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How to Make Money Online and from What?

You may have heard from others that the Internet is one of the best platforms to earn money. A lot of people have discovered multiple ways to boost their income with the help of the World Wide Web and you might be interested in giving it a try yourself. Besides, all you need are some free time, a computer, and an Internet connection—all of which are easily found in any modern home. But the question you probably have in your mind right now is—how to make money online and from what?


How to Make Money Online and from What?

The great thing about making money online is that anyone can do it. With so many ways to really earn on the Internet, everyone who is willing to work hard for it certainly has the chance to make it happen.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can trust each and every offer you see online. While there are lots of perfectly simple ways to make money through the Web, some of them are scams. You also have to be very careful in choosing which method to use, as not everything will give you the results you want. If the promise sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Just remember one thing: It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires dedication and hard work.

Just like in real life, if you want to earn money, you also have to work for it. There are really simple ways to make money online, so if you don’t feel like stressing yourself out with additional work, then look for gigs that don’t require too much brain function from you. However, if you want to make a living online, you might have to persevere harder for good pay.

Getting started

To help you get started in making money online, here are my suggestions:

#1 Sell your skills

The Internet is filled with companies, organizations, and people that are looking for freelancers who can provide them with the services they require. So if you have certain skills, you can tap into it to make money online.

So what skills will let you enjoy a freelance career? Here are a few:

  • Writing
  • Web design and development
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Social media and community management
  • 3D modeling and CAD
  • Sales, marketing, and public relations
  • Teaching and tutoring
  • Bookkeeping and accounting

You may have noticed that most of the items on the list are creative jobs, as you can easily do various creative tasks without supervision and while telecommuting. Others need some training or previous experience to qualify. If you can do one or more in this list, then you’re well on your way to finding a great paying online gig.

#2 Sell a wide range of products

Selling stuff online is another sure fire way to cash in on the Web. Even if you’re not tech savvy, as long as you know how to take product photos, upload them to the Internet, and you’re able to talk to customers online, you’re all set. With so many things that you can sell online and so many ways to sell through the Web, you definitely won’t run out of options to run a business through selling.

If you don’t know where to start, one of the first things that you should know is that you can practically start selling everywhere. There are lots of platforms that you can use to sell your products, but there are a few sites that are solely dedicated to specific products.

For example, if you’re planning to sell your used clothes and shoes, you can easily do that by posting on your social networking pages, Craigslist, or eBay. If you are good with arts and crafts, then Pinterest is a good place to start. You can also sign up with e-commerce websites that serve as marketplaces for selling similar products like Etsy and Not on the High Street. While there will surely be competition and fees for practically “consigning” your items with these sites, they can help you get noticed by a large audience, which can be hard to achieve on your own as a newbie.

The most important part in selling online is to know who your market is and to actually find ways to get in touch with them. As the Internet is very vast and wide, you need to exert a good amount of effort in marketing your wares. Luckily, doing that can be done for free so you shouldn’t worry too much about investing money in your venture.

#3 Monetize your Web activities

If you’re looking for an easy way to make money online, you can also trade your Web activities for a fee. This method is actually very simple and will not require you to do a lot of things aside from allowing them to monitor your online activities.

So, how does it work? One way is to sign up for a service that will pay you for your online searches. All you need to do is to sign up with the program and use a specific search engine, and use it every time you need to look something up. Very simple, right?

#4 Start a blog

Ever wondered why there are so many aspiring bloggers nowadays? Almost everyone and their cousins are already creating their own blogs and peppering the Web with a lot of original content. This is mainly because blogging is an excellent way to make money online. It’s considered as one of the best and most enjoyable techniques to earn from the Web as you get to do what you enjoy, share it with like-minded people, and make money from it in the end.

But how exactly can you monetize your blog? For one, you can offer ad spaces. With a good following, brands will want to plaster their ads on your blog and pay you for it. They might also want you to do a product review or an endorsement and you’ll be paid for it as well.

Another great way to make money from your blog is by joining affiliate marketing. Basically, you will choose from the affiliate network a list of products that you want to promote on your blog or website, and then you get paid a commission for every item sold. If this looks like your cup of tea, I wholly recommend you Read this today. I’ve used their platform for years now and they’re really reliable. Plus, you will also be guided step by step in building your online empire.

If you’re serious about making money online and you don’t know exactly from what, Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to start.

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How To Make Genuine Money from the Internet?

I’ve been doing Internet marketing for years and I have to say, it’s a wonderful way to earn a living. I get to do the things I love to do, traveling few countries within a year and still have enough money in the bank. But if you’re new to this, you might be wondering how to make genuine money from the Internet.

To be honest, there are so many ways and means from which you can choose, but not all of them work. Some are outright scams. Some are just wasting your hard earned money and some are just wasting your time. As we always know time is more valuable than money. right?

But, I’ve been in your shoes before and I know how confusing and difficult it can be for newbies when they’re still getting started. So let me help you navigate the World Wide Web and guide you to the best opportunities to make money online.how-to-make-genuine-money-from-the-internet

Top choices for making money online

Here are the best options that I have personally tried myself:

#1 Freelancing

Freelancing is probably the most popular way to really make money online nowadays. It is primarily done by creative minds especially since they can do their work anywhere. If you can write, code, or make digital art, you can find freelance work. Finding clients may be a bit of a challenge, but there are websites that can help you do just that.

The only danger from freelancing is that if you are not careful, some people will rip you off. This is why, if you want to work directly with clients, you should take measures to protect yourself and your hard work. Choose your clients carefully and draft a contract.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend that you learn the ropes first with the help of sites that help match clients with freelancers. This way, you can get the hang of freelancing before you dive into making business transactions on your own.

#2 Selling

Another great way to really make money online is to sell items. There are so many products that you can sell ranging from pre-owned stuff, food to handmade products. The quality, demand, and how you brand each item will affect its pricing, so make sure to learn more about your market first before you dive into having your own online business.

Read this on how to build your website successfully. Its has been proven and easy to follow.

You should also make sure to learn the basics of using postal services to ship out your goods. This is very important as shipping also costs money and will definitely consume some time. Get to know the local postage situation in your area so you won’t have to worry about sending a package on your first transaction.

#3 Telecommuting

Telecommuting is a lot like freelancing except you’ll still be technically employed. For you to make money with this method, you have to look for a company that needs your services and are willing to let you work at home. There are so many jobs that you don’t have to go to the office for, including the following:

  • Social media manager
  • Virtual assistant
  • Customer service rep
  • Tutor
  • Transcribing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Translating
  • Research

As long as you have a stable Internet connection, a computer, a few specific accessories, and maybe some experience, you’re good to go.

I actually prefer this method for beginners as it promises a steady flow of income as you’ll be employed and not working on just projects. However, a lot of them require you to work on a specific schedule, so it might not be ideal for those who want to be flexible with their time.

#4 Do small tasks for other people

This method is also a lot like telecommuting, but you don’t really need a specific set of skills to qualify. As long as you have a basic knowledge of the Internet and you can follow instructions, you can earn money. Some examples of the tasks you can do are the following:

  • Data entry
  • Answer surveys
  • Click on links
  • Visit certain websites
  • Post comments

These are very easy ways to make genuine money from the Internet, but they also pay low rates. If you have a lot of free time and like doing some very menial tasks, though, this method can be perfect for you.

#5 Become a tester

While testing stuff isn’t always an online job, you’ll still need the Internet to find open positions for gigs of this sort, so I’m including it on the list. Basically, this method of earning money through the web requires you to provide quality feedback for whatever you’re asked to test. You might be asked to test websites, games, apps, or other products and you need to be very thorough in testing them.

For this method, you earn by providing much-needed user feedback to manufacturers and creators. You’re basically performing some quality control for their outputs, so they’re willing to pay for your opinion. However, this gig isn’t exactly a permanent one as you’ll need to qualify for each product that you’ll be testing first.

I would say this is the method that required your time the most. And your hard work doesn’t pay it forward. Simply said it works but very time-consuming.

#6 Blogging

Another way to make decent money from the Web is by blogging. This is probably one of the best ways to earn online as it lets you do what you want to do and make money from it.

You can monetize your blog by offering ad spaces, doing reviews, or collaborating with brands. You can also try affiliate marketing and promote select products relevant to your niche, and in turn, you will profit from each sale.

I’ve used several affiliate marketing platforms in the past. Some were really good, while others didn’t help me make money at all.

If you want a platform that is really effective and has been proven to work, check out here. I joined this network years ago and I’m still making a lot of money from them.


These are just a few ways you can try if you’re interested in how to make genuine money from the Internet. If you want to find success online, I truly recommend you pick an option above that you think best matches your skills and interests. Find out here my #1 recommendation on how others people succeed and created their successful online business through this platform.

Feel free to leave a message below as I would like to hear your thought.

Thank you your time for reading this.