My Novae Life Review – Is It a Scam?

Novae Life















  • Providing Self Growth and Development Training
  • Inspiring Presentation
  • Able to Make Money If Work Extremely Hard


  • It's an MLM Business
  • Minority People Enjoy The Success in Novae
  • Expensive Subscription - Monthly Fees To Maintain
  • Many Complaint

What is Novae Life About? Are they Reliable or just another Scam? We are going to find out in this review. If you are looking for additional sources of income, then the likely scenario is that you want to improve your financial status.

However, improving one’s finances require more than just additional income.

It requires managing all aspects of a person’s financial life as well as properly planning out your future financial moves to ensure that the maximum potential of all your efforts is met.

This is where Novae Life comes in, they help their members attain financial security and stability using effective financial strategies that not only generates income but also allows for the better management of that income and the total finances of the member. These strategies focus on 3 things, Cashflow Management, Business Income, and Passive Income.

Novae Life MLM Quick Review

What Is Novae Life?

Name: Novae Life
Products: Self Improvement and Financial Education Training
Website: www.novaelife.com
Founders: Reco McDaniel, Justin Owens and Carlton Calhoun
Fees: Basic, Plus, and Premium. (Prices Mentioned below)
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10
Status: Multi Level Marketing / Pyramid Scheme

What is Novae Life?

Novae Life is more than just a business, it is a community of people that want to transform their financial lives. They move and assist each other to attain their own financial targets and create value through each interaction and activity.

Novae life also provides a variety of potential income streams for the member to potentially take advantage of as well to share with others in their own personal network. It can also provide the platform for the marketing of a wide variety of products and services.

Products Offered

More than just products, Novae life markets the opportunity for developing one’s personal growth and self-development while improving your financial literacy, providing motivation, and creating confidence.

Although there are a lot of products and services available, the core services are focused on providing the training and the tools for total financial success.

One of the best services they provide is the highly motivational nature of their training and events. These activities provide a fresh new perspective to the members that can help them get the proper motivation to act on their financial situation.

Combined with the financial education that you can get from the company, it becomes a powerful tool that can transform the lives of anyone.

Novae Life focuses on three major factors that affect the overall financial situation of a member, these factors are:

#1 Cashflow Management:

The ability to manage a person’s past, current, and future access to cash and assets. By improving how you deal with your income, as well as your liabilities such as debt, payments, and taxes, you can vastly improve your own financial situation. For example, lower taxes can create and immediate and effective alternate cash source.

Effectively eliminating debt can create a snowball effect on your finances by removing an expensive and constant drain on your finances while freeing up cash to use as capital. Removing unnecessary expenses while identifying important ones is often difficult to do on your own as “wants” are commonly miscategorized as “needs” in many cases.

By relying on outside experience and advice, one is able to see through this confusing situation and reduce spending by a large degree.

Finally, the effective use of credit as a financial tool is a core focus of cash flow management. Effectively using credit as both an investment aid and a creative way to manage your expenses will reap big rewards in the future. Members can learn all about improving their credit score and getting access to bigger loans that can be used for new business opportunities or lifestyle improvement.

#2 Business Income

The second major factor is business income which teaches the members to gain a new perspective on income, as well as the sources of it.

The majority of people focus on maintaining a single, stable source of income. However, looking for additional income in different forms can not only improve your overall financial situation but also gradually reduce dependence on that formerly single source.

Novae Life provides training and support as well as business systems that can help in the growth and development of the members.

#3 Passive income

The final factor that can be learned in Novae Life is the generation and maintenance of passive income.

Passive income sources are some of the most complicated to set up, but if done well in can mean the difference between financial stability and poverty, especially for those going into retirement.

Passive income sources like residual income, dividends, capital gains, and other tax-deferred investments can make life a lot easier in the future.

How Do You Make Money From It?

After joining Novae Life, the greatest benefit in itself is not direct income, but the ability to manage that income as well as all of one’s assets for financial security.

There is, however, a very good independent business owner program that provides a competitive compensation plan that can become a reliable and stable income source for the member.

It is actually quite possible to make money from the Novae Life program, but the key factor in this is the member’s capability as well as ensuring that the member is actually fully taking advantage of the aforementioned resources.

The positive effects personal development can definitely offset most of the costs associated with the program and, as such, make any compensation even more profitable.

How Much Do You Have to Invest to Get Started?

Novae Life offers several different packages to get started, starting from the basic packs at $49.95 and $99.95/month as well as Plus and Premium packages at $249.95+ 99.95 / month and $499.95 + $99.95/month.

Each of these packages includes specific contents and access capabilities which will widen your resources and can even contain products for distribution.

Choosing an independent business owner packages should depend on your plans for developing the business. One should choose only the package that they can maximize to ensure that no tools will get wasted.

Should You Try It?

If you are looking for a way to educate yourself financially while expanding your capability to create different types of income, then Novae Life can be the opportunity for you.

In this opportunity, you only need to identify all of the positive effects the program can have on your overall financial situation to see if it can truly be fully profitable for your case.

You can also check out the variety of experience other people have had in the program to keep you informed. Just remember that all investments require hard work and innovative action to succeed. The choice is totally up to the individual.

Perhaps if you would like to know more about what’s the reason why so many people failed in Multi Level Marketing. Read this: The Truth Of Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

What’s now Maxx?

I did not take part nor take any affiliate from this product and purely writing this review base on my in-depth research. Hence, I highly recommend you consider all the point that I mentioned above.

If you would ask my opinion on whether should you join this. I can confidently give you an answer: NO.

I did not pay the subscription to get myself motivated in self-growth or increase my financial literacy. Instead, I follow what my mentor path in achieving my own goals. Such as financial freedom and built my own assets. The first two books I read was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and CashFlow Quadrants” by Robert Kiyosaki.

If you would like to build your own successful online business and pursue the freedom lifestyle income, please check out #1 recommendation Online Business Course. A very legitimate way to earn a living and existed since 2005 helping thousands of entrepreneur to succeed on their online dream. Now it’s your turn.

I hope you enjoy the reading. If you have your own thought and personal experience, feel free to share below.

Last but not lease I would like to thanks your time in finishing this and stick till the end.

Take Care My friend and have a good day.

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Maxx Tan

Maxx is an experienced online marketer that would like to give a hand to those wants to achieve more in building a successful online business. He also has a strong passion for investing and spent most of his free time doing research and trading.

  • Del says:

    Interesting review of ‘Novae Life’. I don’t think it’s something I’m going to be going with as first off it just seems far to expensive. I always tend to look at what your getting for your money – everyone’s an expert these days and the more they can convince you of how much of an expert they are, the more the want to charge you. Other than getting paid to refer people, I just don’t see the value in it.

    I did have a look at their homepage and it has random products on it like ‘Roadside Assistance’ and ‘Sprayology’ (whatever that is!), neither of which are clickable by the way. The homepage still also had ‘dummy text’ on it!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey Del, I did realize the what you mentioned on their website. Unable to click and unable to get further info about. Just how poor their website management when coming into this. I can imagine how their dashboard will be more even worse that this. 

      So like you I didn’t saw any value people should pay for them. 

  • Marios Tofarides says:

    Thanks for the review. I wasn;t aware of this community, but I think that I wouldn’t pay that amount of money for generic financial advice and self-growth.

    Robert Kiyosaki in his website richdad dot com provides many eBooks regarding these aspects for free.

    Also, did you join this group? Does it have a free or a low-cost trial?

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Marios, As mentioned above I didn’t even try their program after I know how the system works. And I read many complaints from the forum. This is the reason I’m writing this to help people have a better understanding. 

      You are right indeed, I read from Robert website richdad.com for free. You see, you not even to pay a dim but could able to grab the value. 

  • Ron Kirby says:

    A pretty good Review of Novae Life. I had never heard of them. It appears they have several good things going for them. But, my interest in what they offer died once the term MLM appeared. I tried those schemes many times over the years. I wasted time and money messing with them. It appears Novae Life would not be something I’d try. As far as your #1 recommendation is concerned, I’m already a member and moving right along. Thanks for the information on Novae Life.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey Ron,

      Good to know you already be a member of the program that works. And appreciate you sharing your stories here. 

      Thank you and take care,


  • Liz says:

    Money is such a huge subject and I agree in what you said at the beginning of your article in that it takes more than just generating extra income to take control of your finances. It is our whole mindset about money, and how we spend it and what our values are and our impulse control and basically how we manage our energy. Money is like a form of energy. Unfortunately most of us did not learn about financial literacy at school or from our families unless they themselves had this kind of mindset. I can see this company might be good for some people, but I also agree that reading the Rich dad books and taking action on what the advice is there can be just as good and a lot less expensive. However having a community of like minded people around you is also important so perhaps this company can offer that.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Liz, Nowadays the school systems don’t educate us in financial literacy and this is why so many people are lacking behind. I personally learn all the financial topics and educate myself to be better on my own financial journey. To be educated there is not need to spend huge money like Novae life. 

      You could also able to find many Free tools or contents to learn better. I personally have chosen Robert Kiyosaki as my own mentor and applied what I learned from him. 

  • fernglow says:

    I actually seen this Novae Life from some ads when browing through facebook and it looks rather convincing it can provide financial security.
    However, after reading your review, I think I would just give it a miss as it is too expensive and it’ll be better to go with humans proof designs already at that price.
    For now, I think I will just check out your recommendation of wealthy affiliate and really excited for that! 🙂

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Fernglow, good to hear that and you are right with the price are able to go for Human Proof Designs instead. 

      Thanks for the suggestion and I wish you all the best choosing your online business. 

      Take Care,


  • Monica says:

    I have a link to where you can try it for $1 that someone sent me. Im about to check it out. They’re doing a $50 referral promotion

  • zach says:

    Thanks for the Review! I honestly had never heard of Novae life. I need to look more into Novae life to even consider this community. I would like to hear more about it, and also read more on the variety of potential income streams. I really love anyway that has a possibility to earn money online.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Great Zach and let me know if you need any help joining this community. In fact this is a education hub that provide you everything building your own Online Business. 

  • Evette says:

    Oh they didn’t get a good rating. I see you categorized as a pyramid scheme also, are most MLM’s a pyramid scheme? I have heard of MLM’s when researching how to make money from home but I am not quite sure what it is. What I do know is that, if I am interested, I will not be using Novae Life.

  • Michael says:

    Thanks for this in-depth review about nova life. After reading your review, I probably would buy this just to see how I can manage my money better — but In terms of it helping me actually making money I wouldn’t even try.

    I really dislike mlm companies and overall find the model just dumb.

    So no I won’t be looking to join this comlany to help earn money online, but if they can teach me how to better manage money I’m already earning then it might be worth investing in.

  • Ty says:

    I have not heard of this company until reading your review of them, it seems ridiculously expensive for any new comers who want to learn more about themselves. That could turn lots of people away, being that they even test out the cheapest option per month.
    There are tons of way to do this for a lot cheaper, books, other articles online, and for free on YouTube.

  • freddy says:

    Hi Maxx, Thank you for the info on Novae life. I never heard of it before until i read your post so I must say its very informative. Just by reading through the pros, cons and the monthly fees required, I can definitely say its not for me. Its very good to create streams for passive income, but if its very expensive to start and maintain it in the beginning stages then it becomes a problem.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Freddy, 

      Yes, I personally did not participate on this program myself. Not to mentioned this is also a MLM as well. So really depend on individual but for me is definitely NO. 

  • >