Survey Absolute Scam Review: Is it Really a Scam?

Survey Absolute Scam Review: Is it Really a Scam?

Have you ever been promised to earn lots of money by simply answering surveys? Now, that sounds rather promising—more like a piece of heaven on earth, especially for people working boring nine-to-five jobs. Yet, is it really possible? In this Survey Absolute scam review, that is exactly what we are going to find out.

Whoa there! Before you click out because of the word “scam”, hear us out first. You see, scam may mean two things in this regard—either Survey Absolute is a total scam, or they do deliver payouts but not in the way you wanted. Either way, based on the two reasons, it is still not all good, right? Still, we encourage you to hold on a second and stick for a while in order to know the full story.

What Is Survey Absolute and How Does it Work?

Survey Absolute is just like any other website that offers surveys in exchange for a few bucks. It has connections with several corporate stakeholders that utilize surveys in order to improve their products and services. In some cases, they also offer surveys about upcoming campaigns.

As such, Survey Absolute acts as the middleman between you (the consumer) and the company (producer) that wants you to answer surveys that can help them better their business.

How to Join Survey Absolute

If you wish to join Survey Absolute, you need to sign up for an account. Do take note that joining the site is not free and that you have to pay $49.97 to become a member. Only then can you get access to the survey database. It is not defined how much you will earn with each survey. It might be based on the length or the content, but the payment is not uniform across all surveys.

What happens after answering a bunch of surveys? You get to unlock four tiers. These are the following:

  • Survey Challenge
  • Special Offer
  • Bonus Package
  • Free Software

Survey Challenge

They have a challenge that resets every 24 hours. This is like their “featured survey”, which you can take, and $10 will be credited to your account.

Special Offer

They will teach you how to get $200 on the first day of joining the site. This does not really make any sense. After all, how is it an “offer” when they are just going to teach you something? Clearly, it is still up to you whether or not you get that $200.

Bonus Package

This division is also accompanied by sub-divisions. But, here, you can get paid for shopping, reading emails, driving your car, and passing out free samples. The payments for these activities also vary.

Fress Survey Taking Software

They will give you access to a software that can help you finish a survey faster. The reason behind this software is that you will have more time to complete numerous surveys, and in the process, earn more.

What About a Refund Policy?

When it comes to refund, they do have one. However, you have to complete a set number of surveys before you can get your money back. You have to at least register under 20 to 30 companies that need your answers in their surveys. Therefore, if you want to get your membership fee back, you still have to slave away in answering almost 100 surveys from different companies.

Who Is Survey Absolute for?

This site is best for people who want to make survey-taking their job. This is the case because this site will really take a lot of your time and you will only get to cash out enough money after taking a lot of surveys. In this site, answering five surveys is not enough. We are talking about devoting at least eight hours per day to this site, if not more.

Additionally, it is for people who love the variety in terms of the surveys that they will take. You should be somehow interested in technology, politics, beauty, animals, services, and so much more. If you get easily irked by some general topics, you might find yourself being annoyed with answering some of the surveys.

Survey Absolute Scam Review: The Good and the Bad

The Good

  • You get your money

It is not a site that will run with your money. You get to earn back the membership fee eventually.

  • Can be your main job

It is not easy to answer at least 20 surveys before arriving at a day’s worth of wage. But still, it is easy to make money this way.

  • Opportunities to make more money

When you get to unlock tiers, you get money bonuses.

The Bad

  • The refund policy is a sham

It is not easy to get out of the program. Going through their process is almost equal to punishment. There is also a $10 non-refundable processing fee, which is actually code for hidden charges.

  • Not as easy as it looks

They market their services in such a way that you think that you only need to complete a survey when in reality you have to answer a lot before you can even earn $10.

  • No support

If ever you get lost, they do provide an email but expect to get a reply a year from the time you sent your query.


And, that concludes our Survey Absolute Scam Review! So, is it really a scam? Just like what we mentioned before, there are two meanings to the term scam.

In this case, we will go for the second meaning, which is that what you will be getting is different from what was advertised. While the website promises to help you earn loads of money easily, what really happens is that you would need to exert lots of effort and time in order to get back what you paid for the membership fee.

In short, yes, you will still get money out of this site, but it is not as easy as it sounds. Aside from that, there is no room for “changing your mind” with this site too. Hence, treat your membership fee as gone if you intend to join, only to terminate your membership after.

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  • Michael says:

    You say it cost close to $50 dollars to join? Is this just a one time fee or a recurring monthly payment?

    Also what’s the main reason for having to pay to take surveys? This is the first time I’ve heard of this.

    Either way though I don’t like surveys as they are very boring and the pay is very low — so I can only imagine how long it might take to get your 50 dollars back if you join here.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Michael, the $50 dollars is one time member fee in order to become a a member to access the survey database. You will have your money back but of course this will definitely spend out some of your time to complete those surveys required. 

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