Panel Payday Reviews: Is It a Scam Or Legit? Should You Join or Look for Another?

Many people today are under impression that if you are not making any passive income from the Web these days, then you are missing out. It is surprising to know that there is an increasing number of people who are feeling this way now.

With the prevalence nowadays of the so-called online money making opportunities, one can easily get tempted to the trap and become oblivious of the fact that there are scam programs out there melding themselves with the legit opportunities.

It is imperative that you know how to identify them. Or at least you should know the tell-tale signs of a sham opportunity.

What you are doing right now is commendable. You are researching anything you can find about Panel Payday reviews to determine whether they are a legitimate opportunity to have a passive income or not. This is the most effective way to veer yourself away from scams and save your valuable time, money, and effort.

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Panel Payday Summary Review


Founder:  n/a

Price:  Free to join

Best For: People who can spare a fraction of their day to find other and better paid survey sites through Panel Payday platform.

Panel Payday Reviews

Summary: Panel Payday is giving us the impression that they are a legit paid survey site. But when you get into their website, you will right away figure out that they are not. They actually serve as a portal site to other legit survey websites they've partnered with. This means to say that instead of you earning from Panel Payday, they are going to earn commissions from the website they referred you to. In short, they are making money through you.

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No


What Is Panel Payday?

Anyone would agree with me when I say that the first natural impression they have the about Panel Payday is that it is just another ordinary survey website. But when you try taking a second and closer look, it is offering us something more.

No, I wouldn’t qualify this survey website as a scam, considering the fact that sign-up for an account is free of charge. However, they are not actually what you think they are. What do I mean by this?

Like thousands of others before you, they don’t really have any survey for you when you sign-up for an account. What they have for you instead is a list of other survey websites and chances are high, you are already familiar with them.

When you are inside the Panel Payday website, they will refer you to some other online survey sites. In process of doing so, they will earn from you instead. There is nothing to worry about this as it is not not unethical, also.

Is it Scam or Legit?

Just try to look at it this way, they are just consolidating as many survey websites for you as possible. However, this practice, when left unchecked and unaccounted for,  they will run the risk of adding fraudulent survey and GPT (get-paid to) websites.

If this happens they will put you in harm’s way as you will likely fall prey to any of the fraudulent survey sites that they’ve put up on their website. The biggest question is, why many people are enticed to sign-up for an account on their website.

Simple! They lure everyone in by making it look like they will easily earn $25 from the site by just taking active participation in their surveys offerings.

How Does Panel Payday Work? 

Panel Payday has actually taken the sign-up process a bar higher than most survey sites. Initially, you will need to provide your name, email, and all the general information you have about yourself. This includes your employment, household information and other relevant demographics.

This process is standard when joining a survey panel, after which they will have you go through a ton of offers. After providing your information, their system will showcase to you a series of straight offers. Just that, purely annoying offers.

These offers normally will consist of some other online money-making opportunities, which can be other survey panels. The image below is an example of possible offers you are likely to encounter.

Taking Surveys

The moment that you get through the offers, people are always under the impression that they can start taking surveys already, as is the case with many other survey panels, right? But, as I mentioned earlier, things are different with Panel Payday.

They won’t provide you any survey project, what they have for you is purely a list of other survey panels that you can join. I checked out the list myself, and  I am familiar with some of them such as  Swagbucks, CashCrate, and Fusion Cash.

So, let me emphasize this once again, you will never get to answer a single survey project from Panel Payday. All they will do is harvest your information and refer you to some other survey panels they partnered with, and earn commissions from you.

Is it clear to see now that instead of you earning from Panel Payday, it is the other way around? They are going to earn from you, by virtue of getting commissions from what you will earn, without you even knowing it. 

How to Get Started with Panel Payday? 

Creating an account in Panel Payday to join the company as a survey panelist is a 5 step process. You just follow the drill, provide your real name and email address.

A disclaimer notice will be shown to you as you go through the sign-up process, that is you have to agree to receive email notifications either from Panel Payday or from one of their partners.

The following page would be dedicated to their various partnered survey sites. By ticking on the “yes” option, you agree to sign-up on those sites, too. And after which you will be directed to their sites for another sign-up process. Tedious? It is, and very annoying also.

Following this step is another page now with 3 more offers. Earn on Demand, which always says that they only have 6 more spots remaining, so you need to hurry in signing-up. Then you will have a $1,000 Facebook survey, which says they only have 8 spots remaining with an enticing offer that gives you a chance to earn $1196 a week but only 4 spots left.

Is Panel Payday a scam?

One of the glaring signs that you are dealing with a dubious GPT site like Panel Payday is when they hype-up the sign-up process. By creating a sense of urgency, you are forced to hasten-up your decision to create an account right away or miss out on something valuable instead.

Therefore, be aware that these are just nothing but an urgency tactic which these marketers are making use of so people will sign-up for an account on impulse.

The Ugly Truths About Panel Payday Revealed

A Lot of Broken Links

Whenever I make a review, I make it a habit to always check out the subject's official website and see if I can come across into something. And lo... Panel Payday's dedicated website is riddled with broken links.

The are two possible explanation for this. One is that they got the wrong referral URL or that the website they are partners with is no longer in business.

Is Panel Payday  Scam?

Panel Payday and their broken links.

Flood You with Spam Emails

Perhaps this is the most complained issue when you join a get-paid-to survey site, they will flood your email with irrelevant messages that are nothing but spam. If you receiving non-sense things, either in your work or personal email address, veer away from joining paid survey sites. 

It Is $25 a Month in Panel Payday, Not for Every Survey

One effective strategy they make use of in order to lure more interested users to their site is to entice them with the possibility of earning $25 per survey. Please refer to the screenshot I made on their official website, and know that I am not fabricating a story here.

Common sense will tell you that it is very seldom that these survey sites will shell out for you a huge amount of money just for a single survey you complete. Doing so will drastically have their coffers empty in no time.

Is it Scam or legit?

What I Do Like About Panel Payday?

Even if I try my best to find anything commendable about Panel Payday, their offered opportunities, or their website I may not be able to find any, to be honest. First of all, I don't think this business or online money-making opportunity (as how they want to brand themselves) is actually offering us any value.

They are not offering any survey tasks coming from their end, instead, they would point you to their partner sites to sign-up for their panel membership. We should just qualify them as portal sites, leading to other online survey opportunities. As for the user-value, this will all depend upon the experience they will have on Panel Payday's partner sites.

Since they have only taken the role of being a portal site to their online survey partner sites, chances are high that if a user happens to have a bad experience with them Panel Payday can't be held accountable to that. They wouldn't even accommodate you in any way should you have any complaint about their partner site.

You'd be on your own if things really get rough. Therefore, it is imperative to practice due diligence when creating an account on such websites. This is the only way you can secure yourself and stay protected.

Is Panel Payday a Scam? 

Considering the fact that it is free to join this site, and since they also provide us teeny-weeny information on other paid survey sites -- we can't qualify Panel Payday as a scam. Based on the information we have provided above, we can say that this GPT (get-paid-to) site is on the habit of setting the wrong expectations to their users with their $25 per survey thing.

After the website collected your vital information, email, name, etc, their system will endorse to you their partner sites that you may be interested in joining, too. Indeed, Panel Payday is out to refer you to some other survey sites. Simply because they only serve as a mere portal for the legit GPT sites they are partnered with.

Should you make a decision to still give Panel Payday a shot, then anticipate as early as now that the money you will make from them is going to be much smaller than what is being promised to you. The risks, however, are yours to take.

How I Make A Living Online?? 

It takes a discerning mind to really see what is behind the majority of these GPT or get-paid-to sites, and understand really how their deceptive schemes have managed to trick many unsuspecting people into believing that they are indeed offering a decent and sustainable online money-making opportunities. 

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What is your general impression on paid survey sites? Have you ever come across Panel Payday before? How was the experience like? By reaching out to us regarding this alleged online money making opportunity, we are actually helping to save others from falling prey into their deceptive schemes. So far, when it comes to making another stream of passive income from the Internet, affiliate marketing is second to none. 

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