My 1 Dollar Business Review – Legit Opportunity or Scam? Read here

My 1 Dollar Business













  • Very Affordable Entry Fee
  • Easy to Convince 2 members for sign up at $1
  • Scheme Offers Actual Products


  • Strong Focus on Recruiting Affiliates and Representatives
  • A Sign of Pyramid Scheme
  • Fork Out $181/Month in Order To Fully Compensate
  • No Information for Training, Tools and Support to Members
  • You Need to Be Very Active In The Recruitment Process

What is My 1 Dollar Business about? Is My 1 Dollar Business a Scam or legit one? I believe that you hear most of the rumor be it via social media or approached by someone in person who trying to telling that be part of their member and make money together.

And this is the time you want to make sure your money is well spent on it and the time you invested is worth the effort.

If you are reading this and following me long enough you will have some insight that I always do my research for you so that I make sure all my readers making the right decision in choosing the right program for their online journey.

So let’s get started, shall we?

My 1 Dollar Business Overview

Name: My 1 Dollar Business
Website: my1dollarbusiness.com
Products Type: Affiliate Marketing / Networking MLM
Founder: Steve Gresham
Fees: Start at $1 and up to $181 per month for full participation
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10

What Is My 1 Dollar Business And How Does It Work?

To start with, Steve Gresham established the company. Its headquarters are in Georgia in the United States. Gresham is also the founder of Savings Highway and he appears to apply a similar business model to his My 1 Dollar Business model.

Members gain access to a wide range of services including:

  • Membership benefits programs
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Family legal plan
  • Worldwide travel program
  • 24-hour shopping concierge
  • Worldwide condo program
  • Personal development success modules
  • Vacations
  • Tax deduction software

Members also have access to a store where customers can purchase a wide variety of useful products and services. These commodities include beauty, technology and health products.

The compensation plan requires affiliates to purchase $1 per month positions within the 2×10 matrix. The matrix has 2,046 positions that can be filled by the affiliates from their downlines and uplines. The positions can be filled either directly or indirectly.

The matrix has several phases, namely:

Phase #1 at $10/month – $2.50/affiliate personally recruited plus $0.50/affiliate in the matrix

Phase #2 at $20/month with at least 10 affiliates in the matrix – $4/affiliate plus $1/affiliate (refer above)

Phase #3 at $50/month with at least 20 affiliates in the matrix – $10/affiliate and $2.50/affiliate (see above)

Phase #4 at $100/month with at least 50 affiliates in the matrix – $20/affiliate and $5/affiliate (see above)

Payment is only possible when all the qualifying conditions are met. For example, you can only be paid based on the Phase 3 matrix if you dropped from Phase 4.

Members also earn in many other ways including:

  • Direct sponsoring commissions wherein you will get paid $0.20 per member (i.e., the new member should be sponsored directly by the old member). This is paid in a residual manner provided that you’re active month to month.
  • Residual commissions wherein you will get paid 5 cents per month for paid affiliates in your matrix. These paid affiliates include personal and indirect members. There are a few conditions to get it, such as active from month to month and sponsor at least two people in your downline.
  • Vacation bonus, an incentive given to affiliates who have reached Phase 4 in the matrix. This requires personal sponsorships of 10 affiliates who also recruits others. The prize is a 7-night vacation worth $1,899 for free.
  • Profit-sharing bonus for members in the Phase 4 matrix. This requires personal sponsorship of 100 affiliates who also do the same.
  • Super Affiliate Vacation Affiliate demands personal sponsorship of 100 people/paid members with 50 of them reaching Phase 4 for at least three months.  The prize is an all-expense paid vacation worth $1,899 and $1,000 pocket money.

At first, the cost to join the business is just $1 a month. But if you want to be fully compensated, you have to shell out $181 per month.  The answer to the question of whether you can recoup it will depend on your ability to recruit more people every month, among others.  You must also encourage your downlines to recruit more and more people for a higher income as an upline.

The answer to the question of whether you can recoup it will depend on your ability to recruit more people every month, among others.  You must also encourage your downlines to recruit more and more people for a higher income as an upline.

You must also encourage your downlines to recruit more and more people for a higher income as an upline.

Who Is My 1 Dollar Business For?

If you’re willing to spend time, energy and money on recruitment activities, then this may just be the earning opportunity for you. But I clearly know that this is definitely not for me.

My 1 Dollar Business Tools & Training

Perhaps there are business tools, training, and support for the affiliates of My 1 Dollar Business but I didn’t see it on their website. I think I personally preferable training tools, as well as the support team. Without this, the business wouldn’t persist. Just my 2 cents.

The Good and The Bad

My 1 Dollar Business has the following benefits for its affiliate marketers:

(+) The possibility of earning money is present. You just have to remember that the business model heavily rests on the number of recruits made, as well as their active status. You must consider the time, energy and even money required to increase your recruitment base.

(+) The scheme offers actual products. You can have an easier time earning commissions and the like since the company offers useful products and services.

(+) The members can avail of the above-mentioned services. You at least have access to these useful services, which can recoup your investments in the program.

But there are also disadvantages to the program including:

(-) The process of signing up is more challenging than usual. You can become discouraged because of the numerous information and steps required.

(-) The compensation program demands an almost never-ending recruitment process. You should be hearing warning bells by now since pyramiding schemes are characterized by it. You and your downlines have to be active in the recruitment process if you want to earn more money.

(-) The commissions aren’t as generous as in other affiliate marketing programs. You may even consider it a waste of your time since the extra income doesn’t significantly exceed the costs if it does.

There’s also no information about the training, tools, and support provided to the members. These are important aspects to the success of any affiliate marketing business for various reasons. You may, for example, require sales and marketing training, answers to your questions, and information about new products and services.

You may, for example, require sales and marketing training, answers to your questions, and information about new products and services.

My Final Opinion of My 1 Dollar Business

With that being said, I must say that My Dollar Business isn’t a scam per se but it isn’t a highly recommended way to earn income. The products and services aren’t exactly the best but for a dollar, there is little reason to complain. But remember to look at the factors: your time is the most valuable assets.

The business model reeks of a pyramiding scheme, too, although it may or may not be so. The concern here is the emphasis on the recruitment side of the equation. This isn’t an ideal way of earning money since recruitment isn’t as easy as it seems for various reasons.

I have personally tried out networking business for several times with different company (they Still exist now) to earn some residual income, but instead of earning money I lost money.

What then do I recommend?

Click Here For My #1 Recommendation

You can sign up to the program in a fast, easy and affordable manner. You will then be able to avail of relevant services at reasonable costs including:

  1. Website creation, domain and hosting services
  2. Wide variety of products and services with recognized brands
  3. Training, tools, and support necessary your business success
  4. Personal chat with community and the founders if you facing any difficulties
  5. Live technical support team (Instant reply within few minutes)
  6. Live Webinars conductors by Weekly
  7. SiteRubix Platform (The most reliable Website Builder)

Check it out now and see what I mean when I say it works. This is the only system I trusted and found it’s really workable on step by step how to build up a profitable business with right community, tools and personal coaching by Founders.

I never look back once I found this platform.

Look below the results on members results: 

Better yet look at how member Edward build up his traffic along the way he building up his online business. It’s proven. 

Why I’m showing you all this? To prove you that it works.

Click Here to Get Started

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  • Liz says:

    I have never heard of this service reviewed before! But, it doesn’t seem any different from the other scams that are out there stating that you must pay money to earn more money idea. I’m glad you spoke of Wealthy Affiliate, they seem a lot more legit in helping people earn money online. Thanks for the review it was great!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Great that you like my review towards My 1 Dollar Business. Wealthy Affiliate is always good for people that wanted to earn Legit money from internet. I have been following them and applied what has been taught in their platform. It works very well for me. Good that now you know about them.

  • Eartha says:

    This product is enticing because of the low cost to get started. However, the fact that you have to constantly recruit people is already a huge red flag for me. It sounds like it would be a struggle trying to maintain which would make it even more difficult to make a commission. It is definitely not a good online business model.

  • ririj says:

    Interesting. These $1 programs are not really a dollar are they? The benefits seem engaging but not for that expense! Much better to spend money on a lasting website and you can blog from the comfort of your pillow!

    I’m so appreciative of people who take the time to look at sites like these objectively because then people can make a more informed decision. So many people are eager to start a business online and that is a great mindset, but you need to know what to spend money on and what to invest your time in. For me personally trying to recruit people just don’t work. I have sold far more products by simply talking about my experience with them.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Yes, Although this is very affordable price and not scam. However, time is the main concern in order as we can’t buy back those valuable time in life. So you need to making sure your time is well spent as well as your effort.

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