Reality Networkers Scam Review: The Truth Revealed

We all are trying to find innovative ways to make some extra cash to survive in this expensive world. We can say with certainty that online money-making websites are jogging interest in several people. Presently, you will find numerous websites offering ways to make money online.

Among several of them, Reality Networkers is yet another website that has been around for a while. In this Reality Networkers Scam Review, we aim to help you find out whether this is a legitimate way to make money online or is it yet another elaborate scam to fleece you.

What Is Reality Networkers?

Reality Networkers could basically be called an online community where the networkers come together to build a team for the main purpose of venturing into possibly any kind of program in order to profit. It has been in the online money-making business for over a decade now, and they have over six million members, or so the company claims.

According to the company, their aim is not to compete with the other online money-making opportunities. Instead, they want to truly maximize all of the earning potentials of all of the money-making opportunities that are on the internet.

The company’s goal is to help people realize the true effort of making money from the internet. This includes the mindset that is necessary and the kind of effort you will have to put in in order to truly achieve any sort of financial freedom from these online opportunities.

How Does Reality Networkers Work?

According to Reality Networkers, their program is not an MLM system, but it is a club. The company offers its users different marketing tools as well as resources in order to help them build a team of active networkers. Moreover, you get an option to try out this site without paying for it too. The company offers its users a free two-week trial period as a chance for them to get the hang of their program.

If you find yourself liking the program, you can pay the one-time administration fee of $25 after the trial period ends. As soon as you do, you become an active member of Reality Networkers for the rest of your life. Along with your membership, you will also receive all the Member’s Benefits.

For those who do not have the budget to begin, there is a benefactor option as well. If for some reason the members find themselves incapable of paying for the upgrade, then the company offers nine ways to make money. The users can earn a little money by joining PTC websites like Clixsense, Hits4pay, Swagbucks, Probux and so on. Each level in the matrix has very specific tasks that must be performed before the users become eligible to get the commissions.

The very first task for the members is that they have to personally invite five people into level one so that they can get paid their $40 commission. The members will also be responsible for helping and teaching them to get their own first five referrals.

Once the member has received their first commission payment, they will need to find other resources for marketing and also share them for the rest of their membership. If you manage to complete all the tasks and also fill the matrix, the member will receive a total commission of $640. Of that, $100 will be used to enter the member into the $100 matrix, which has a final payout of $2120.

Benefits for the Members

According to the company, there are quite a few benefits the members will receive once they successfully sign up and complete their tasks. These include:

  • Marketing Tools

Once you become a part of Reality-Networkers, one of the benefits you will enjoy is having a team to look for new safe lists and promotion methods on a regular basis. Since all members are required to get newer and safer lists to get their commission, they do not lose their motivation.

So, there is never a possibility of people slacking off. This will allow you to continue posting your advertisements on more safe lists as well as other methods of promotion to help you succeed.

  • Promotion Tools

Another important tool to help the member post efficiently on safe lists is an auto-submitter. A portion of the earnings will be used to test the auto-submitter to find the best one for the whole team. In turn, everyone gets to post ads much more efficiently.

  • Custom-Made or Pre-Written Ads

The next step to having an efficient promotion is the ads’ presentation, which means that you will need attractive content along with an eye-catching title. Ads need to be changed almost regularly to get the best results.

New ads are added on a regular basis, allowing the members to keep advertising new materials every day. The availability of pre-written or custom-made ads also means that the members do not need to put a lot of effort into writing unique content.

  • Marketing Strategies and Tips

A part of your earnings is also used to buy guides and books to help the team gain skills and the necessary knowledge in order to succeed. Active promoters with years of experience are required to write short reports of how they managed to become a success.

Reality Networkers Scam Review: The Good and The Bad

The Pros

  • You get instructions on how to get other people on board with the help of reports from other successful promoters.
  • You will gain knowledge of different marketing and promotion strategies.
  • There is a possibility of earning big money by joining other online avenues with an active team.
  • There is only a one-time membership fee.

The Cons

  • There is no live support. You can only email the administrator.
  • For newbies, it is tough to form a team of active members.

Our Final Thoughts

In this Reality Networkers Scam Review, we have concluded that, while on paper everything may seem fine, there are several flaws in the company. What are they? For starters, even though they do not consider themselves an MLM system, in reality, they sort of are because every new member will have to refer five other members to join the program. That is the exact definition of an MLM system.

Furthermore, even if the program works, it requires a ton of effort. Getting in so many people on board is just not easy as there is an admission fee. All you end up doing is making the top players in the program earn more. In our opinion, we would not recommend this program as a legitimate option to make money. It is way too much effort for something that is not guaranteed to work.

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