Success means setting small goals and achieving them everyday

Sarah is from French and born in Bordeaux. The world capital of red wine. I wish I could be there 1 days. Sarah own several degrees from a master’s degrees in languages (English and Mandarin) and communicationst to a 3 years post graduate degree in human resources management.

On top of education degrees she also took a course to becoming a life coach took a training to become a hypnotherapist.

Sarah started as coach & teacher and become an It works! Global independent distributor which brought her wide knowledge in investing. Before She join affiliate marketing industry and she work in regular job under a boss.

She very happy with her current online business which enjoying her lifestyle and achieving goals as well as helping others to achieving their goal. She is building others business through online and never looked back to 9-5 job anymore.


#1 What success means to you? How success help you in your life?

Success means setting small goals and achieving them everyday. Success means living by your oWA-Sarah success profile picturewn rules and being true to yourself. Success means being happy with what you do and getting to do good in this world.

Success is always a work in progress. I have achieved all kinds of successes over the years and it has helped me become more confident and find my own path. It has enabled me to meet amazing and inspiring people.

I have achieved all kinds of successes over the years and it has helped me become more confident and find my own path. It has enabled me to meet amazing and inspiring people.

#2 How/What is your daily routine? How much time you spending on building your business online with Wealthy Affiliate?

My daily routine is as follow : logging in to Wealthy Affiliate and as an ambassador within the community, helping others, welcoming them to the community, answering their questions, giving them tips and advice.

I then spend some time searching for high traffic and low competition keywords, using WA keyword research tool or Jaaxy and I start writing.

I do a lot of research online as well, to make sure my posts are as informative and useful as possible. I am always trying new products, learning new things as I want my audience to trust me.

I try to improve all my old posts… share my work on social media… talk to people, get inspiration from others, without ever copying… This is my daily routine! =)

#3 How long does it take for you to become success building your business online? Could you explain how long does it take for your first sales? Were you excited?

Hmm, that’s a tricky question. Success doesn’t happen overnight, of that I’m sure. It takes time and efforts.

If you get into this thinking it’ll be quick and easy you might get disappointed and give up before it even started to get interesting.

Some people will earn money quickly (within their first month), some will take longer (1-3 years). It really depends on many factors :

  • How much time you can spend working on your business
  • What your niche (market segment) is
  • What your knowledge is
  • The people that surround you
  • Your state of mind (are you positive or are you negative?)

I think I made my first $$ (through google Adsense) under 30 days. I made my first sale pretty quickly as well (within my first 60 days).

Sales will increase as your website gains trust and gets more traffic.

I WAS very excited yes lol… I am always very excited when I make a new referral or sale or get positive feedback on a post.

I think the sale that got me most excited was my first sale on Amazon lol… I never really liked amazon and it took me a long time to figure out how to promote products from amazon on my website.

I would procrastinate all the time and get kicked off the program a couple of times for not selling anything. And then I decided I wasn’t that dumb and was going to really give it a try. And it paid off !

And it paid off !

#4 For your opinion is there any others affiliate program better than Wealthy Affiliate? Why?

Honestly, I am always reviewing new programs out there and I haven’t, to this day, found any program that’s better than Wealthy Affiliate.

WA has everything you need all in one place : a free membership, a community of like-minded people and entrepreneur, support, cutting edge tools, updated training, WordPress, web hosting, weekly webinars, live chat, email, affiliate program… You can directly contact the owners… it’s simply amazing!!

#5 How did you overcome your Fears and Failure? What did you do?

Hmmmmmm the moment I decided to go premium on WA I knew this was it! I simply thought “only the ones who give up will fail” and I realized that “what the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve” (Walt Disney).

I am not scared failing anymore.

I accepted that my goals would take the time to achieve and that was ok.

Being part of a community such as WA has helped me a lot as well, for there is always someone out there ready to help you when you’re stuck or lost or even a bit discouraged.

It is essential to surround yourself with positive and helpful people. You can’t succeed alone, you need help, feedback, and advice. You need to see things from another perspective.

#6 What motivates you so much to become an online entrepreneur?

I never liked working for someone else. I’ve had all types of jobs (teacher, coach, manager…) but the 9-5 routine would make me feel trapped and depressed, sooner or later.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart although it took me years to accept that I wasn’t going to do things the “easy way”.

What motivates me is simply being able to do the things I love, being free and independent, being creative… things like that!

#7 Have you reached your Dream / Goal so far?

  • I have achieved many many goals so far…
  • I have created several websites that I’m very fond and proud of.
  • I got many of my posts ranked very well on google
  • I have learned about keyword research, SEO, plugins, widget, PPC, social media, authoring… and much much more
  • I have earned money online, proving myself it was possible to build an online business without getting scammed or ripping people off ^^
  • I have met tons of awesome people and learned from them.
  • I haven’t reached all my goals yet (such as building my dream wooden house or having horses) but I’m on it! It’s only a matter of time until I achieve it, I just know it. =)

#8 Did you work/spend FULL TIME for your online career? Does it give you freedom to achieve your mission in life?

I am working full time for my online career… I wake up thinking about my business and very often go to bed thinking about it as well… You have to be kind of obsessed to achieve success lol.

I always have new ideas, my brain won’t rest much lol.

You know, working from home is a luxury… I can work the hours I want, work with whoever I want… I decide what do to, how I do it and so on.

So yes I still have time for others things, spiritual things or spending time with my family or working out.
I wouldn’t trade my life for all the money in the world, believe me! 🙂

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