Is Zurvita a Scam? You Better Read This Now or You Will Regret You Joined This Company!

Is Zurvita a scam or not?  Are they a pyramid scheme or something else? Zurvita is yet another company in the MLM sphere. They are marketing health and wellness products and distributes them via networking method.

If Zurvita is yet another player in the health and wellness niche, how are they any better than all the others? If you think that Zurvita is offering you the best opportunity to have another source of income, the important question is can you really earn from this company as a product distributor.

Chances are high that you have heard about Zurvita from your own circle. It could be your friend, a relative, or a neighbor. They may want you to try out the Zuvita product line or they want to invite to come and try the business opportunity yourself and, thus, eventually become part of their downline networks.

Let us set the record straight now, Zurvita is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme company. This business entity is a legitimate company selling nutritional drinks.

So, if Zurvita is a legitimate business, should you give this opportunity a shot or should you look for something else?

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Zurvita Summary Review


Founder: Mark & Tracy Jarvis 

Price: $35 enrollment + $25 annual renewal fee. 

Best For: Ideal venture for anyone who is a health buff and would like to earn some extra money on the side. 

Summary:  There is no denying Zurvita is offering us a great array of health-promoting products in juice form. But one aspect we need to get concerned about is the income opportunity for its members. The health and wellness industry is known for its tough competition, getting yourself involved here means you are going to try to go against the major players. Moreover, their current stock price is valued at 20 cents per point. This indicates that the company is not really doing well in the market.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: NO. 


What is Zurvita? 

If you have not heard of them before, you might ask at the back of your mind, what is Zurvita about?

Zurvita is yet another MLM company in the health and wellness niche. The company’s mission statement is to help elevate the life and wellness of people of all ages and thus enable them to enjoy their life at its fullest.

The company was established in 2008 by, Mark Jarvis and Tracy Jarvis. We qualify this business as a “faith-based” online opportunity since the majority of their company’s principles are based upon their religious belief system.

What is Zurvita About?

At the back of my mind, I find this preposterous as to how religion would be made as the focal point of a business. I mean what do the owner’s religious convictions have to do with running the company, are they in it for a “higher calling”. I can tell that many people are a bit turned off by this.

While Zurvita initially started off great and seemed to hold great potential ahead, the company was caught off guard when it experienced a slump in 2015.

Originally, the company’s shares were worth 40 cents a share, but in the late part of 2015 this plummeted to 10 cents only. Fortunately, the company was able to pick momentum and did so by hiring expert leadership from other networking companies.

Now, let us try to delve into their product lines.

Zurvita Product Lines

Zurvita products can be classified into 3 basic categories. And since the company is marginal, we can surmise that their product lines must be marginal, too, and they are actually.

1. Zurvita Protein

A very good source of dietary fiber. It is also enriched with over two dozen vitamins and vital mineral which the human body required to function healthily and work effectively.

How can protein supplements from Zurvita Protein is good for you? It helps your body in the following areas:

  • Build your muscles.
  • Boost your metabolism.
  • Promote your heart’s overall health.
  • Repair damaged tissues in your body.
  • Maintains strong bones.
What is Zurvita all about?

2. Weight Management Program

Zurvita’s weight management program is the melding together of your preferred healthy lifestyle training program and the consumption of selected nutritional products from the company. Zurvita Protein, Zeal for Life, Zurvita Burn, Zurvita Cleanse are the usual products used for this purpose.

How can the human body benefit from this program?

  • exercise for a healthy lifestyle
  • recognition & encouragement
  • weight management balanced nutrition
  • personal growth & development
Zeal Weight Management Program

Zeal Weight Loss and Management Products

Health benefits:

Helps your body achieve a healthy weight. ]

  • Optimizes your overall health and well-being.
  • Boosts your body’s energy levels.
  • Restores, protects, and enriches your body.

There are 2 available variants for Zeal for Life product line:

The Classic Seal: comes in Classic Wild Berry and Kiwi Watermelon flavors.

The Vegan Seal: comes in Bold Grape, Tropic Dream, and Wild Berry flavors.

What is Zurvita about?

The company is making an assertion that the potency of their offered  nutritional drink lies in the fact that it can help make you feel happier, elevate your energy, and promote better health of your body.

Now, let us dive into the business opportunity and see how this goes.

How to Get Started with Zurvita?  

To become a Zurvita product distributor or an Independent Consultant (IC) for the company and earn commission on your product sale, you need to process an online enrollment here.

You also need to have a current distributor’s Sponsor ID number or preferred customer. The enrollment fee is valued at $35 which is inclusive of your Welcome Kit and all the other necessities to help you get started in the business as soon as possible.

Is Zurvita a scam?

Zurvita Welcome Kit

After which you will need to purchase your Starter Pack. This can range anywhere from $274.95 to $549.95 and gets you covered for 1 full year membership.

In order to have your Independent Consultant profile remain active, you need to pay up an annual renewal fee valued at $25. This is due on the anniversary date of your signing up as a consultant.

If you are seriously considering to start your own business under the Zurvita networking system, you may choose from any of the following methods:

1. Wellness Pack

This starter pack entitles you to receive a monthly autoship of one canister of Zeal with 15% earning potential on commissions on Health Plus and Zeal retail sales. This starter pack is valued at $69.95.

2. Quick Start Pack

This starter pack entitles you to get two cases of 24 single-serve bottles of Zeal and a canister. You can earn an additional 15% commissions from your retail sales of Health Plus and Zeal. This costs $199.95. 

3. Builders Pack

You get here five canisters and 3 cases of 24 single-serve Zeal bottles. With that, you will get to earn 25% monthly residual commissions for all your Zeal and Health Plus retail sales. After which, you get to qualify to move up the ladder and become a Managing Consultant. This entitles you to receive a month’s supply of Wellness Pack and it is given to you in gratis. The Builder’s Pack is valued at $499. 

Ugly Truths About Zurvita Finally Revealed

Zurvita Products are Not FDA Approved

As of this writing,  no government body or agency has awarded their seal of approval to any of Zurvita’s product line. This works to their disadvantage and isolates their product offerings to the gray area, away from the most trusted brands in the health and wellness industry. Moreover, this puts on a shadow of doubt and skepticism over their products’ integrity, as to whether they indeed have health promoting benefits or just a figment of their imagination.

No solid proof that their weight loss or management program really works. 

While there are a number of clinical studies that provide solid support that Zurvita juice offerings can help alleviate mood and energy, they are, unfortunately, lacking on this when it comes to their weight loss or weight management claims.

Moreover, what’s even more preposterous is the fact that their weight loss program is the only offering they have that does not have a money back guarantee. Does this suggest they know beforehand that it would definitely not work? I can’t think of any other reason for that.

Limited Market Coverage

The norm in the MLM industry is to have at least 10 to 20 markets. I find it absurd to see that Zurvita managed to only have 7 markets to target. This includes the  following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Hongkong
  • Puerto Rico
  • Dominican Republic
  • Singapore

Any networking company marketing its products to only 7 territories could only mean only 1 thing, it is not really doing well in the market. Otherwise, they would have ventured to neighboring countries where they have established their brand as it is the most practical approach they can do to widen their reach but they don’t. Or should I say, they can’t do so because they have limited marketing resources? Limited marketing funds is an indication that the business is not performing well, as their stock prices suggests.

This MLM company is not newbie friendly.

I have reviewed a handful of networking companies before. As a matter of fact, I even became a member to some of them (Forever Living, Nu Skin, and Amway). My prior experience with these networking  companies and the reviews I made for others brought me to a conclusion, that one of the primary reasons why many people fail in networking companies and never make it really big is because people who join them are lacking in their recruitment skills.

Zurvita Starter Packs are Expensive. 

Would you really dare offer your friend a monthly supply of Zurvita juice for  $499.95? Unless you wanted to ruin your relationship and bond with that person, this is definitely one good way to go to shatter it.

Difficult Cancellation Procedures

This is one of the major issues I have with Zurvita. First of all, you are running the risk of having your distributor profile become inactive if you will remain to have 0 Personal BV for 1 whole month.

Second, should you finally become enlightened and came to a decision to cancel out your membership, you MUST do it writing. Send it by mail within 3 days after you signed up for your membership.

Otherwise, you will not qualify for a full refund. This is ridiculous, to the highest level.

Extremely Low Income Potential

This is a problem area for the vast majority of networking companies. Most of them actually have the audacity to make tall claims that at stake for their members are high potential income. And with that, they could become a step closer to their financial goals.

False hopes and wrong expectations. This is what is in store for you in Zurvita.

The easiest way to prove this is by taking a look at their income disclosure statement. This document will give us a good idea on the income potential that aspiring members can possibly earn from the company.

From the screenshot above, you can see that 11.6% of the total number of Zurvita consultants are making $136 annually while 78.1% made $618 a year.

Now, if you will do the Math on this, you will figure out that around 90% of all consultants are making an average of  $700 per year.

If you will solely rely on your Zurvita earnings and have no other monetary resource to look forward to, can you really, honestly say that you can survive on $700 for a year?


What I Do Like About Zurvita?  

They offer a money back guarantee. 

With the exception of their offered weight loss programs, they are offering  30-day money back guarantee in any case that you are not happy and satisfied with their products.

They Don’t Have Recurring Costs. 

A lot of networking companies that I came across within the past and made a review for necessitated their member-distributor to pay monthly recurring costs, just so they can become eligible for commission pays.

This kind of system works to the disadvantage of members, and in most cases has been put a good number  of them into deeper debt and bigger credit.

Zurvita came up with their own version of an autoship system by allowing members to continuously get the products they want. As for the corresponding fees, it would just be deducted from their accounts.

The system is optional, make the purchase for the products you want only when you need it. Offers greater flexibility and works to the advantage of their distributors.

Dynamic Business Growth 

With the kind of unique and patented product offerings they have, it should not come as a surprise  that they have little to no competition in their niche. This benefited the company a thousandfold and paved the way for its explosive growth.

Zurvita’s company revenue for the years 2011-2014 had an astounding growth, from $3 million, it grew to a whopping amount of $69 million. The year 2016 was a milestone of breakthroughs for the company when they earned for the first time $100 million.

Is Zurvita A Scam?  

Zurvita is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme company. They have actually earned for themselves a good reputation in the MLM sphere for their unique, revolutionary product lines. As a matter of fact, they worked on having their product offerings patented.

Despite having a great product catalog in their brand, it is saddening to know that the business is really not on the good side of things. In a nutshell, this company currently is not making good money. Would you be interested in joining a company that is on its way down?

All these and many other good reasons I am discouraging you from joining Zurvita or any other networking companies for that matter. Even if they are a good and legit business, the company’s interest is not focused on helping you grow financially.

How I Make Money Online?  

While earning a good amount of money from a networking company like Zurvita is a  good possibility, provided that you really know how to, there is manifold of reasons why you can't make it big when you are involved in the networking industry.

When the risks are too high, and the hurdles are too many, it can easily become an uphill climb for you, right? 

But it does not have to be this way.

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