Is the Digital Altitude A Scam? Read This Honest Review

Digital Altitude















  • Support from Experienced Coaches
  • It's Legitimate
  • Training in Video Modules Format
  • Opportunity to make residual


  • High Ticket Items - Just Over priced
  • It's MLM - Pyramid Scheme
  • Support only for Higher Membership Level
  • Coaches = Salespeople
  • Sponsor Lock

What is digital altitude about? Is It A Scam or Legitimate Program? Let’s find out in this review. On the face of it, Digital Altitude offers different levels of educational courses that help you sell stuff online. But to do that, you have to be a member—and you have to pay for these courses. To make money, you’re also required to sell Digital Altitude to others—in effect convince them to become members too. You can then theoretically earn commissions on the number of sales (recruitments) you make.

So, essentially it’s a pyramid scheme. Hopefully, by now, you know that all pyramid schemes are borderline illegal, and they’re all designed to basically rip you off.

Digital Altitude Review

Name: Digital Altitude
Website: www.digitalaltitude.co
Products: Internet Marketing Training
Founder: Micheal Force
Fees: Please read below for further to understand more
Verdict: 100% Legit (But not recommended, read below to find out more)

What Is Digital Altitude About and How Does It Work?

This is a combination training course and membership program. You have to pay to be a member before you can act like a salesperson for Digital Altitude. There are 3 levels of memberships to choose from.

  • Aspire Walker. This will cost you $37 a month. In exchange, you can earn a 40% commission on all the sales you make. You’re also offered several startup training videos to make you a better salesperson.
  • Aspire Hiker. This will be $67 a month. This time, the commission is 50%. There’s a 2-tier payout, so you can also earn some money from the sales from the people you’ve recruited. You also get additional weekly training.
  • Aspire Climber. Now you have to pay $127 a month for this membership level. In exchange, you get 60% commission and there’s a 3-tier payout. You also get even more advanced training.

So what will you sell? You’re selling memberships to Digital Altitude, as well as various membership training courses that come with a one-time price tag.

#1 Base Membership. This consists of 12 video modules designed to prepare, launch, and grow your business. These modules include fostering a captivating user experience and incorporating automated systems. It costs $595.

#2 Rise Membership. Now you get 19 video modules that help you to convince customers to buy what you’re selling. This time the cost is $1,997.

#3 Ascend Membership. This is the big time stuff, as you get a 3-day retreat in a Las Vegas hotel for more training. This will cost you almost 10 grand, or $1,997 to be exact.

#4 Peak Membership. Now the training covers business efficiency and about securing your retirement income. You get about 20 topics covered, all for the “measly” sum of $17K ($16,997).

#5 Apex Membership. Now you have a 7-day retreat in Las Vegas, with daily training. The cost: a whopping $28K ($27,997).

So you can earn commissions when you sell these things to the members you’ve recruited. Here’s the catch, you can only sell the membership training courses when you’ve also bought them yourself. So you want 40% commission for selling the Apex membership? You need to spend $28 grand first.

Digital Altitude Support

Yes, you also get coaching as well as the training courses. In fact, you’re automatically assigned one. But there are 2 main problems with this.

  • These people aren’t really coached at all. The only coaching tip they’ll give you is to get a higher membership level and to buy a more expensive membership training course. These aren’t coaches—they’re salespeople.
  • Coaches can reduce your commission. Let’s say you need to have your coach help you out to make a sale. With cases like this, you often need help convincing potential members that what you’re selling is real. However, this kind of help can get expensive. Your 60% commission may be reduced to just 40%.

The Good and the Bad

(+) So what’s good about Digital Altitude? Well, from a certain point of view the “training” they offer can help you out. You may even enjoy a stay in Las Vegas, probably. But that seems to be it.

There’s a long list of bad stuff, though:

(-) The information you get from these training modules is easily available. You can just Google these subjects and get the same data.

(-) As you’ve probably noticed, these things are way overpriced. Does it cost $600 for stuff you can get on Google? Some even cost thousands of dollars!

(-) Sure, they’re expensive so that you can get a lucrative commission. But you have to buy the stuff first! It’s like having salespeople sell BMWs except they’re all forced to buy a BMW first. They’re also limited to earning money only if they sell the type of BMW they bought.

In other words, if you’re an Aspire Walker and only bought the Base Membership, and the member you recruited got the Apex Membership, you’re out of luck.

  • Even the coaches aren’t coaches at all. They’re all trying to harangue and browbeat you into getting an expensive membership training course.
  • There’s also a monthly membership fee. It’s as if BMW requires their salespeople to pay a monthly fee to act as a salesperson!


So is Digital Altitude really a scam? The short answer is No, it’s is a legit one. 100% Legitimate.  Although I could say it’s really designed to fleece you of your money and to make use of your efforts to make money for the people behind Digital Altitude.

But from the point of my view, the training materials and the founder is quite Genuine and Honest overall. Especially after doing some research online I can’t really found more negative about the founder – Michael Force.

Basically, you’re being used as a salesperson for Digital Altitude. To become one, you actually have to pay for the privilege! Then they keep asking you to pay more, while they employ various means to cut your commission.

This program is just cost you too much. and it rightly rates a 7/10 rating. You must avoid this at all costs. They will just bleed you dry. Perhaps you could able to succeed without spending such a huge money from your hard earned money.

What’s the Alternative?

Just about everything else out there is a better alternative. Your best option is to just switch to Wealthy Affiliate, which is a Training course with an Affiliate Program that you can try for free.

With WA, you can learn every step of becoming an affiliate marketer, and you can use this to sell any item you want online. You get proper support and live chat, free websites, a keyword search tool, and a whole lot more. Also, you’re not involved in a pyramid scam in any way.

Maybe you should not take my words easily. Below I wanted to show you how we make money using this legitimate program that works.

Look at the success stories from 2 of the members that using the training platform to achieve their internet dream. Colton quit his job after he achieves his 5 digits income thereafter.

Like you I have tried many types of program or maybe I should call scams instead? before coming into Wealthy Affiliate. Believe me and I know your feeling for losing thousand dollars to those useless programs. If you are tired and want the real ways of succeeding way, I can help.

Join under me so that you could change your life. I promise you won’t regret.

Read my #1 recommendation all the time and Join Me

The system will work as long as you follow the training and take action. If you are willing to change you must be willing to sacrifice. Why? Before you join me, I must let you know this is not a “get rich quick program”.

It’s Work. And what you need to do is follow the system and apply it. That’s easy.

The most amazing part of the system I joined is that you will get the support from the Owners (you will get to know them when you join the system) itself as well as mine support along your journey. Stop looking for others and lets us help you.

See you at the top and thanks for sticking this post to the end.

P.S. Questions about Digital Altitude are most welcome below. Last but not least I wish you all the best.

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Maxx Tan

Maxx is an experienced online marketer that would like to give a hand to those wants to achieve more in building a successful online business. He also has a strong passion for investing and spent most of his free time doing research and trading.

  • Joy says:

    I have been looking for ways to make extra money from home but I absolutely refuse to do MLM. So many of my friends have been brainwashed by these companies and you know how many of them have quite there jobs and are living the life, zero. At some point you actually have to create a product rather than just selling what everyone else makes. I actually recently signed up for wealthy affiliate on a free trial and really like that I can actually create my own product and brand.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Joy, Thanks for leaving your thought here. Yes, I have heard a lot people brainwashed including myself too by MLM People. Learning selling is good but selling a products you are not passion in basically and worse case you need to first influence or I should call targeting your closed one (family) and friends to become your down-line within the starting period.

      That’s why after I step into Affiliate Marketing the things turn around and I could able to sell what I’m good at it. Make money in the same time helping others people as well. It’s a win-win.

  • Zander Johnson says:

    Very nice setup here. The page was setup very detailed. There seem to be factual information listed thru out the front home page. Website type is very unique. The headline What Is Digital Altitude About and How Does It Work? could maybe use some kind of image link right afterwards to cover up the space between it and the next paragraph.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Zander, Thanks for pointing out the blank space. There is some error behind it. The error has been fixed now by doing some little work. Hopes you enjoy the reading. 

  • Amazon LaShaun says:

    My goodness. That’s got to be the highest buy-in I’ve ever seen. You might as well put a down payment on a Sub Way restaurant. LOL.

    A lot of companies created plans like this when EN made it popular back in 2011, but I agree that it’s not worth it and most of the info that they’re selling is available for free.

    I also agree that Wealthy Affiliate is probably a better alternative. You won’t need to mortgage your house to use them. lol. jeeze!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Lol Amazon, I like the ways you compare both of the programs. Yeah, I wonder who will pay such a huge price to Chriss membership. Instead of helping people like Wealthy Affiliate or they just trying sucks money from people? 

      Wish more people able to read this and avoid Chriss program. 

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