Market America Reviews: Are They the Real Deal or Just Another Scam Company?

If someone from your circle of friends introduced you to Market America and you wanted to know if venturing into this networking company is worth your while, you are on the right track. I commend you for doing the right thing.

What you are doing is an effective way to keep scam companies at bay. Eventually, you will identify the legitimate opportunity to make money online. Save yourself from the hassle of unmet expectations. Scam organizations are out to rob you of your dreams.

So let us come together and review Market America's business opportunity for you. 

Please be guided that I am not associated in any way to Market America or any other networking companies. So you can count that my analysis for their business opportunity  is impartial and not biased.

This review is completely devoid of any prejudicial notions -- and what I honestly intend to present here is an objective review and analysis of their business opportunity.

By giving you the right information about Market America, I am help you come up with an informed decision - whether you will go and give it a shot or you would consider a better opportunity instead. 

Market America Summary Review


Founder:  JR and Loren Ridinger

Price:  $ 399 membership fee + $129 monthly fee + $99.95 for annual renewal. 

Best For: Anyone with exceptional flair in recruitment  and networking. 

 Market America Reviews

Summary:  If you will decide to join Market America, brace yourself for this networking company because your primary role here is to recruit as many people as you can. Why? Most of the money you can earn from them would stem from that area as opposed to marketing and selling their products. So, if like myself, you are not well-versed in that area, this business opportunity may not be well suited for you. 

Rating: 35/100

Recommended: No. 


What Is Market America?

Market America is a multilevel marketing company. This business is also very much associated with

Product distributors in this networking firm are asserting that the company itself is necessitating them to pay substantial amount of fees for training materials and products.

Market America team is reasoning out that these  expenditures are imperative to their distributor’s success because it will  help them learn how to market and sell their exorbitant product lines which earns them a measly amount of commission.

Market America Reviews

JR and Loren Ridinger

Market America is a multilevel marketing company. They are also identified with Product distributors in this networking organization are asserting that the company itself is necessitating them to pay substantial amount of fees for training materials and products.

Market America team is reasoning out that these  expenditures are imperative to their distributor’s success because it will  help them learn how to market and sell their exorbitant product lines. However, it only earns them a measly amount of commission.

An In-depth Look at How Market America Works

If you are not aware yet, this company is not involved in the manufacturing process of whatever products or goods they are selling to the market. Their business strategy here is to look for prospect companies and partner themselves up to various global enterprises.

They make a deal with these prospect companies to offer their products on Market America’s dedicated website. Hence, they call themselves up as  a "product brokerage" firm. 

Now, the underlying question here is, why is it that people seem to be more interested in buying these products from Market America  as opposed to making a purchase from the original manufacturer themselves?

The answer is simple!

Market America is enticing consumers to buy those products from them by offering them a CASHBACK incentive. Simply put, buyers who make a purchase from them will have a significant amount of savings.  (Who wouldn't want that?)

Market America’s partner stores include Best Buy, Victoria’s Secret, Apple, Target, Barnes & Noble, Bloomingdales, and Nike. At present, they employ over 200 heads in their Greensboro, North Carolina satellite office.

They also have a presence in Taiwan, Hongkong, Austria, and Canada staffed by over 600 employees.

How to Get Started with Market America?

In order to join their pool of Market America distributors, much like any other MLM companies out there, you need to shell out some money as your membership fee. They have this valued at $399. This is followed by a $129 monthly fee with an annual renewal cost of $99.95. 

The membership fee  is for you to have your very own web portal so that you can have your own Web presence right away after joining. In addition, you are also give full liberty to choose from various products supported by Market America which amounts to 35 million as of this writing.

Besides the fees, product distributors are also expected to make their first product purchase which should amount to $500-$1,100 on various items of their choosing.

Market America Products

Indeed, Market America has a wide range of product offerings. I, myself, am astounded by the array of products  they are supporting. Most of which are from major brands and leading industry players like Apple, Nike, Target, etc.

Their product offerings fall into any of the following categories

  • Anti-Aging
  • Cosmetics
  • Personal Care
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Auto Care
  • Home & Garden
  • Pet Care
  • Weight Management
  • Internet
  • Financial Services
  • Most In-Demand Market America Products

Market America, as mentioned earlier, defines themselves as a “product brokerage” firm, offering a sundry of products and services to their consuming public. But when it comes to their product costs, it is almost just the same as when you purchase them from the store’s official website. 

If you will obtain certain products through Market America’s platform, as I mentioned earlier, you are entitling yourself for a Cashback incentive. This will literally translate to a significant amount of savings for you on your purchase, with over 30 million product offerings. 

Market America is also offering a few exclusive brand offerings. They have Motives which is one of their award-winning cosmetics lines. They also offer TLS a low-glycemic weight control and management system. Both of which are well-known brands, and among the most sought out items in Market America website. 

You can check out the Youtube video below if you want to have a glimpse of the company's remuneration package or compensation plan.   

How Is Associated to Market America?

At one point in time, Market America would be selling their product offerings through their main website, which is Then came the year 2010, they acquired, a shopping comparison company founded by Bill Gates, yes from the Microsoft founder himself.

At present, the company is utilizing their website, as the company’s official information hub. If you want to know about their business model and all the minute details about it as well as the step by step procedure on how to join the company, they are all indicated here. 

However, when it comes to engaging for official transactions, it will be carried out in site instead. So, don’t get yourself confused if you hear people transacting on website. They are basically one and the same. 

The Ugly Truths About Market America Revealed!

What is the Market America Scam?

I want to show you some valid reasons why a lot of people out there think that Market America is a qualified scam company.

Prohibitive Investment Costs

Venturing into Market America as a product distributor means that you will shell out a lot of money.  Some people who joined this company spent 20-30 grand. The saddening part here is if they did not get a good return on their investment, it means they lost a lot of money for nothing. 

Misleading Information

I would like to put some level of emphasis on this. Most of the time, seasoned network marketers are gifted glib talkers. And there is a good purpose for them being like that. It allows them to easily and efficiently talk their way to your heart.

They can easily persuade you into believing that shopping online, doing that particularly in Market America website, will help have a great amount of savings.

Unless you have a discerning mind and can read between the lines of their sales talk to you, you are likely to fall prey into their snare. Truth is, those things they are telling you are actually far fetched from reality.

They also tell their prospects that after recruiting only two people to become their downline, they will start earning already. Wrong!

There need to be registered first 50 people under your name. Then after which, rest assured that you will commence on your earning spree.

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Exorbitant Price Tags for their Offered Products and Services

Normally, networking companies put on excessive markup the price tags for their products and services offering. This helps them cover their product distributor remuneration costs, bonuses, and incentives. 

When networking companies are like this, they are putting  their product distributors on the losing end because they will give them a have a hard time in marketing and selling those items for the company.

And for that reason also, it will put a strain on the efforts of distributors who will try to recruit other people into the business to become part of their downline network. The heavy price label is likely to keep interested parties from joining the company.

And to top it all, Market America is not exerting adequate amounts of effort to promote their products even more. They are also not in the practice of encouraging their network members to do the same. 

Hence, their product distributors are very much challenged when it comes to selling them up. 

So these really are some of the underlying reasons why becoming a Market America product distributor entails a drudgery of sorts when it comes to making a meaningful sale. 

With that now, what can you expect from this company in terms of their network member’s level of success? You can't anticipate anything exciting with this kind of scenario. So instead of considering this business, another better opportunity should be taken into account.

Lawsuit After Lawsuit

Back in 2006, Steve Sawyer filed a lawsuit against Market America. In his affidavit of complaint, he asserted that Market America breached their contract agreements.

He further stated that the company is in violation of North Carolina’s Wage and Hour Act.

Sawyer also added that the company failed to pay him his monthly Internet consulting services which amounted to $8,333.34, plus a $25,000 bonus. However, at the very end of this legal quagmire that Market America team found itself in, the court ruling was given to their favor.

Most recently in 2017, the company was slapped by another federal racketeering suit. A copy of these complaint detailed out that Market America is being accused of employing the illegal pyramid scheme.

The complaint asserted that Market America is deliberately making people buy the idea that the company is out to give them what can be considered as an unmatched financial opportunity. 

What I Do Like About Market America?

The Company is Leveraging on Internet Marketing

We have actually uncovered a manifold of ugly truths about Market America. And all those points actually make it difficult for us to identify something we will commend them for.

However, for fairness sake, I think it is worth mentioning here is the fact that the big heads behind the success of  Market America were able to see how big the potential is of Internet marketing in as far as growing their business interest is concerned. Hence, they decided to acquire without reservation or hesitation from their end.

For me, it is such a relief to see such an MLM company not completely relying on the norms of traditional recruiting to expand and grow their business. If the very idea of hosting a networking party at your home to offer this business to your circle joining an MLM firm is not for you. But let us Market America an exemption to that. 

Is Market America a Scam?

We don’t qualify Market America as a scam.

First of all, this company is the recipient of the 2013 and 2018 BBB Torch Award for Ethics.

In addition to that, this networking company is among the top contenders in the recently concluded 2018 Internet Retailer Top 500, Grant Thomson 100 and 2013 Fast 50.

All these recognitions they received is intensifying their legitimacy in the MLM sphere. 

But if you are seriously considering to join this networking company, I suggest that you reconsider your options instead. In the recent past, the company has been through a lot of legal troubles.

People label them as an illegal pyramid company. This part is almost a rite of passage for most companies that have employed the multilevel marketing scheme. This is due to the fact that only a few people out of their thousand members gained some profit from them. 

Yes, we don’t qualify Market America as a scam nor as a pyramid scheme company simply because their business activity is not exactly fitting into how they are legally defined.

However, we are going to strongly oppose their claims that by joining their network, you’d be on your way to building your own solid financial future. Simply it is going against what is happening in reality.  

How I Make Money Online?

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Why Wealthy Affiliate?

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Let me as you this one meaningful question, would you really ever consider join an MLM company and become part of their pool of product distributors? Would you willing to put your relationships on the line just to recruit them into your networking business? I wouldn't do that myself, there is so much at stake. If you want to share your views on this, please head to the comment's section from below. 

Market America

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