Simple Local Lead Generation System Review

Every business owner wants to attract a large number of customers. But how about generating leads? How does it feel to have your target customers coming to you and initiating discussions about the things you offer? Probably great. The good news is that you can truly generate leads through the help of an affordable software called Simple Local Lead Generation System.

Have you heard of this training tool?

Here is a review about the Simple Local Generation System. Is it the perfect tool for you?

What is Simple Local Lead Generation System?

Simple Local Lead Generation System is a training tool that aims to teach users how to generate leads. It contains different techniques that business owners can do to attract their prospective customers and make them do the first move.

While it’s great to practice good sales on skills, it is even greater to have your target clients coming and initiating conversations with you regarding your products and services. Basically, this is what Simple Local Lead Generation System aims you to achieve. And this is what it claims to educate you about.

How does It Work?

Customers should purchase a copy of this tool in order to get trained. By watching and listening, they may expect to learn how to (almost) immediately generate leads from clients. Users will learn the most important aspects of internet marketing and the different strategies they can apply. Its creator, Mike Cooch, also demonstrated how his proposed model helped him get new clients, generate leads, and earn thousands of dollars fast.

Within the tool are more tools for learning that users should expect:

  • Types of Industries to Target
  • Pricing Your Leads
  • Step-by-step Approach to Test Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Creating Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Setting up Facebook Pixels
  • Building Reusable Assets
  • Guide for Building Pages, Tracking Calls, and Invoicing Clients

As of writing, customers can grab their copies for $97 as part of the special offer and $197 when the special offer ends. The creator claims that this is a very good buy, given the fact that other similar training would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.




Here are the positive traits of the Simple Local Lead Generation System:

(+) Honest Claims

Unlike in other tools, you will not find any clickbaity claims or ones that are overrated. You will not find promises of earning big in as fast as 24 hours even if you lack experience. Go to its page and you’ll find honest and straightforward claims that give visitors a real picture of what they should expect.

(+) Good Training Layout

The good thing about Mike Cooch is that he knows how to find a way to present his information in an engaging way. At times, he faces the camera while explaining his points. Sometimes, he speaks over some slides.

Moreover, he avoids unnecessary remarks and chooses to make straightforward explanations.

(+) Reasonably Priced

As earlier mentioned, you can purchase the Simple Local Lead Generation System at a price that is far lower than other training tools. Without compromising the quality of information presented, customers can acquire the knowledge they need without spending too much.

(+) Good Teaching Skills

When conducting a training, you don’t just state facts. You need to have good teaching skills to be able to properly convey the things you are trying to point out. If you purchase this training tool, you will find out that teaching is actually one of the strengths of Mike Cooch.

(+) Honest Training

After the honest claims about the tool comes an honest training. All details stated are true and without any exaggeration. Users will learn facts and effective ways to generate leads and earn big. The tool can assure you that it will be worth your time.

(+) Sense of Authority

Once you start with the training, you will understand that the tool’s creator really knows what he’s talking about. His points and explanations came from years of experience; hence users can feel the sense of authority from the trainer.


The overall training is good; however, it lacks tiny details on how to set up a Facebook campaign and specifically look for clients to work with. Both are important factors in generating leads for one’s business. Users of the product should do a bit of work themselves in searching for useful pieces of information.

Apparently, this downside is tolerable. Customers just need to exert a little effort and it’s just fine. The totality of the tool’s advantages definitely outweighs this minor disadvantage.

Who is This Tool Best for?

The Simple Local Lead Generation System is best for serious business owners looking for reputable tools that would help them make their business explode. Serious business owners don’t have time for tools that are too good to be true. They don’t have time for false information and dishonest claims. They need genuine ones provided by people in authority, and Mike Cooch’s product is simply the best choice for them. If you likewise want to make your business explode very soon, this may be perfect for you too.


Honest claims, no unrealistic promises, good training layout, great teaching skills, and sense of authority — these are the positive comments about the Simple Local Lead Generation System. There may be a lack of some important details, but the advantages clearly outweigh it. Adding to the benefits of purchasing this item is its reasonable price that is noticeably far from the prices of other training tools. Overall, the Simple Local Lead Generation System depicts itself as a good-quality product that is affordable as well.


As a whole, the Simple Local Lead Generation System creates a very good impression. In the midst of various products making false and unrealistic claims, the creator of this item chose to offer the best to its prospective customers: honest and straightforward information. Mike Cooch is an experienced internet marketer, and it also helped a lot in producing a generally effective training tool. We’re giving it a rating of 8/10 and we recommend it to those would really want to generate leads for their businesses.

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