LeadPages Review – Legit or Overhyped?

Being an online entrepreneur means that you need to make the most of your time. How you spend your time directly correlates with the earnings you can get. You shouldn’t spend your time on something that you can delegate to someone else so you can make use of your time on developing your product or marketing it further.

One of the most common time consumers for online entrepreneurs is the creation and streamlining of their websites. This is a very important task to do to easily translate visits to sales, but if you have zero knowledge of how to create your own pages, especially landing pages and opt-in boxes, you might find yourself spending too much time on trying to learn about them.

While this task isn’t futile since developing this skill can pay itself off in time, there are lots of easier ways to go about it. One of the best techniques is using LeadPages. With this service, you can easily cut down your page creation time in more than half, giving you the quick results you need. 

What is LeadPages about?

LeadPages is a web-based program that will help you create pop-up pages like opt-in boxes and landing pages for your business. With these, you can quickly get the contact details of your visitors and stay in touch with them even if they have to leave your site right away. It promises a great lead generation without you having to learn how to design and code as they offer a wide array of templates that you can use with just a click and drag of a mouse.

The best thing about LeadPages is they can eliminate your need for a web developer to do the job for you. This can be advantageous for you especially if your site is already complete and add landing pages and pop-ups on your site will mean another contract with an expert. This means you don’t have to pay for the additional website features and you don’t need to spend days just to get the job done.

How will LeadPages Help Your Business?

Opt-in boxes are some of the most useful website tools for online entrepreneurs as they can help you get the leads you need to translate visits to sales. They are designed to offer convenience to your visitors, so they won’t have to scour your site to enter their contact details to be a part of your mailing list. With a good opt-in box, you can start growing your leads and network in no time, which can, in turn, allow your business to grow and sell more with ease.

LeadPages can usher in these great changes in your venture as it can make the creation of opt-in boxes simpler and faster. You also have a wide array of options when it comes to these website inclusions. Aside from just having a landing page, you can also create lead magnets in your blog posts or any other part of your website as well as opt for timed pop-ups. Both are useful in engaging those visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer, given that they’re already spending a good amount of time on your site.

You can also create an exit pop-up with LeadPages, which can help you re-engage leaving visitors. Exit pop-ups are deemed to be highly effective for a lot of entrepreneurs who gave it a shot because it was able to help their visitors re-think their decision of exiting the site and allowed them to reconsider their prior decision to leave without a trace. It can also be a good way to stop people from leaving inadvertently, letting you have more time in pitching your offers to them.

They also offer more than just landing pages as they have thought about everything you’ll need in promoting your business using such tools. In addition to letting you easily create your own landing pages and pop-ups, you can also use their SMS opt-in codes that will allow visitors to signup for your services or subscription offers through their mobile phones. Their templates are also mobile-friendly, so you can be guaranteed that your landing pages will work perfectly while they’re on their phones as well. As a lot of people are more often on their smartphones than actual computers nowadays, this can really help optimize their experience and allow you to take advantage of how they prefer to do things.

As your landing page is designed to be easily downloadable in HTML format, LeadPages can also provide you options in how to host your landing page. You can easily host it on your website or use LeadPages’ hosting services if you want to. Either way, you always have a choice in what to do with your opt-in boxes.

These are just a few of LeadPages’ features that can really benefit you as an entrepreneur. Coupled with their friendly prices and discounted deals, their services are certainly worth looking into if you need to start a lead generation and subscription campaign.

However, it must be noted that this program is not an e-mail marketing service. If you’re going to use the leads you’ve generated from your opt-in boxes, you should have a solid e-mail marketing program on hand as LeadPages doesn’t offer that yet.

Is LeadPages Worth It?

So, is LeadPages worth it? The simplest answer here is yes. If what you need falls right into what their services cover, their program is definitely one of the hardest to beat. They may have tons of competitor right now, but they’re easily at the top of the game. Their services are widely used even by industry experts so you can be sure that they can be relied on.

All in all, There’s so much value that you can get for your money making signing up for LeadPages well worth the investment that you will be making. By coupling this service with top-notch content and marketing efforts, you can be certain that LeadPages will be a handy tool for your business’ growth.

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Maxx Tan

Maxx is an experienced online marketer that would like to give a hand to those wants to achieve more in building a successful online business. He also has a strong passion for investing and spent most of his free time doing research and trading.

  • Russell says:

    i understand that getting those email addresses are crucial to success on line but I personally hate those pop-ups.Just when you get into an article, up thy pop, covering everything and trying to take your attention away from the reason that you visited the site in the first place. If they come at end of the visit they would not be so intrusive, but please, not when I have just begun reading.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      HI Russell, Thanks for your sharing opinion here, well it make sense as I probably would preferred those pop by in the mid of reading otherwise in the end of the article will more suitable. Just my personal thought. 

  • Jason Pratt says:

    Getting email leads is crucial for every entrepreneur. I liked this review because I’ve been having a hard time trying to decide which software was the best to use. I think one thing we can all agree on is ClickFunnels is overpriced.

    Have you heard of Paper Template by the way? It’s a WordPress plug in that can function as both a sales letter and an email opt in, and it’s much cheaper than Leadpages.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey Jason, Thanks for reading my leadpages review. To be very honest with you I have not hear about paper template but I will definitely spend time understand more about it. Beside of cheaper is there any further you can share more? Thanks for letting me know 

  • Mikael says:

    would definitely be great for me to save a bot of time on creating lead pages and opt-in forms, so this could be an option.

    Do they have different templates to get you started, and how much can you customize the templates?

    Also, I am assuming there is a fee for using the service? Do they charge a monthly fee or a one-time fee?


    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Mikaes, Thanks for contacting about the prices as I realize I did not include the pricing during writing this. 

      Yes, you may able to have variety of templates to get started depending on your business need. I highly recommend you stick with their expertly well designed templates in order to have better conversion and lesser learning curve. 

      Leadpages charge monthly fees but if you subscribe to their annual billing or every 2 years you may save up to 39%. The longer subscription you subscribe the more you save. 

      Hope this answer your question Mikaes and do let me know if you need further clarification. 

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