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CBS Formula Program Review – Is It a Scam?

What Is CBS Formula About? Is CBS Formula a Scam? The affiliate marketing business has been getting a lot of attention these days, and that is for a good reason. Because of its promise of huge profits and multiple-figured monthly income, many risk-takers have jumped into it, some not even understanding how the business works.

Well, thanks to marketing tutorial programs like the brand new CBS Formula, we can now learn everything we need to know in order to successfully build an affiliate marketing business and make it grow to bring in enough profits.

CBS Formula is a program that offers to give you tutorials on how to go through the internet marketing business and come out with success in your hands. You do not have to sit through boring seminars and training in order to be an expert in this field. You only have to spend a few hours reading the 33-page eBook that will be presented to you by CBS Formula, and you are ready to earn the largest sum of money you will ever earn just sitting comfortable at home.

Sounds fishy? Let’s find out together whether CBS Formula is a legitimate program or just a scam.

CBS Formula Review At A Glance

Name: CBS Formula
Products: Internet Marketing
Website: cbsformula.com
Founders: Precious Ngwu
Fee: $69
Upsells: Yes – $99, $127, $147, $297
Overall Rank: 6 out of 10
Status: Legitimate
Verdict: Worth to try

What is CBS Formula and How Does It Work?

CBS Formula is a program started by Precious Ngwu, a famous internet marketer who has created a lot of remarkable digital marketing products over the years. Now, he will help you build a successful online business that will bring in four figures of income daily!

CBS Formula, which is the main product of the program, costs only $69. It may not be cheap, but is definitely a lot more affordable than most affiliate marketing products online right now. With just $69, you will receive the secrets to a successful online business that generates sums of money daily and weekly.

If you want, you can also upgrade to CBS Kickstart ($127), CBS Lead Machine ($147), CBS Millionaire ($99), or Agency Pack ($297). Of course, CBS Formula will not force you to avail of any of these upsells. You can upgrade to these only if you want a better method and better tutorials.

With the eBook that comes with the basic CBS Formula program, you will get 33 pages of techniques on how to make it big in the internet marketing industry. You just have to create your own website, choose a niche that is familiar to you and you want to work in and promote other company’s products.

This becomes your primary source of income, along with your advertisement links that will lead to profits. These together will generate a passive income while you sit at home just watching TV and spending time with your loved ones. It doesn’t get better than that, no?

Who is CBS Formula for?

CBS Formula doesn’t have a specific target because the program doesn’t discriminate. Anyone who is interested in trying a different approach in business is welcome to avail of this product. If you are getting tired of working the whole day without getting much fulfillment, CBS Formula is also for you.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, there is a place for you in CBS Formula. Even those who barely have anything in their bank account can take the risk and invest in its most basic program which only costs $69! This is definitely a worthy investment, seeing that it is sure to bring you income. Nevertheless, if you don’t think that it’s worth it, you can always take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee.

CBS Formula Tools & Training

CBS Formula comes with a 33-page eBook which details the techniques of very successful businessmen, and what you should do to achieve your goals in the world of internet marketing. You will learn the step-by-step process of building your online business and how to make it grow against the many niche websites on the internet.

In other packages like CBS Kickstart and CBS Millionaire, you will also get training videos and other resources along with the eBooks, with live coaching and support if you are a beginner and there is something you do not understand.

CBS Formula Support

You can go to cbsformula.com if you want to avail of the product. It also offers an extensive amount of information, so if you need any more than you get from the eBook. However, the website doesn’t seem to contain any sort of contact information that may help you reach out to anyone that can offer customer support if there is something that you do not understand in the program.

This is definitely a letdown and is something that CBS Formula should improve on, especially if they have any plans of expanding. Great customer support can do wonders in the overall experience of a customer when it comes to any kind of business.

The Good & The Bad


The Good:

(+) A lot more affordable than most affiliate marketing tutorial programs

(+) The website offers a lot of useful information

(+) The program offers a variation of products according to your budget

(+) It contains a 33-page eBook that contains tutorials and techniques on how to build your own online business

(+) You can earn a lot of money even while staying at homeIt offers a 30-day

(+) It offers a 30-day money back guarantee

(+) It is proven to be a good investment

The Bad:

(-) It doesn’t offer customer service

(-) $69 can still be a lot of money for someone who is broke

(-) Multiple Upsells


Overall I would say CBS is worth to try out as the 33 pages information is quite informative. Of course, don’t expect that is sufficient for your online journey but definitely is a legitimate program.

The only downside I dun like about their program is the upsells. With those upsells, I think I could able to get something better and valuable.

Perhaps you want to know the exact formula I followed to build my online business empire. I build my online income using this method and never looked back since then. Using the strategies allowed me to focus purely their formula without spending money and time looking for outsourcing others again.

Do you have any thought and story? Feel free to leave your comment below. We would like to hear from you.

Ways on How to Spot an Online Scam?

The Internet has changed the way we live. It has made access to information quick and convenient.  It has also enabled us to keep in touch with our loved ones, especially those who are hundreds of miles away from us. It has also given countless people an opportunity to earn online and even build a business.

But along with these benefits come the dark side of the Internet. There are the so-called Internet trolls or people who upset other people online. Then there are the scammers or those who trick other people into giving up their money in exchange for nothing.


How Can I make Money without Being Scammed?

Online scams can be described as any dishonest schemes meant to trick unsuspecting people to gain a benefit such as money or access to personal details. Some of the more common types of online scams include jobs and investment scams,  prize scams, money scams, and even romance scams.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, internet scammers earned a cumulative $13 billion in 2014.  It’s quite disturbing that with the Internet more than two decades old, a lot of people still fall for online scams.

You don’t want to be the next victim of an online scam, whether it’s one that promises you a specific amount of money or bringing you a hot date. Here are some of the best ways on how to spot an online scam:

#1 You’re asked to pay before you are provided with any real information

The most common denominator among online scams is money. Whether you’re dealing with an online scammer promising you wealth or a new love, money will always be involved.

Let’s say that a website promises that you can get rich without leaving the confines of your home. Or that it tells you can meet the love of your love online. Sure, the promises are very enticing but if the site asks you for an upfront payment before you get any real information, then it is surely a scam.

This is one of the more common tactics of online scammers. They trick people into believing that they have the secrets of making money online, building a successful business, or finding a hot date online. But the catch is, they won’t tell you the details unless you pay up, or even share your personal details.

#2 You’re being promised of something too good to be true

like becoming a millionaire in a short period of time. Online scammers are found of using testimonials from other people who supposedly got rich with their help. And it not only has to be about money. Some online scams promise weight loss/good health while others; the perfect girlfriend/boyfriend.

If the offer or promise is too good to be true, then chances are very high that it is legit. For example, if a website says you can be a millionaire in less than a year, then you should realize that it’s a scam. After all, you do know that in the real world, it would take years and years to become a millionaire. It’s not an overnight thing.

#3 Popup ads appear when you visit the website

Another sure-fire way of telling that the website you are visiting is an online scammer is when there are popup ads appearing on your computer or tablet. These popup ads may ask you to download a software or video driver. Don’t commit the mistake of downloading this software as these are likely to infect your computer with virus or malware that can be used to get your personal details like credit card numbers and the like.

#4 There’s pressure for you to act on something you’re hesitant to do

Online scammers have devised many ways to pressure unsuspecting individuals to do something they otherwise won’t do, like paying a ‘fine’ because you have committed a crime like downloading movies or pirate software. Others would encourage you to buy their offer because their promo is offered for a limited time only. And as in the case of a previous example, you are required to download  certain software to ‘fix’ something that is wrong with your computer.

#5 Online scammers try to impress you with jargon

This rule is simple—if you can’t understand exactly how a scheme or offer works, then it is not worth buying or availing of. Most online scammers would try to impress unsuspecting individuals by using jargons. If any product or scheme can’t be explained in simple words, then it is not worth your time, attention, and most of all, your money.

#6 Don’t fall for free trial offers

It is easy to get fooled by online scammers that offer you a free trial of their products or services. It would be better if you research the company offering the product or services. Read reviews online. In the event that you would like to try their product or services, read the cancellation policy thoroughly before signing up.

By keeping these six tips in mind, you’ll be able to stay away from online scammers. You’ll spare yourself from a lot of heartaches and troubles when you do so.


Indeed, the lure of getting rich is arguably the biggest reason why many people fall for online scams. But you don’t have to fall for online scams if you really want to build up wealth and improve the quality of your life and your family.

You can join a reputable online business academy such as Wealthy Affiliate if you want to achieve your financial goals. WA is an online community membership site that has been helping  online entrepreneurs. For more than a decade now, WA has helped more than 800,000 people around the world in growing their respective online businesses.

In this program, you can build a website, attract visitors, and then generate profits by promoting affiliate products and services.

Suffice to say, Wealthy Affiliate is not an online scam. If you are reading this! It is 100% legit. I can GUARANTEED you that is true. I personally using this and never looked back anymore. You can trust that this online community can help you achieve your financial goals and enable you to provide a more comfortable life for your family. Join me in this network.

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It’s your turn now. 

Have you encounter being scammed before? Please share with us your story below.

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