Social Traffic Magnet Review: Is It A Scam? or Genuine Product?

What is Social Traffic Magnet About? Is Social Traffic Magnet really works? Let’s find out here and learn how to take advantage of social media in promoting your business with this program.

Entrepreneurs today know just how important social media is when it comes to marketing their products and services. The use of these outlets is even more important if your business is based online and your primary market are internet users. If markets and business districts are the best spots offline, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and even LinkedIn are its best equivalents in the digital world.

The great thing about marketing your wares through social media is that you can do it for free. However, it requires a good amount of work. Signing up on these sites is the easiest part of this marketing method. Creating content that can be viral requires a lot of thought, but if you have the knack for such, it shouldn’t be a problem. You can even discover some techniques for creating something that will be a hit among users, so you don’t have to worry about that too much.

What you have to worry about is in engaging with the social media users. With Facebook and Instagram now limiting the reach of business accounts so they can monetize the commercial use of their platforms, you will need a better way to reach more people. Creativity is key here, especially with the number of roadblocks that you’ll face.

If you’re a newbie, you might even find it more challenging to navigate social media to promote your wares so it will help if you have a handy tool like the Social Traffic Magnet that can help you learn the ropes and launch a solid social media campaign for your business.

Social Traffic Magnet Quick Review

What Is Social Traffic Magnet?

Name: Social Traffic Magnet
Products: Generating Traffic From Social Media
Founders: Simon Warner, Jon Bowtell and Paul Dunstan
Fees: $ 9.95 or $27
Upsells: Yes, as well as Downsells
Overall Rank: 8 out of 10
Status: Legit and recommended

What is Social Traffic Magnet?

Social Traffic Magnet is a program that you can take to learn more about how you can take advantage of social media to market your business. It promises free viral traffic from different social media websites, getting your product exposed to a wider audience.

This program works through modules. Basically, it will teach and train you how you can make the most out of social media so you can generate traffic from it to your websites that you can, later on, convert to sales with the right marketing strategies. Aside from this, it also provides ways to create backlinks on different sites pointing to your products so your page ranking can also benefit from the process. This will make it easier for you to be found through search engines like Google and Bing, which further boosts the chances of you making a sale.

What sets it apart from other traffic generating programs in the market is the fact that it doesn’t use seedy techniques to drive traffic to your website. This means that the methods this program will teach you completely adhere to the community guidelines and rules of the different social media websites that you want to use.

This is a very important detail for a lot of people as violating the rules of most social media websites can get you banned easily. This can make you lose all of your hard work in a flash and give you a bad reputation. You wouldn’t want all of your hard work to go down the drain, so it’s best to play nice and stick to the rules.

How Social Traffic Magnet Works

Social Traffic Magnet works by providing you six modules and the chance to get more products after completing the program. The six modules offer the following:

Module 1: Welcome to Social Traffic Magnet

This is the introduction to the program. It will give you some insight of what the program is about and what you can expect from it. It can also help you evaluate what your site needs and the ways that you can still improve it.

Module 2: Two Essential Plugins

This is where you’ll learn about the free tools that you can use to add more pizazz and functionality to your website.

Module 3: The System Preparation

This is where the serious part comes in as this is where you’ll learn how to generate massive traffic from social media.

Module 4: The “Viral Element”

Available in video form, this module will teach you about the “magic” that can help make your content viral.

Module 5: Next Level Traffic

A secret technique that will amplify the program’s effects will be shared in this module.

Module 6: In Conclusion

This summarizes and wraps up all the things you’ve learned in the program.


There are two extras for every purchase of the Social Traffic Magnet. The first one is a set of three additional modules with more information on how your social media efforts can be improved and an exclusive access to “The Tribe” Facebook group where you can get in touch with other like-minded individuals and learn more about marketing your business online.


There are also two more upsells that you can opt for after you’ve completed the Social Traffic Magnet program. The first one, known as the Automated Income Creator will teach you about the nitty gritty of list building and how you can make the most out of it. The second one is called the $250K Formula which will teach you how you can build an information marketing business from scratch.

Is Social Traffic Magnet Worth It?

As the program sells for a base price of $27 dollars, you really should ask whether this program is worth one’s salt. A good entrepreneur wouldn’t spend money mindlessly, especially if they can find other ways to source their needs. So, is the Social Traffic Magnet worth it?

The answer here would be YES. This program offers valuable information that not a lot of people can learn in one sitting. While you can learn everything this product sells for free, you can’t do so in a short span of time. It will take you months or even years of research and practice to learn about what these modules have to offer. This makes Social Traffic Magnet a good investment, especially to those who are just starting out.

So if you want to take advantage of how social media can help your business out, this program is for you. It helps that it has a very friendly price tag, really, as it makes the program more attractive to budget-conscious budding entrepreneurs.

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  • It's Legitimate Products That Worth to Invest in
  • Good Principals On How to Successful Internet Business
  • Contains Excellent Theory
  • Highly Effective Training Materials


  • Upsells and Downsells Available
  • Over promising Strong Sales Claims
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