Matthew Neer’s 5k Formula System Review? Is It Another Scam?

What is 5K Formula About? Is It Another Scam or legitimate? Any business is an investment and a risk. You spend some money along with time and effort, and you expect to get back more money afterward.

The trick here is to minimize your investment in terms of money, time and effort, and you also keep the risk to a minimum. Then you try to maximize the money you get back. With the 5K formula, that’s exactly the promise given to you.

Is 5K Formula the Right Affiliate Marketing Help You Need? Let’s find out more

5K Formula Review At A Glance

Name: 5K Formula
Products: Internet Marketing
Founders: Matthew Neer
Fee: Upfront 19.97, upsells all the way to $495
Overall Rank: 5 out of 10
Status: Not Recommended

What Is the 5K Formula?

5K Formula is a set of tools and services offered to you to help you with affiliate marketing. This is an online business that’s basically the epitome of little investment, low risk, and maximum rewards.

This 5K Formula is geared towards newbies who may need even the most basic explanations and tools to help them get started.

If you’re a beginner in affiliate marketing, then this may work for you. If you’re an experienced veteran, then nothing here can help you further your business.

With 5K Formula, the promise is explicitly stated in its name. You’re supposed to earn up to $5,000 with the tools and training provided here.

It doesn’t cost too much at all, although extra services will require extra fees.

While you will need to learn many things about affiliate marketing, eventually you will earn money even when you’re doing very little (or even while you’re sleeping at night).

It involves 5 very basic steps:

#1 You log in to your account.

#2 You connect your commission link.

#3 You pick your traffic source.

#4 You guide your website visitors into buying items you’re promoting.

#5 You earn your commission. You’re actually offered up to 100% commission.

The Tools of 5K Formula

The main tools offered by 5K Formula is the sales funnel that’s designed to convince your website visitors into becoming buyers.

You don’t need to know very much about domain names and hosting to have your sales funnel up and running.

That’s all taken care of for you. Even the designs of the web pages you’re going to use are all prebuilt as well.

There are plenty of these squeeze pages to choose from, and many are specifically designed to help you gather email addresses for your email list.

You also have an auto responder program that sends out emails to these subscribers automatically and on schedule.

The 5K Formula Training

The training you receive here comes in the form of explanatory and informational videos. It’s a step-by-step introduction to how affiliate marketing works and what you have to do.

These videos are easy to understand without too much jargon.

The creator of 5k Formula, Matthew Neer, is actually the featured speaker in all these videos.

As part of the 5K Formula group, your job is to obtain the traffic to your sales funnel.

Basically, you have to get many people to visit your landing pages. You’re not thrown at the deep end of the pool, however. You also get training for this particular task.

You will learn how to find and use traffic sources like traffic exchanges, solo advertisements, and Facebook.

In addition, you’ll also need to find and choose the affiliate products you want to promote.

Again, you’ll get training videos to help you make your choice and you will be told what to do to promote and to earn money from all these affiliate products.

Additional Services

Before you get started, you will be offered a lot of “upsells” for additional tools and services. These are supposed to help make things even simpler for you. These may include additional webinar access, email swipes, and paid traffic sources.

This can get very expensive if you agree to all these upsells, so you may want to hold off first. You should know more about affiliate marketing first before you increase your financial investment by paying more money for more services.

Some services may not even be worth your money at all, and that’s certainly true of the premade emails you can buy so you can send them to your subscribers.

While it’s certainly convenient for you, it offers more drawbacks than benefits. The emails seem generic, so they lose the unique personal touch when you write your own emails.

There’s really not much in the way of support, but that’s because everything has been made simple for you.

Pros of 5K

(+) It can very well help with newbies because subscribers to this program don’t have to know anything about affiliate marketing at all. You can begin right away because you won’t have to bother with domain names and hosting. You don’t even have to design your web pages! All these are done for you.

(+) The training videos are also very clear so it’s easy for you to understand. Also, this is a fairly recent program so the info and training are all up to date. You’re taught what you need to know so you can succeed in your tasks. You learn about generating traffic for your landing pages, operating your squeeze pages, sending emails to your subscribers, and picking the right products to promote.

Cons of 5K Formula

(-) If you’re interested in 5K Formula because of all the grandiose promises about lots of money with very little work, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You will have to work hard for this to succeed.

(-) The training is also very basic and limited, so after a while, you will need more advanced info and training. These can be very expensive, especially when you buy into the upsells. It can cost you up to $50 a month for the extra services you need.

(-) Also, the training concentrates on marketing programs and tools to help your subscribers “make money online”. There isn’t really any info for other products that you may want to promote.

That negates one of the appeals of affiliate marketing—promoting products in a niche that’s interesting for you and that you’re knowledgeable about.

(-) You’re also not the actual owner of the hosting for your squeeze pages. If and when 5K stops working, your squeeze pages won’t work anymore either.

Final Conclusion

I personally like what Matthew Neer have doing all this. He created such decent and amazing products so far. But if you would ask my opinion I would NOT Recommend to you if you are looking for success long term online business.

Why do I say so? Because Matthew mentioned he created 5k Formula is All-Done-For you products and sit back relax. This is not true and as hard work is always necessary step. Dun let Matthew words mislead you and entice you. There is no way that you make money while you travel or sleep without any hard work. Dun waste your time trying things that didn’t work.

Dun waste your time trying things that didn’t work. Time is valuable that money can’t but back.

Your effort and money better spent elsewhere instead. 

What’s Now? 

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It’s Your Turn Now. 

So what is your thought after reading 5K formula review. Any thought and question in your mind. Please share with us by leaving your comment below. I make sure response in a time matter. As I care about my readers and the priority is always my readers. Your success is my Goal.

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