Is The Brit Method A Scam? Stay Away From There Guys!!

What is The Brit Method About? Is The Brit Method A Scam? Let’s read my research for you. Making money online has always been the top priority for many folks right after getting their broadband connection. Many websites try to convince you that they found this hidden trick to make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars with relative ease.

You should be wary of this type of websites. Make sure that you see through their marketing jargon so you know that you aren’t getting yourself into a big scam or money grab. I’ll be going over an online income program called The Brit Method today.

At first glance, it’s easy to see that The Brit Method has many reviews touting it to be a success story factory. There are many testimonials left and right claiming that, after depositing their money into the Jason Taylor’s paywall and reading up on the resources provided, they were able to make their money back a hundred folds.

Suffice to say, this auto trading software and the membership it’s hidden behind is one big scam.

What is The Brit Method and how does it work?

The Brit Method was created by Jason Taylor with a bold claim that he, along with many of his subscribers, uses it to exploit the binary options trading system. According to him, there is a loophole that can easily be abused to greatly reduce the losses involved while maximizing the amount of money you can make in the long run.

Using the information that you provide upon registration, The Brit Method program will attempt to trade for you in an automated process which you can monitor using their smartphone app.

There are also videos provided that are supposed to help you learn it yourself in case you are interested in trying your hand in manual trading.

You don’t have to download anything for The Brit Method to work its way through the trading system exploit, but there is a mandatory $350 deposit before you start with anything.

This paywall is a huge red flag especially for a service that will take long, in theory, to earn you back your money that you just deposited. If you trusted in the system, then you might find more value in the text and video resources provided.

One of the biggest letdowns that you’ll experience if you do decide to proceed with this program is how you aren’t guaranteed that you’ll even make a dollar off of the software.

There is a fat chance that you’ll get your $350 within a week like Jason Taylor heavily implies. He even claimed that you can make over $70,000 in a month which is highly improbable with the amount of money a standard account under his program actually earns.

A quick Google search found many authentic and credible review sites saying that The Brit Method didn’t work for them. If you look past the obvious testimony plants in the first two pages of Google, you can see how many people feel as if they’ve been scammed by this online income program under the guise of a binary trading system exploit.

There is no solid proof from any reputable source that The Brit method is as accurate as Taylor says it is. You will also not find any proof of how it works the exploits through the app. The most amount of information that you’ll be provided is how Taylor apparently succeeded when he used it and how he still uses it to make himself passive cash.

I would like to believe that the only passive income he gets is from the unlucky folks who didn’t thoroughly review The Brit Method before signing up.

Who is The Brit Method for?

If you believe in its system and you think that the loophole is worth exploiting for $350, then The Brit Method will attempt to do the job for you. Provided that it actually works, you can easily quit your 9 to 5 job and pay your mortgage twice a month with the amount of money you make from this software.

This sounds very much like a get rich quick scheme because it is, but the biggest question is “does it even work?” To which I tell you no.

The Brit Method Tools & Training

You are provided with a series of videos introducing you to the binary trading system and how the loophole can be exploited.

There is a software that apparently does this automatically, but you don’t actually have to download anything. You only have to enter your information into their website as the program works behind the scenes. They do provide you an app that you can install on your iOS or Android device to track how much you’re earning by the hour.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

(+) Once you sign up, the welcome email provides you with all of the information that you need to know. It includes the links to the most important pages of the member’s area.

(+) The website has a sleek design that you can easily navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.

The Bad:

(-) There is no proof that The Brit Method loophole is as accurate as its creator says it is.

(-) You have no way of directly contacting any member of The Brit Method support team besides email as their contact form doesn’t actually send to any PHP page as per checking the source.

(-) You are not given the ability to figure out how the software actually works. You only refresh the member’s page or the smartphone app in hopes that you earned at least a dollar in the past 24 hours.

(-) Both the signup and payment pages aren’t secured with an encrypted connection making you susceptible to identity theft and data farming if you are connected to an unsecured network such as public WiFi.


In a nutshell, I would say The Brit Method is 100% scam and advise you to Stay Out of this. What they told you like earning $10,000 is just trying to cons your money out. Looking at the fake name also make me fed up and usually make me concern about others being scammed in this too.

Your time and money better invested elsewhere, my friends.

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It’s Your Turn Now

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