Skinny Body Care Reviews: Making Difference in the Weight Loss Industry?

I’d like to assume that the main reason you are here is because someone you know introduced you to Skinny Body Care and the seemingly good business opportunity it has for you. And now you wanted to make sure if venturing into this would be worth your while, right?

Well, you are doing it right. Making some research about a seemingly good business opportunity will help keep you from becoming the next victim of scam companies. This is the best way to keep their clutches at bay and off of you.

We know that there is a sundry of online money making opportunities, but not every one of them is legitimate and reliable. This is the reason why doing some research first is paramount to your safety and security when looking for the best online money-making opportunity.

Don’t let yourself get into the habit of grabbing every online business opportunity you will come across with. I am certain that most of them are not legit and don’t have your best financial interest at heart.

My review and analysis of the  Skinny Body Care opportunity is not biased and impartial. Simply because I am not associated with this MLM program or any other networking company for that matter. This signifies that I am not bound to protect any side or interest, and with that I can honestly say that I am delivering nothing but a truthful and honest to goodness review of their business and structure.

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Skinny Care Body Summary Review

Website: ​

Founder: Ben Glinsky

Price:  $10 (activation fee) + your choice of starter pack  ( $59.95, $119.85, or $179.70 )

Best For:  For people who has flair for recruiting others into the business while using the products themselves. 

What is Skinny Body Care

Summary:  While we consider this networking company as legitimate, not a scam and not a pyramid scheme business. They have tangible products in offer. But that will encourage us to endorse this opportunity to anyone. First of all, their product offerings are way too common in the beauty niche. They need to come up with a more dramatic distinction among competing brands. This way they can really outshine the others. 

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No. 


What Is Skinny Body Care?

Skinny Body Care is a networking company with weightless supplement as their flagship product. Lately, this MLM company has been receiving a lot of attention, most especially from the social media platform, creating an exaggerated hype for this brand of weight loss supplement.

As a networking company, they have been operating since 2011. And while they have been in the business for quite some time now, there is no available information on the Internet as to who owns this company or who is the brain behind its operation. 

Skinny Body Care Reviews

SBC Founder Ben Glinsky 

I even tried to check out their official website, and there is no relevant information about this on there.

Skinny Body Care is a networking company with weightless supplement as their flagship product. Lately, this MLM company has been receiving a lot of attention, most especially from the social media platform, creating an exaggerated hype for this brand of weight loss supplement. 

As a networking company, they have been operating since 2011. And while they have been in the business for quite some time now, there is no available information on the Internet as to who owns this company or who is the brain behind its operation. I even tried to check out their official website, and there is no relevant information about this on there.

In the MLM sphere, knowing exactly who founded a networking program or where it is physically headquartered  is of crucial importance to their members. I know and I completely understand that this aspect shouldn’t be seen as a deal-breaker. It is also not a great thing either, right?

I hate to say this, but there really is a fine line that will distinguish scheming companies of some sort from the legit and reputable business organizations when they try to hide some important information from the public.

While we don’t qualify the case of  Skinny Care Body as such, it inevitably creates for them a cloud of doubt about their integrity. You begin to question what their real motive is behind their refusal to disclose some important information about their company.

With persistence in my research and due diligence, I came to learn that Skinny Care Body was founded by some  Mr. Ben Glinsky. According to the information I gathered, he was a prominent figure in the real estate industry and was also involved for quite a while in the MLM sphere.

We can glean from Mr. Glinsky’s MLM history that he was also involved in a number of lead generation companies like ProWealthSolutions, MyWorldPlus, Pro Builder, and  Home Wealth University. In addition to all these, there was also a point in time that he launched another company, Rejuvenate Worldwide. This venture he did can be considered as his first foray in the world of nutrition and personal wellness.

Prior to Skinny Care Body, Rejuvenate Worldwide is the most recent company he launched.

The Skinny Care Body Product Line

With regard to the product line offered by Skinny Care Body team, we can glean that they are related to the world of nutrition and personal wellness.

  • HiBurn8

Helps your body manage its weight, even while you are fast sleep.

Skinny Body Care
Skinny Body Care Dream Team


  • Skinny Fiber

Contains ingredients that are known to promote weight loss,  helping your body shift to its weight management mode.

  • Instant Youth

Miraculous formulation induces the reversal of the body’s aging process.

Skinny Body Care Products
Skiiny Body Care Item
  • E3

A new blend of Minerals, Vitamins,  Nutrients, Electrolytes and herbs. This  ultimately generates the fuel your body needs.

  •  Skinny Body Max

    This is Skinny Body Max optimized version.

What is Skinny Body Care about
Is Skinny Body Care a scam?

  • Ageless

    Nourishing the skin with this nutrient-rich formula, dubbed as the “skin superfood “

Skinny Body Care will not volunteer to the public the retail price tag for their products. But if you are one of their independent distributors, you can use your affiliate referral code to verify the retail price tag for their items.

Members of this MLM company would assert that their product offerings are of substantial help in losing weight, delays the outset of aging, brings back  the once youthful glow and appearance of your skin. They also have an item that will help maintain your weight even during your sleeping hours.

None of the products they are offering to us can be described as unique or distinct, however, they have a few decent items that will somehow make things about them a bit more interesting.

While this networking company is more focused on giving the market weight loss supplements, it is good to know that they are not stopping right there

How to Get Started with Skinny Body Care?  

In order to join the Skinny Care Body network, you need to shell out $10.00 from your own pocket.  The company is giving interested parties three membership packs to choose from, as shown below.

Business Builder Starter Pack:

                                  Valued at  $59.95 + $10 (activation fee)

Business Builder Bonus Pack: 

                                 Valued at $119.85 + $10 (activation fee).

Business Builder Premier Pack: 

                                  Valued at $179.70 + $10 (activation fee).

Skinny Body Care Reviews

The value of their offered starter packs compared to those of other MLM companies is on the average rate. We can’t say that it is expensive, but it also not that cheap.  But it is important to keep in mind that regardless of the amount you spend in this kind of business, the amount you shelled out will not secure your success or guarantee you’d have it. There are many unseen factors that will surely determine this.

The Ugly Truths About Skinny Body Care Revealed! 

Regardless if the nature of your business is dependent on its online presence or not, truth is that organization is not perfect and is therefore prone to some flaws. The same thing is also true to Skinny Care Body. This networking firm has got its own share of downsides too.

These are two of the most commonly complained about aspect for this multilevel marketing company.

You Don’t See the Results Outright

It is pretty understandable that people who are trying the Skinny Care Body products are very much excited about the possible outcome. They are in high anticipation of positive things to come after using their purchased item.

The same is also true on the business side. The natural tendency of people joining networking companies is to become oblivious of the fact that when you have a business venture, there are certain cases that you need to give an ample amount of time grow and eventually earn from it. Successful business ventures don’t happen overnight.

There is NO GUARANTEE to Your Earnings

Personally, I would take this as a euphemism. A sweet way of saying that you can work like a dog all day, but never expect anything in return. This is what I refer to as a work of charity, doing things for free.

What I Like About Skinny Body Care?

Whenever I review a networking program, one of the first things I intuitively try to look for first are the positive, brighter side of the business. Often, this is the challenging part of any review process.

I tend not to focus so much on gray areas of the business as by experience I figured out that that most MLM companies come with an average of 3 or more trouble areas.  So I am certain that there would be problem spots and I would not have hard time identifying them to point them out in the review.

But with Skinny Care Body, the one thing I can say is positive about this company is that they have been in the business for a while. They started out in 2011, and is still up until today. This signifies that the brains behind this networking company knows what it is doing ever since the day the company was launched.

Is Skinny Body Care a Scam? 

No, I would not qualify Skinny Care Body as a scam nor as a pyramid scheme company. But with regard to all the points I highlighted in this review, instinct tells me not to encourage anyone to really decide to join this networking firm.

A networking business is definitely not for everyone.

This is so true especially for those people who does not have any relevant background experience in sales.  To make things worse, your expected income in this line of business is very low.

I always believe that there is always  something better, and this brings me to the most exciting part of my review, my recommendation.  

How I Make Money Online?

I used to work in several MLM companies before like Forever Living and Amway. And during those times I am working for these networking firms, my firsthand experience with them gave me a deeper understanding  how the MLM business model really works. 

Unfortunately, MLM programs are structured in such a way that they will promote the company’s interest over their members’.  So, for me it is not really surprising to see that most of the people who joined networking programs are not finding the financial success they are hoping to have. 

If your main goal is to find a stable source of online passive income, then why join a networking company where you have a very slim chance for success. There is a better, far more effective way to reach your financial freedom -- become a marketing affiliate.

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Wealthy Affiliate Logo

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Now, why Wealthy Affiliate?

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The Wealthy Affiliate program is catered to both newbie in the affiliate marketing industry and to those who are experienced in this field. They also find this offer valuable in their conduct of their business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a far better option  than multilevel marketing opportunities because:

  • You will not recruit or refer people to the business
  • You can start right away for free
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Do you have any prior experience with Skinny Body Care products or with the business opportunity itself? In general, do you honestly think that businesses employing MLM business model is really worth your while? Why, or why not? Can you share to us what you feel about this matter?  Pleas head to the comments section below for your feedback. 

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