Is THW Global legit? Here my honest review

Welcome to my site and this is the page that I gathered all the info I researched called THWGlobal. Is THW Global legit? Is it A Scam? Please find out below for more details.


Program Name: THWGlobal
Owner: Sherm Mason
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 10 stars (Scam)
Website: www.thwglobal.com
Price: It’s free to join. But as of September 2016, there’s $995 for the Certification and $39.95 monthly to stay active.

What is THW Global?

It raised my attention when reading a blog that “Generate money while watching videos”,hence I click on the link just for curiosity what is all about? Here we go

According to THW Global website they mentioned will be the “next youtube” that will also pay millions of dollars to the viewer just watch and engage with the contents by those sponsoring companies. Just simply register your particulars into their form page.

You are able to work 7 days a week and everywhere in the world. Wow, that’s good. Who don’t want that piece of pie? But..deals are too good to be true

As what I know youtube pays legit money for people to drive traffic to their contents or their posting. But THW Global did it very differently. Interesting…

THW mentioned will pay $25 per hour to subscribers just watching their videos through their website as long as they giving comments. And they need 50,000 active international members doing this around the globe. If you realize I personally have rated this program to “0”(Scam) which they belong to.

Let’s do the math how you could possibly earn per day:

1 hour = $25
10 hour = $250
12hour = $300

At the point of writing this review, they have 1,121,006 active members? More than millions?

Let’s take 1 million watching the videos and how they earn:

1 hour = $25,000,000
10 hour = $250,000,000
12 hour = $300,000,000

This is ridiculous and no logic behind all this number. I wondered who behind those sponsoring companies. Okay, maybe they really need 50,000 members and even THW Pay us $25 for 50,000 active members they will go broke too? :

1 hour = $1,250,000
10 hour = $12,500,000
12 hour = $15,000,000
On top of watching and get pay, THW Global will also pay you $5 for every subscriber who successfully watch and earn up to $25. Still, have referral fees to earn. Such an amazing affiliate program ahaa.

There is data analysis from their website saying they’re billion dollars are spending from advertising companies and it looks real. But definitely, THW is not the one I’m looking towards.

Why I said THW Global is A Scam?

The next things I did after digging the info from the surface is finding who is the founder? I can’t really find the founder at first who behind all of this and the THW Global website.

But digging more in the dept I found the founder was “Sherm Mason” and who is this guy? Well, this guy is very famous in Google and him also he participate in MANY online scams. The most famous online scams are 3X9 Millionaire Machine and Paradise Payment and the listing goes on.thw global by Sherm Mason is a scam. Howtomakegenuinmoneyonline.com

From this guy itself, I could say this is THW Global is no different from others online scams. I have no idea why they doing this but I hope my review definitely help you stay away from this BS.

Does THW Global really free? As of September 2016, they no longer free anymore and they charge $995 for member certification and $39.95 per month to stay active.

With this certification, members are allowed selling their MLM Scheme to their “downline” or prospects. There are many levels like others MLM scheme but I would like to keep my this review short and simple. The purpose of this review is not to confuse you but rather to simplify it to your understanding.

Whether you believe it or not they are still many people fall in this scheme and pay the price.

Even though you are lucky didn’t pay for the certification and monthly fees cause you are so cautious. But here one thing…remember you had filled out those form with your particulars?

Those data you surrendered will probably a risk. THW Global will sell those data to the 3rd party, that’s why you will realize received a lot of spammed email from the unknown party.

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THW Global at a Glance

Program Name: THWGlobal
Owner: Sherm Mason
Overall Ranking: 0 out of 10 stars
Website: www.thwglobal.com
Price: It’s free to join. But as of September 2016, there’s $995 for the Certification and $39.95 monthly to stay active.

VERDICT: Scam (Avoid this)

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  • Kim says:

    Wow, it’s hard to believe people will fall for this. I mean according to your figures here how would someone really think that they can make $25.00 per hour to watch a video and then comment on it.
    But I guess people that are desperate to get rich doing nothing, this does sound pretty neat if it really did work.
    Great article here and thanks for sharing this!

  • Kenny Lee says:

    As you recommended, I’m avoiding THW Global at all cost. It’s crazy ,paying such a huge amount of money for nothing. The figure doesn’t make sense and the return it offers is too ridiculous. I’m building long term online business with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s more realistic and practical in the long run.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      As for today, THW Global have ceased their operation due violated Google policies after 2 months of operation.

  • Ralph says:

    I’m so glad I found this site. I was really thinking about giving twh global a try before I stumbled upon this site. I have been doing tons of research about wealthy affiliate and couldn’t find a negative thing about them I also like how it is very community based. Are you able to get responses to answer quickly if need be? I definitely would like to learn more. Thanks!

  • Jake says:

    It seems like this is the kind of thing people fall for when they want to make a lot of money without putting any work in. While a lot of sites push that concept in their marketing, the reality is if there was a site like that, everybody would be doing it. So while it’s possible to make money online, it will require a lot of work.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Yes Jake, There is no free lunch in this world. If people want success then they have to put in a lot of effort in order to achieve their Goals.

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