Is YouGov a Scam? Find Out If This is Another Survey Site to Waste Your Time With

Maybe you are among those many people out there, who at one point in time, gave survey sites a try in the hope of earning a few bucks on the side. It is not actually a bad idea, most especially when you have some spare time every day to spend on these ventures. After all, sign-up with most of the survey platforms are free of charge. Nothing for you to lose, and seems all for you to gain. And perhaps, you have come across YouGov platform before, right?

If you don’t have any prior experience or background about survey sites, with the prevalence of sham and shady online money making opportunities, your natural tendency is to qualify survey sites like as something shady and dubious.

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YouGov Summary Review


Founder:   Stephan Shakespeare and
Nadhim Zahawi

Price: Free sign-up

Best For:  People who likes to use their spare time answering surveys about current events and social issues. 

What Is YouGov About?

Symbol of YouGov.

Summary:  YouGov strove hard to try to deliver online survey opportunity that everyone will love in terms of timeliness, easy to accomplish poll questions. Unfortunately, this online money-making opportunity will not get your utilities covered. 

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No. 


What is YouGov About?

What is YouGov about? is a survey and opinion website that lets you become a panel member without having to pay for anything. Membership is free of charge.

Founded in the year 2000 by  Stephan Shakespeare and Nadhim Zahawi, needless to say, the company is legitimate and also earned for itself a good reputation as a reliable online survey company.

What is YouGov about?

Stephan Shakespeare

So if you have more time to spare for answering surveys and earning some extra money on the side for sharing your opinion would sound good for you, then membership to YouGov is bound to become a rewarding experience for you.

A leading Web-based market research and data analytics company with headquarters in the UK, the company managed to put up satellite offices in various territories such as Europe, Middle East, North America, and the Asia Pacific.

No, don’t confuse yourself on this part,  they are not another social media site in the making. If there is one thing that makes the YouGov opportunity stand-out among many other online survey sites which, most of the time caters to products and services, it is the fact that this survey platform is geared towards current events, social issues, and other topics that have social relevance in them.

The research methodology employed by this online data analytics company is based upon the weighed responses that are collated via the online polls they are sending to targeted poll participants. Poll participants are preselected though with the help of their demographic information.

What is YouGov Surveys About? 

As an online survey and data analytics site, YouGov conducts surveys and polls on various subjects, from public affairs to politics, products, brands. Basically, the polls and surveys they send out to members are usually topics of general interest.

Soon after you signed up for this survey site, you will eventually receive survey invites on your email. It is not mandatory that you respond to each survey invite the company will send out to your email, but with every survey that you accomplish, that will entitle you to receive designated points.

Is YouGov a Scam?

Man taking online survey.

Depending on the garnered points you have accumulated in your account, you can opt to have them exchanged for swags or converted rewards such as tote bags, T-shirts, movie tickets, or gift cards.  But then again the most preferred by the vast majority of its members would be cash, of course.

However, not all surveys they will send to you will always have this kind of reward system that is mentioned above. There are instances that your completed survey will have your account/member profile submitted instead to their system for the monthly drawing of cash prices.

How to Get Started with the YouGov Survey Site?  

If you are located in any of their supported regions, you can sign-up for a YouGov account and eventually participate in the poll surveys they will send to your provided email address.

In most countries, they require poll members to be at least 18 years of age to participate. If your region is somewhere in the UK, you should be at least 16 years old while in the US participants can be as young as 14 years old.

People living in the following countries can take advantage of YouGov poll surveys if they will sign-up to become a participant:

  • UK
  • US
  • Norway
  • Mexico
  • Denmark
  • Brazil
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Japan
  • China

The YouGov sign-up process is a pretty straightforward process and is also free.

  1. Go to their YouGov signup page. 
  2. Confirm the email address you provided during signup.
  3. Complete answering the first poll survey you will receive, this will initiate your profile as a participant in future polls.
  4. Always accomplish poll surveys sent to your email address, this will help you to earn points.
  5. Accumulated points can be converted to swag items or cash, all depending on the bracket you qualify in.

Aside from using your registered email address, you can also opt to use your Facebook account to sign-up for a YouGov profile. After which, you will receive a confirmation link to your provided email address. You need to click the said link in order to validate your registration and ownership of the given email address. 

YouGov survey reviews.

Working on a survey.

The initial survey that YouGov sends out to new members has something to do with collecting their personal data. This is also referred to as a demographic survey, and the information you provide here will be most relevant to the YouGov site alone for the purpose of building your profile in their system. It is also relevant in determining the type of surveys their system will send to you in future and upcoming polls.

YouGov Surveys Review

The YouGov system allows you to earn money on the side by taking some surveys. After signing in to your YouGov account or through your mobile app, you can readily see the surveys available for you. You can actually choose which poll surveys you would like to accomplish.

Normally, survey invites are sent by the system to the user/member registered email address. Completion time for this poll survey would range from 5-20 minutes on average. As for the rewards system, it usually is 50 points at the bare minimum.

YouGov System of Payments and Earnings

In YouGov system, 5000 points is the minimum threshold point to cash out. This is equivalent to  $64.75 at the time of this writing.

There are also occasions that when you complete a survey, you will receive a follow-up question right away.  This will work to your advantage if you are a member of their panel and is worth additional points, too.

As mentioned earlier, there are instances that your profile would be entered into a monthly cash draw after completing a survey, where each point acquired from the accomplished survey task is tantamount to one raffle point.

YouGov Ugly Truths Revealed 

YouGov Lost Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

Due to various member complaints primarily about payout issues, the Better Business Bureau agency has withdrawn their accreditation for this company.

YouGov Survey Reviews

Better Business Bureau Yougov rating.

Time Factor in Racking Up Points

If you have no prior experience in paid survey sites, your level of patience will be put to a hard test with the YouGov platform. It is because it usually takes a member profile a significant amount of time to rack up points to be able to cash out.

If you are not going to consider referring other people to signup in YouGov platform, you will have a hard time boosting your income potential here.

Members Complain About Not Receiving Enough Surveys

What YouGov members usually whine about this survey site is the fact that they don’t receive enough poll surveys. Hence, they can’t optimize their earning potential plus the fact that it usually takes a good amount of time to receive yet another survey adds up to the burden here.

However, this particular issue is usually complained to by members from the US and the UK regions. YouGov, I think does not really have control over this issue for the simple reason that some supported countries really have limited surveys available. And this has something to do with sponsor issues.

YouGov  and Its Peanut Payment to Members

So far, this is the most complained issue in the vast majority of survey sites. If you are a member of the YouGov panel of survey participants and you will just simply rely on the poll surveys they will send your way, you will indeed take some time to cash out.

Besides taking surveys, referring people from your circle to sign up with YouGov will help you earn double or triple your income potential from surveys.

What Is YouGov About?

Customer complaints

Members Don’t Get Paid

With the kind of reputation and the longevity that YouGov had in the online paid surveys industry, it is hard to think that they have this kind of issue as well. Considering the fact that YouGov has been in this business for 19 years and counting, your tendency is to think of them as making the difference. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Members not getting compensated is not something new in this kind of online money making opportunity.

The Things I Do Like About YouGov

As one of the pioneers, and perhaps even one of the pillars of the online money making industry, it is quite disappointing for us to see how flawed YouGov is. With all the negative aspect this paid survey site is having at the moment, coming up with something about them is quite a challenge to overcome.

But here are some of the positive things I could say about them:

  • You can sign up for an account as easy as 1, 2, 3, then you are good to go. 
  • 100% free, no fees to worry about when you sign up for an account.
  • YouGov is a legitimate paid online survey site
  • YouGov reviews don’t take a long time to complete. 
  • You can complete answering surveys with your smartphone
  • You're accomplished surveys help business entities enhance the quality of their products. 

Is YouGov a Scam? 

Behind YouGov is an established online market research firm which makes it a legitimate online survey intermediary company. Therefore, they are not out to scam anyone who signs up for an account as a panel.

There are several bad reasons why we are not going to encourage everyone from joining similar online paid survey sites,  the biggest one of which is their low-income potential. YouGov is no exemption here.

We reckon that considering the experiences of some people who used to take surveys from this site,  it will roughly take a minimum of 3 months for anyone to complete the $65 threshold for withdrawal of your money.

I mean why would you consider such an opportunity that takes eons for you to cash out a meager sum. It would not even compensate for the power consumption you used to accomplish a single survey.

This brings me to my best recommendation when it comes to the best opportunity there is for a passive online income.

How I Make Money Online?

While online paid survey sites  like YouGov seem like they are giving us an an easy-to-do, online money-making opportunity, it takes a discerning mind to see the truth about them.

Sad to say, YouGov is not as good  as we think it is. People who had prior experience about this get-paid-to website would vouch that they just wasted their time answering their survey questions for nothing.

I am not discounting the fact that some people are indeed earning from YouGov poll surveys, what I am trying to emphasize is that vast number of users here are very much disappointed with this online paid survey site.

They are disappointed for many good reasons. 

However, what I am presenting to you is a better opportunity instead. This platform has actually helped me achieve my own financial independence

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Have you ever tried online paid surveys before? How was your experience? Was it good and satisfying or was your experience similar to what YouGov users had? Please share to us your feedback or what you think about this online money-making opportunity. The comments section below is your space for any valuable input you have. 

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