Le Vel Thrive Reviews: Is Le-vel a scam? Truth Be Told Now!

Welcome to another MLM (multilevel marketing company) review in focus. This time around we’ll make a  review for Le Vel Thrive and we’ll delve deeper into the very core of this networking company. Before you decide to hop in the opportunity they're offering, we need to find out exactly if this online money-making scheme is worth your while.

When doing a review or a product, I try to consolidate all the relevant information I come across with first and see to it that I present them to you in an understandable and coherent manner. Hopefully by this measure, it will help you form your own judgment about the object in review. 

If you have a discerning mind, you will notice that most of the review sites are biased on their subjects. The highest level of assurance I can give you that my Le Vel review is not biased and will remain impartial to its approach is by letting you know that I am not in any way associated to it. Therefore, perspective of them will not be influenced by any kind of interest, just an objective review with respect to all the information I gathered about them. 

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Le-Vel Summary Review

Founder:  Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. 

Price:  Free to join + 100 PV worth of items monthly from time you join the network. 

 Best For: For people who are interested in selling products 

Is Le -vel a Scam

Summary:  In my honest opinion, Le Vel may not qualify as a scam. They have their own fair share on customer issues, which is a pretty natural concern, in the vast majority of networking companies. The difference they are making, though, lies in how they are trying to resolve those kinds of issues. Regardless of how they conduct their business, the fact remains still that this opportunity as an online-money making opportunity, may not be the best option for you to take. 

Rating:   45/100

Recommended: No


What Is Le Vel?

Is Le Vel Thrive a scam? A pyramid scheme company? There is a heated debate on this subject regarding Le Vel and its team. 

Le Vel is a multi-level marketing company involved in the health and wellness niche. They were established on July 25, 2012, and has been making pretty bold claims when it comes to their product offerings. 

Is Le Vel a scam?

During that period of time, the business was among the top direct selling firms to beat with.

Founded by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, the duo eventually decided to bring in Justin Rouleau as well and made him part of the company's management team. Le Vel is currently headquartered in Frisco, Texas. 

While this networking company does have its own fair share of negative reviews from all over the Web, what it has made of itself out of its last 5 years in the business has been less than stellar.

Review of Thrive Le Vel Products

Thrive Le Vel products are created to cater to different types of people. The company’s flagship product is the Thrive Patch. This offering is all about an 8-week long journey for improving one’s health and for optimizing the body's weight loss potential.

We can glean from the company’s official website that the one thing that makes their patch product line extra special and "highly effective" is its use of the Derma Fusion Technology (DFT). The purpose of which is to force the active ingredients of the patch to directly infuse itself into the recipient’s skin. They call this technology as the  “wearable nutrition”.

After the lapse of 8 weeks, you’d be asked to consume plant extracts, probiotic products, amino acids, specific vitamins and minerals, and several plant extract products -- all geared towards supplementing your body with all its nutritional requirements. 

What is the main component of the patch? It contains green coffee bean extract, Garcinia camborgia, white willow bark, coenzyme Q10, and Cosmoperine. 

Even if the Thrive Patch is considered by the company as its revenue driver, the company maintained its other product lines that are worth mentioning here, including:

  1. THRIVE Lifestyle Mix
  2. THRIVE Lifestyle DFT (promotes shedding of extra fat)
  3. THRIVE|M – For Men
  4. THRIVE|W – For women

THRIVE|m (formulated for men)

  • Antioxidant properties
  • For effective weight management
  • Digestive support
  • Lean muscle support
  • Promotes healthy joint and supports function
  • Immune support
  • For improvement of cognitive performance
Thrive Le Vel Products

THRIVE|w (formulated for women)

  • Supports healthy joint function
  • Weight management
  • Calms general discomfort
  • Cognitive performance
  • Lean muscle support
  • Antioxidant support
  • Digestive and Immune support
Thrive Le Vel Products

THRIVE Lifestyle (formulated for men and women)

  • Nutrient mineral dense formula
  • Ultra-micronized
  • Enzyme and probiotic blend
  • Lean muscle support
  • Gluten free
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Weight management

Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Reviews

THRIVE Lifestyle DFT (Weight loss)

  • Supports energy and circulation
  • Effective management and control of body weight
  • 2.0 delivery technology
  • Supports appetite management
  • Derma fusion technology
  • Improved mental activity
Le Vel Thrive Reviews

Le Vel Thrive Weight Loss Reviews

Thrive Patch's level of effectiveness or impact is not always the same, not consistent. The results will vary from person to person. This means to say that if you will ask your friend to use it, there is a chance that he might have a different but more favorable experience than yours. 

For this reason, we need not to look into the product as a whole, but pay attention to what they're primarily comprised of.  As per the investigation of the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, one of its components is green coffee bean extract, as earlier mentioned. It is known to induce weight-loss to some people. 

On the other hand,  the Journal of Obesity, identified that garcinia cambogia can help bring about “short-term weight loss". Unfortunately, the magnitude of this effect is not substantial or dramatic, which most users are anticipating from the product.

From the facts we gathered above, we can glean the underlying reasons why Thrive Patch is likely create different level of impact to different people in as far as losing weight is concerned.

How to Get Started with Le Vel?

Enrollment is free of charge and it is also paramount to becoming a qualified and active distributor of the Le Vel products. To get yourself qualified, you need to buy or sell a minimum of 100 PV worth of items on the date of your enrollment itself.

After which you will need to see to it that your profile will incur a monthly 100 PV product purchase. Most people do this by making their own personal purchase and then resell their  items at a later time to their own circle of friends, relatives, co-workers. However, the usual downside here is that they are usually unable to sell their accumulated items that soon, causing them to be indebted and lose money in the end. 

Maintaining a 100PV product purchase on your distributorship account is a must in the sense that it will cause the Le Vel system to see your profile as an active distributor account, therefore entitling your profile to commission sales earnings. 

Le Vel Thrive’s Company Compensation Plan

Le Vel Thrive is offering its network of members multiple ways to earn from their system. For educational purposes, shown below is a breakdown of how it all works for the company.

Selling Products 

All Le Vel items you personally sold under your name entitles your profile to receive a 20% commission earnings. For Level 1 customers, you will get 12% commissions, and 4% for Level 2 customers and so forth.

Infinity Fast Start

If you have personally recruited someone into the network and  they made a purchase on one of the four starter packs, it will entitle you to earn a set commission. This also applies to whatever upgrade packages that this person will be making in his future purchases.

Moreover, if your personally sponsored distributor earns direct referral bonuses, you would earn 10-20% discount from it. For better understanding, here is an example. Say that you have a recruit, Claire. If she earns around $1000 IFS payment, that would entitle you to receive $100 – $200 earnings on commissions.

Team Commissions

With respect to your current leadership ranking, you may earn 4-8 %. It will also look into your downline network’s purchase outputs, 8 levels deep. Here, with regard to your direct referral team commissions, you are entitling yourself to receive 20-40% matching bonuses.

Various Bonuses

At stake for high performing network members are grand holiday vacations. Aside from this, up for grabs also are chic vehicles. All these, as well as a host of other goodies, are gifted to members who are displaying much dedication in their work for the company by virtue of their high sales output. 

If you want to further delve into the company's compensation plan, here is a Youtube video I sourced for you: 

The Ugly Truths of Le Vel Finally Revealed 

MLM Hopping

Le Vel Brands, with a social media following of 370,000 strong, seemed like it is on the habit of sharing on its Facebook page the “Thrive Experience”. This post originally came from Jon Holbrook’s page. But, he is not just like any other ordinary promoter. 

Jon Holbrook was formerly the chief investment officer of WakeUpNow.

WakeUpNow is one of the many networking firms that need to cease its US affiliate operations due to allegations of mismanagement and malfeasance. Now, I will leave this your imagination, why would Le Vel associate itself to a personality with a shady character. 

Le Vel Is Not Ok in the UK

UK’s ASA or Advertising Standards Authority declared that Le Vel is actually in violation of an advertising code in the UK’s regulatory body. The company made high claims about “ph balancing blend, immune support, and enhanced weight management".

All of which appeared in one of their ads on Facebook, however,  Le Vel made an assertion that it is not created by any of their promoters.

But upon taking a closer look in their official website, one will easily see its close resemblance to the controversial ad for that particular product. Hence, the agency made their ruling that Le Vel, being the sole beneficiary of the said marketing material, should be held liable for the said ad.

Therefore, it should not be used again in the future in its current form.

Income Disclosures

Le Vel is making high claims that by helping out the company promote their flagship brand, you will have high chances of “building your weekly residual income”. But even if you try to look for their income disclosure statement, even for the old ones, you will not be able to find any of them.

There is none of that on the Web!

Additionally, if you will dare look into the company’s reward plan document, you will realize that it is riddled with acronyms and terminologies that are nothing but jargons.

The said document is nonsense to their product distributors since it will keep them from knowing when they actually qualify for any of the perks offered by the company. 

What I Do Like About Le Vel?

Even if this networking company is riddled with issues, we don’t have any concrete evidence that will point to it as a scam. Hence, as much as we think and deem that it is, the company is not a scam. 

We can’t qualify Le Vel Thrive as a scam due to the fact that all aspects of this business entity are in full compliance with our prevailing MLM laws. Besides, they also have a great business structure. This is an important element to have if you want your company to really last a long time, longer than you have ever anticipated.

How Do I Make Money Online?

Structure-wise, Le Vel seems like it is an ideal networking company that anyone of us should join anytime soon. But in all honesty, if your main goal for doing so is to have another source of passive income, I suggest that you consider marketing affiliate, the Wealthy Affiliate way.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

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  • Website builder
  • Web hosting
  • Domain registration
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  • Step-by-step training
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 24/7 community support
  • Weekly live webinar

If you hate the idea of recruiting people to your business (something you will do when you are involved in an MLM company), which eventually will turn your relationship with them to become sour. This is something you won’t have to worry about that when you are a  full-fledged marketing affiliate. 


Test the waters first, and determine to yourself if will find the Wealthy Affiliate programs actionable. Then you decide in the end.

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How do you find Le Vel products, if you happen to have tried any of the before? Otherwise, would consider buying any of them? Why or why not? Please send us your feedback about this company or the products they have on offer using the comment section below. 

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