Product Review: Pac Amazon

Is Pac Amazon Another Scam? Is it worth your time? Most of us have heard of people raving about a seminar that they took that forever changed their lives. Honestly, it is hard to verify whether these seminars or courses truly work. The reason behind this is that it is really up to the person to practice what they have learned. What about Pac Amazon?

Short for Proven Amazon Course, this seminar is similar to those online courses that help you be better at selling things virtually. We will get into more details as we discuss the features of this course later as we give you an insider insight as to the legitimacy of this product.

We will discuss how it differs from other Amazon-related courses, what topics it covers, and what are the pros and cons of availing the course. Accordingly, we will tell you if it is worth getting or it is just like any other online course.

What Is Pac Amazon and How Does It Work?

In such a way, it is different from other online courses due to the fact that you are actually joining a hub or a community. It is not a one-time course purchase. In fact, it is more of a membership website.

Once you become a member, you get access to a lot of courses, documents, PDFs, video tutorials, webinars, resources, and more. Take note that it is not about selling in general, all the resources that you get to learn are related to starting a business with the use of Amazon FBA.

Other than the resources available, there is also a community forum and a Facebook group that you have the option to join. The selling point of this membership site is the fact that you get to learn from the pros. Literally, they are the experts because they are the people behind Amazon FBA.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, by joining this site, you also get to interact with people who have existing businesses. You get to learn from their experiences, and you can ask them questions as well.

Joining is also easy. All you have to do is to sign up, and you are already given access to the site. There are also times that when you sign up, and you get to open an online store that is integrated with Amazon FBA.

Who Is It For?

Pac Amazon is for people who want to start an online business with the use of Amazon FBA. This sounds very limiting, right? However, the truth is that it is the best way to do it because Amazon is such a huge and highly competitive company that you are assured that the products will surely get to your customers.

At the same time, they already have set programs and packages. You really do not have a lot to set up. All you have to do is to know how to push out your products, and this can be done with the help of Pac Amazon.

What Does It Cover?

There are really no other tools that you need. As for the training, though, here is the general course outline. It is divided into three categories, which are the buy, list, and ship. Within those three categories, there are certain tactics an strategies that you can employ.

  • Buy (tells you where to buy the products and how to buy them)
    • Private labeling
    • Online arbitrage
    • Retail arbitrage
    • Wholesale
    • Second hand
  • List (how to properly list the products in the main site, which is
    • The use of Amazon seller central
    • How to use services like seller engine, scan power, and the likes
  • Ship (how to properly prepare and ship the products to the warehouses of Amazon)

There are also topic-specific courses regarding strategies that you can do. However, the best categories are the Start Here and Next Step categories. These are like a step-by-step instruction on how to set up your business.

Is There Support?

Yes. Definitely, you will realize that the support that you get is 101%. We added that extra 1% because, again, you are joining a community. If the answer to your email is taking too long from legitimate customer service assistants from Amazon, you can easily ask the forum or the group.

At the same time, you might not even get to ask a question because a quick search in the forum may give you the answer. This aspect is very special because you have all the support you need not just from representatives of Amazon, but with your peers as well.

Pac Amazon: The Good and the Bad

The Good

  • Lots of concrete resources

Unlike other online courses that preach about general selling strategies, what you are getting are specific things that you can do. Of course, the information is beneficial just as long as you are doing it with Amazon FBA.

  • The community

As simple as it is, you will never be alone with starting your business because you are already immersed in a stable selling community. The community, in itself, can help you grow even without the courses.

  • Customizable

You will not follow a set of courses. Rather, you get to choose how you can learn. If you already have a business, then you can just focus on other topics. There is no right way of tackling the resources.

The Bad

  • Can be confusing

Having a lot of resources can also be intimidating. You might not know where to start, and there is no specific topic that they recommend you start with.

  • Community trolls

This is a given, but with every community, there are a few people who are just out there to give you a bad day. The site does have a lot of moderators. However, there will still be times where you can get troll comments.

Final Thoughts

Joining this membership site is truly worth it. You get to learn a lot of effective strategies, and you also get to be part of a successful community. Definitely, what you have here is a win-win situation.

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