Is Team National a Scam? Are They Helping You Save Money Through Discount Offerings or No?

 Everyone knows that discounts are a great way to save money, right? The question is would you be willing to shell out $795 just so you can avail discounts in various business and commercial establishments?

If you will search out the Internet, you will realize that there is a manifold of rebates websites and different kinds of buying clubs that you can join. It is free to join some of these groups, while others come with a fee, from $50+ and above. Given the chance and the choice, would you be willing to offer your family and friends and try to sell to them a $795 discount membership? This is the working idea behind Team National.

I'll be honest up front with you, I really don’t consider myself a fan of network marketing companies. I used to join a handful of networking companies before. My first-hand experience in networking companies and the collective experiences of other people around me made me look into the very core of their business structure.

I came to the point that I wanted to understand the underlying reason why people seldom find success in this kind of business opportunities. I realized these organizations don’t really uphold the financial interest of their members, but they are purposefully designed to optimize the business’ levels of profitability.

I perfectly understand how networking companies work, and I know they’re not the best road to take in as far as achieving your financial freedom is concerned. Instead, I will encourage you to consider a marketing affiliate career. This is the only platform that helped and paved the for me to achieve the financial wellness I am enjoying at the moment.

Should you consider joining Team National? No! If you want to understand the underlying reasons why this is not the best opportunity to take, please continue reading.

Team National Summary Review


Founder: Dick Loehr 

Price:  $795 for two year membership or $2195 for premium lifetime membership +  $55 Starter Kit + $25 membership fee. 

Best For:  People with great skills in persuading other people to join the business. 

Emblem of Team National

Summary: Team National is all that a legitimate business should be. However, when it comes to compensation there is a lot of room for improvement. The very cost of discount membership here is working to the disadvantage of their network distributors. 

Rating:10 /100

Recommended: No. 


What Is Team National?

Team National is a qualified multilevel marketing company. However, they don’t cater their services to the usual health and wellness industry but to a different business niche instead. They have a savings club and they promote and sell memberships to this. 

Team National is currently headquartered in Fort Lauderdale and was founded by Dick Loehr in 1997. 

Is Team National a Scam?

At present, his daughter Angela Loehr Chrysler is running the company.

Last year, the company was able to reach its billion-dollar plateau. And for that reason alone, they are now joining the ranks of  Jeunesse, Melaleuca, and Primerica.

Regardless of what age you are in, 1997 seems like it is not a really long time ago. But it’s been 20 years already and they have been in the business for a long time now. Team National is also a member of Dun and Badstreet (D&B)The US Chamber of Commerce, and Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Even if Team National is associated to the above-mentioned organizations, and thus are a helpful lot in taking their credibility a notch higher, there are still some aspects of the company and the business that you need to look into first before hopping in.

Like for instance, don’t you find it really strange that they don’t provide much information about the company and the business on their official website? For me, this is a red flag already, a warning signal that you should take caution if you are planning to involve yourself with their affairs.

Is Team National a scam?
Is Team National a scam or what

Team National Membership Explained

The company is making an assertion that if you are a paying member in their network, you will have a chance to access and enjoy a manifold of savings. These can range from automobile purchasing down to your personal care needs.

In addition, Team National will give a directory of companies and establishments they partnered with. They say that with their thousand partnerships in various businesses in a different niche, you’d be able to maximize your discount options for various needs.

Is Team National a Pyramid Scheme

Unlike many other MLM companies, Team National is asserting that members can easily and quickly recoup their investment since potential discounts can go as far 50%.

 How to Get Started with Team National? 

Like any other MLM companies, joining Team National comes with a fee valued at $795 for two years. Your enrollment to their discount program entitles you to receive on point. More on this later.

Should you consider a lifetime membership in their discount program and earning you 3 points to your account, you may avail a premium membership with a one-time payment of $2,195.

Team National membership fee is valued at $25. This is taken out from your first payout. Aside from this, you also need to get your IMD Starter Kit. This starter kit will cost you $55. The contents of which is not disclosed to the public yet so we don’t have any access to those as of this writing.

Why Team National Can Offer Its Members Discounts? 

The underlying reason why Team National can offer their members cheap deals and discounted rates on various services and products is that they leverage the so-called group buying power.

Their partner companies give them discounts simply because they’re giving them an opportunity to earn more with the extra business they’re bringing them which they would not have otherwise.

The greater the number of interested parties there are wanting to buy these membership offers, the greater the possibility for these members to get higher discounts. All because of Team National’s bargaining power.

Below is a Youtube presentation of Team National’s compensation plan. 

 Ugly Truths About Team National Revealed

Lacking/Inaccessibility of Information in their Official Website

While I perfectly understand why they are restricting access to their basic business information on their website to their members only. However, I also believe that it is much better if they will share every piece of information to everyone concerned.

Like for instance, how can a potential recruit learn more about the nature of the business if they can’t access any information about the company? Do you honestly think that they will remain highly interested in that?

How can anyone prove to themselves that Team National opportunity is either good or bad if they don’t know anything about it? Keeping vital information away from interested parties are working to the disadvantage of the company and its interest, too.

Way Too Expensive

Right off the bat, your Team National recruiter will tell you that TN does not have any joining fee but a discount membership instead. (so much for euphemism, right?).

In the course of your two-year membership, you are actually shelling out $795. How?

You must see to it that you are keeping up with these costs:

  1. Standard Membership:  $795
  2. Membership fee: $25
  3. $10 per month.
  4. Success Club: $35.95 per month
  5. Or Premium Membership: $2915
  6. Personal Big N Marketplace website - $75/year or $7/month for members; $495 for non-members
  7. Information on Demand services for Genealogy or checking your downline: $99 a year or $9 a month
  8. Independent Marketing Directors: $55 IMD starter kit fee.

On the dot, in a standard membership, you will shell out $929.95 and for the premium membership, you have to dispose of an amount of $3,049.95.

While they say that the Personal Big N Marketplace website is optional, they would insist to you that it is imperative to have that for your business’ own good and success.

Include the website and you will have $1,004.95  for a standard membership and $3124.95 if you will have a premium membership.

In all honesty, I know that there better options that this opportunity in as far as making money online is concerned.

You Have a Low Income Potential

This company has really defined for us what low-income potential really is. The image below is Team National’s income statement. It clearly indicates that the vast majority of their discount club members are not really earning much.

Is Team National a Pyramid Scheme

According to the image above, 94.9% or around 33,076 of their directors received less than $500. And this is for the ENTIRE YEAR EARNING! I believe that you are a lot to earn more on a minimum wage as opposed to what you are likely to make with this company in a month’s time.

 What I Do Like About Team National? 

Discount Club Members Enjoy Discounted Rates

We give credit to where credit is due. In here now, Team National, with its vast network partner wholesalers,  distributors, and manufacturers, their members are can enjoy discounted rates for various products and services they need.

No Physical or Tangible Products Involved

What Team National is catering to is not like any other MLM company. They are selling discount memberships which means to say that there is no physical product involved when joining.

The absence of physical products takes away from its members the usual issues and concerns that members of networking companies usually contend with such as product returns, inventories,  and a host of other logistical concerns that naturally come when physical, tangible products are involved.

 Is Team National a Scam or What? 

So far, with respect to the other MLM companies I previously focused on in a review,  I qualify Team National as among the most legitimate and with that, they are also far from being a scam nor a pyramid scheme.

One may argue that they don’t have any tangible products to sell or offer. True! But they are offering us instead “savings” and they present this to us in the form of discount membership.

Team National’s business is within the boundaries set by the Direct Selling Association. Their business conduct is also in line with the approved guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission.  Qualifying this business as a scam organization in the absence of solid proofs is nonsensical.

I kind of noticed that the natural tendency of most companies in the MLM sphere is to push their deceptive practices to their limits, seeing as far where it goes. The reason behind this is that these organizations do not have any means to oversee each and every product distributor in their network.  

I, myself, can attest to the veracity of these subtle deceptions. The reason I quit the MLM industry? I will need to employ unethical tactics just so I can survive the stiff industry competition.

With respect to the documents used in this review, I am under the impression that this Team National comes to us with a solid stance to operate their business under what the law prescribes.

But the question here is, would you consider shelling out $795 to obtain discount membership if you can also get the same from Costco for only $70? I know I wouldn’t.

 How I Make Money Online? 

The mere fact that Team National is not giving us adequate information in as far as providing them for comparative shopping is concerned, I don’t that my membership to their discount club is going to give me a significant amount of savings on my, say, basic consumer needs.  

Add to this is the fact that this kind of business is hard to market and sell, bring you nothing but a very low-income potential, then I can say that this is not best opportunity to have if you want to earn a few bucks on the side.

In my personal experience, I figured out that the very structure of multilevel marketing companies is not championing the financial interest of their members. On the contrary, they have laid the foundations first to secure the profitability of the business.

If your primary goal here is to reach financial wellness, I would discourage you from joining Team National or any other networking companies. Doing so, you only have a very slim chance to realize your goal.

My best recommendation is for you to consider affiliate marketing instead, the Wealthy Affiliate way.

Why Wealthy Affiliate? 

Simple. This platform enabled me to reach my own financial independence. As soon as I completely understood how the program will work, I took the chance right away.

With the help of their marketing affiliate course, I realized that financial wellness is not just a dream but can easily become part of our reality. It is sad and unfortunate that only a few are able to reach this.

Would you want to miss out your chance to your financial freedom?

This is the kind of financial success that you want for yourself, right? If I took a chance, worked things out and was able to reach the success I want, I see no reason at all why you can’t.  Remember, the very first step to your financial freedom today begins by considering marketing affiliate and taking action about it. 

This program helped me and others Make A living Online and some of it even quit their Full Time Job. You will learn how to build a Thriving Online Business step by step so stop making excuses and Join Me Now

Do you happen to have a prior experience with similar discount groups? Is it comparable to what Team National is about?  A lot of people need to understand how discount memberships really work and if these schemes are indeed worth their while or not. Please head to the comments section below for your valuable feedback. 

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