s different is that the use a rotator system for referrals. You line up, and then when it’s your turn the system allocates you the next 4 referrals. That’s because everyone donates 25% of their traffic to the traffic wheel. Also, the 2nd and 4th sales on the rotator system make money for the line above you.

You can still do some work and recruit members on your own. You still get the 4 referrals offered by the rotator system. However, you may be required to pony up for the $159 advertising campaign.

If you do recruit members on your own, they may also make you money too. Their 2nd and 4th sales on the rotator system go to you.

Who Is the Residual Profit Machine For?

It depends on how you look at it. From a newbie’s point of view, it’s almost tailor-made for people who balk at the need to recruit other new members. Now you can just sit back and relax while the system automatically makes money for you. The Residual Profit Machine even offers a 100% commission on your 1st and 3rd sales, the 2nd and 4th sales go to the line above you.

Of course, from the point of view of the National Wealth Center, it’s designed for a special kind of the newbie. It’s for those who don’t realize that this MLM scheme closely resembles a pyramid scheme. So do you think MLM a legit company or just a scam? I have also attached a video on explaining Pyramid Scheme. Here you go:

Residual Profit Machine Tools and Training

Before you can sell any of the online guide packages and make your commissions, you have to buy them yourself first. You can then use the material contained in those packages for your own education.

  • Self-development. This package includes audio files that help motivate you. It teaches about personal growth and self-discipline, and assists in helping you achieve the success in your life.
  • Business development. This package offers various guides that can help with online businesses and with brick and mortar ventures.
  • Wealth development. Here the focus is on your finances. Aside from just making money, you learn about how you can save and manage your money properly.
  • Fitness advantage. This concentrates on helping you maintain the health of your business.
  • Wealth advantage elite. Now you get videos which will train on topics such as Forex trading, real estate, and the stock market.
  • Network marketing elite. This time you get a video starring Peter Wolfing, who founded the National Wealth Center. He will disclose his secrets and steer you in the right direction to success.
  • The Vault. The entire library of the National Wealth Center will be made available to you.

The Good and the Bad

So let’s tally the pros and cons, shall we? Here are the benefits:

(+) The theory behind the rotator system seems ideal. Who doesn’t like the prospect of getting free referrals—and getting paid for it?

(+) The commission is also nothing to sneeze at. You can’t get any better than 100% commission.

(+) So theoretically, even a beginner can earn as much money as more experienced marketers.

However, there’s a longer list of drawbacks, and each one of them is more serious:

(-) You can’t try it out first before you shell out money.

(-) You don’t really get much info as to what these packages are.

(-) You have to buy the packages first before you can sell them. They’re expensive too.

(-) You don’t really know how long before you get your sales on the rotator system. It can be a week or even an entire year.

(-) If someone on your downlink buys a package that you don’t already own, then you don’t earn a commission at all.


When you’re forced to purchase items before you can earn commissions on them, you have to right away feel wary about that online business venture. It doesn’t matter if the Residual Profit Machine offers a great rotator system which earns a 3/10 rating. In the end, it’s still Not Recommended. You have better prospects out there, which are more effective helping you earn money—and they certainly won’t cost you as much!

What’s a Better Alternative?

As you can probably see by now, the drawbacks to the Residual Profit Machine readily outweigh any advantage you may gain. So what should you go for instead?

Perhaps you should instead do the hard work and learn how to conduct an online business properly. You can learn every step of the affiliate marketing and blog business process from a more reputable source, such as Wealthy Affiliate. Here you only spend a reasonable amount of money for your education, and you can apply those lessons to just about any online product you want to sell.

The main advantage here is, of course, you’re not required to buy expensive items that you then sell yourself. See below what others members are doing with this system applying what has been taught in the platform. As what you can read below Colton work at

As what you can read below Colton work at the gas station and he still study at the college at the same time. He works hard, very hard I could say. Today he achieved the effort he put in and work as affiliate marketer as full time. By the time of this writing, he has already achieved 5 digits of monthly consistent income.

So do you still think of not possible in earning income from online? Perhaps you might already disappoint from being scam and upset. This is the main reason I attached above testimonial proof to you that it’s possible in earning online.

This is not a get rich scheme and the most amazing part of this system are they are not showing off you shiny cars and shiny object to con you. The system has already existed more than 10 years. By the time of this writing has surpassed 11 years. Helping thousand of online entrepreneurs successfully quit their job and achieved their passion dream.

You might ask what so different with others program out there? Why am I keep promoting them? Because I see the result myself. I built this website and others project are going on using the method they teach me. Step by step. Yeah, they seriously built the amazing system that helping Everyone of us to start our online career be it you are

Yeah, they seriously built the amazing system that helping Everyone of us to start our online career be it you are a beginner or experienced. They care about OUR Success, not just bullshit and taking out your hard earn money.

You not even need to pay a dime to try out and before you join I highly urge you read my Wealthy Affiliate review. The only #1 recommendation if you want to pursue your online career.

So It’s Your Turn Now

Do you have any thought of this review article? Do you have any experienced with Residual Profit Machine or National Wealth Center? If yes, please leave your comment below and let’s talk about it.

Last but not least, before putting off my pen off I would like to thanks for sticking this post till the end and of course your time. I hope this post useful to you and if you have the further question in others topic feel free to reach out to me. I am more willing to help you to achieve your online journey. Together we make this happen.

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