Lazy Wealth Cash Gifting – Scam Review

Lazy Wealth Cash Gifting – Scam Review

Amongst the several online money-making opportunities, you may have surely come across something called cash gifting. It is not something that many people are aware of. One of the most popular websites offering this opportunity is Lazy Wealth by Larry Oxenham.

Despite its popularity, though, many still ask: is this all real? Hence, we decided to do a Lazy Wealth Cash Gifting – Scam Review for you.

Oxenham is an author, a speaker, and a network marketing mentor, which are the classic traits of a person who typically runs a scam. So, before you even consider giving Lazy Wealth a try, be sure to read our detailed review below to find out what exactly is cash gifting.

Who Is Larry Oxenham?

Larry Oxenham is best known for “helping” people achieve financial success the “lazy way”. This regular guy from Oklahoma began finding success as a professional asset protection expert. He claims to have helped several businesses and people with their investments, tax reductions, and lawsuits.

As an author, Oxenham has written and co-authored several books and articles. Among these include The Asset Protection Bible and How to Achieve Financial Peace of Mind Through Asset Protection.

What Is Lazy Wealth Cash Gifting?

Oxenham founded Lazy Wealth Cash Gifting many years ago. The website is characterized as a cash gifting program, which is known as a “private activity”.

When you visit this website, you will find that it goes to unbelievable lengths to explain and make people believe that this cash gifting program is legit and something you can truly make a profit from. Oxenham also goes on to state that this is in no way an illegal activity and in no way is a scam.

What Are Cash Gifting Programs?

There is a massive difference between cash gifting and cash gifting programs or systems. Cash gifting is exactly what it sounds like—the act of giving another person, or an organization or charity, some money as a cash gift. These cash gifts have no ties; there are no products or businesses that are exchanged. All you do is give cash, and that is all about it. You expect nothing in return.

Cash gifting programs or systems are nothing like that, though. These are very distinct from what we mentioned earlier as it involves you investing a sum of money in such a program in the hope of making significantly more money back. It is said that over 90% of people who invest in such programs are most definitely going to lose money.

Are Cash Gifting Programs Legal?

In the traditional sense, gifting cash is totally legal. However, everywhere in the world, there are certain legalities that come into play depending on how much the cash gift is. To give you an example, if someone in the United States gives a cash gift of over $12,000, then you are liable to pay tax on it. However, as long as these gifts are within certain parameters, then it is completely fine.

Cash gifting programs or systems, on the other hand, are considered to be illegal in most countries. This is because they are basically considered to be nothing more than pyramid schemes.

The way these programs work is by hiding the fact that they are pyramid schemes, to begin with. They do so by adding several added elements to their “program” so that they appear to be exactly like a legit business. These programs can possibly work under the radar for a very long time before any action is taken against them.

How Do Cash Gifting Programs Work?

Cash gifting programs will typically have the cash sent in the mail. You will send a cash buy into the same source who has invited you. After that, you are then asked to get other folks on board to have them mail cash to you, and thus the cycle continues.

These programs completely stretch the whole concept of cash “gifting” because, when you choose to give a cash gift to some person, you also intend to receive it back and even more than that. This goes on and on.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the whole idea behind such programs is to make money. What honestly does not add up is the fact that the nature of cash gifting is basically giving something without expecting anything in return, and in a case like this, this is evidently not the case.

The way Lazy Wealth works is by you having to buy into the program. It is not clear how much the program is worth, but it is estimated that it runs in thousands of dollars. Since the concept of gifting cash involves expecting nothing in return, that includes product and service as well, then legally this goes through tax-free.

So, Does Lazy Wealth Work?

Asking whether Lazy Wealth works or not depends on what you mean. If what you are trying to ask is whether you can make money, then yes, at least some can. However, the possibility of making money is far lesser than the possibility of you losing money. As stated earlier, over 90% of the people who try out this program, end up losing a ton of money.

These programs do an excellent job of convincing people that the way this program works is completely legitimate and the possibility of making money from it is very high. These programs are also terrible in the long term as they are in no way sustainable. Sooner or later, the government will completely shut the program down.

Lazy Wealth Cash Gifting – Scam Review: The Good and The Bad

The Pro

  • None

The Con

Lazy Wealth is nothing but another elaborate scam. You end up investing quite a bit of money on this site to only realize that you will lose all of it, including all the time and effort you have devoted in it.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope our elaborate Lazy Wealth Cash Gifting – Scam Review has helped you figure out that this program is just a scam and nothing more. It has absolutely no redeeming quality, and even if you do join it, the possibility of it getting shut down soon is very high. We advise you to just stay as far away from it as possible.

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  • dreamgirl93 says:

    With the high number of scams that there are online, I find it difficult now to believe that a program is legit, especially one that has the word “lazy” on its name. Any program which promises to make money without working is a scam because there is no such a thing.
    And with your statistics that 90% of people who invest in such programs lose money, makes me want to stay away from it.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Yes, you are right. I not believe in such thing “make money without working” too. I wonder why this program still exist

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