The CashCrate Review: Is It Really Legit Or Scam?

The prospect of earning some extra money on the side during the idlest time of your day is a very enticing idea, right? But things can get even more exciting if just by answering a few simple survey questions, you know that some cash would be on your way sometime soon.

This idea gave birth to GPT or get-paid-to sites, which now have sprouted here and there in the online world. One of the well-known paid survey sites is CashCrate. Many people who are jumping on GPT websites are often piqued by the prospect of earning some money from surveys. To cut things short, they just wanted to check things out.

So, now our million dollar question here is

“CashCrate, is it scam or legit?”.

 Join me in this review as we delve deeper into this alleged online money making opportunity. Many people are raving about online income, so we’re going to figure out if this CashCrate is indeed worth your while. But I am sure there is a far even better opportunity. 

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CashCrate Summary Review


Founder:  n/a

Price:  Free, no membership fee to join.

Best For:    People who are amenable to spending a couple of hours answering survey questions and eventually get rewarded for their efforts. 

The CashCrate Review

Summary:  We qualify CashCrate as another GPT (get-paid-to) website. They offer interested parties a number of ways to earn money from their platform. While they have earned an ill-reputation due to the various member complaints and bad reviews about them, they are among the few who offer their members a decent rewards program. However, by carefully evaluating how their system works and based upon the collective experience of their panel members, we conclude that this is not the best opportunity to make money online.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: Definitely not. 


What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a GPT (get-paid-to) website. They get you into their pool of online panel members and have you participate in their online surveys which entitles you to a measly monetary reward. 

These online survey projects are crucial to their clients’ success because your responses to their survey questions will help them in coming up with better marketing ideas, ways to improve their products or service, find a resolution or way to solve a persisting, and many more. At times, panel member responses can help their clients identify new market opportunities to explore.

Usually, we find these survey questions as something frivolous or pointless. But to CashCrate and many other similar platforms, your honest to goodness answer means money and business to them.

CashCrate operation started in 2006. At the latest count, they have over 2 million members. Despite the fact that they are indeed a pioneer in the industry, you will hardly come across any information ​on the Web about them. 

Perhaps, the only accessible information you can have about CashCrate would be those  they have up on their dedicated and official website. Other than that, there is nothing else.

Please know that CashCrate, LLC did not earn the accreditation of the Better Business Bureau, they were also given a C rating by this agency. This signifies that joining this GPT website is kind of risky in the sense that the company is not likely to extend help to you if you encountered a problem in their system/ 

In short, you are on your own.

No help from CashCrate’s end will come to you. Please know that the best and reputable GPT websites usually have A or an A+ rating from BBB. 

How to Earn in CashCrate?

Below are some of the ways you can earn from CashCrate:

Participate in Survey Tasks

CashCrate platform offer their panel members 2 two types of surveys to participate in. It could either be free or paid offers.

What is CashCrate abou

The fastest way to earn from CashCrate is by taking paid offers. However, there is a certain level of risk involved in here since you’d need to provide sensitive personal information here, particularly your credit card information or any similar financial detail you may have. 

Would you take such a risk? I won't!

Shopping with CashCrate

CashCrate has partnered itself with a variety of stores to shop from, this includes Macy’s and Walmart.

This means to say that each and every time that you buy any item from their website and you do it through the CashCrate platform, it will be to your advantage because you will get a cash back percentage.

Email Confirmation and Profile Survey

For doing this important one-time task, the system will credit your account with $1 right after you confirm your email. 

As for the Profile Survey, this is crucially important for both sides, CashCrate itself and you. It's because their system will need your information  and make use of those as the basis for the survey projects they will assign you with. 


The bulk of your income in CashCrate can come from here, much like how it is in other GPT sites. At stake for you with their referral system is a $20 from everything that your referral earns. You also earn 10% of what their referrals would earn.

Watching Videos

This is another way for you to earn money in CashCrate, watching videos! Pretty exciting? No, actually, that's what I thought at first also.  Unfortunately, this feature is only available for US panel members, meaning if you are offshore you will not have this option in your account.

But brace yourself because CashCrate can only pay you a measly amount of less than $1 for video watching tasks. 

How Much Can You Possibly Earn from CashCrate Platform?

You really are serious in getting into CashCrate to get yourself this far, right? Or is it just because you are too keen to find the right online money-making opportunity for you.

Well, you don’t need to be a Math wizard to know that GPT websites like CashCrate won’t let you earn a decent amount, right?

Perhaps the only way you can get a good chance of earning a decent amount of money from CashCrate and many other similar sites would be by building yourself a vast network of active referrals. 

Who’s the Ideal Person to Join CashCrate? 

Generally speaking, get-paid-to websites are not always for everyone.

Not all of us are patient enough to wait on the next survey opportunity, but there are qualifiers to mind about if you seriously want to join the CashCrate community. 

  • You don’t have any issues on spending a few to several hours of your day, earning only a few cents online.
  • You don’t have any trouble doing mundane survey tasks. 
  • It is perfectly okay for you to earn at least $20 or less every quarter, or depending on how long it would take your CashCrate account to reach the payout threshold.

Given those 3 points to ponder upon, do you think being a panel member for CashCrate is a fitting role for you? 

The Ugly Truths About CashCrate Revealed!

It Takes Eternity for Your CashCrate Account to Reach the $20 Threshold

Would there be anyone out there who in the right frame of mind would be willing to wait for more than a month just to earn a measly amount of $20? Do you agree with me in saying that this is the biggest drawback for CashCrate?

Perhaps the fastest way that you can earn $20 from this site is through their paid offers. But I would not want to take any risk here that will have me volunteer my credit card nor contact information to their platform. 

Very low-Income Potential

If you had prior experience with GPT sites like myself, you will agree with me when I say that these so-called money-making opportunities sell out fast when they launch. But in the end, you realize they turn up as a big disappointment because you can’t really let you earn a decent amount even after long periods of time.

I'd say that is actually intentional. These online money-making opportunities are actually designed in such a way that they will earn so much more than what they would spend in ​compensating you for your efforts as part of their network. 

Such an agonizing way to earn a few bucks online, right?

If you are a staunch believer that CashCrate is the best online money-making opportunity to have, let us do some Math here for you to see what I am at. 

CashCrate started having only $3.9 million dollar base money and that was way long ago, in 2006. In 12 years time, they paid their global network of members $325,000, average in a year.

The population of CashCrate panel members is 2 million people, from around the globe. This is regardless if that particular member is active or not, that is completely irrelevant. What we are after really here is how much each panel member is supposed to have received from the company.

So, we divide $325,000 by 2 million panel members, that gives us a measly amount of $0.16 per person. They have to content themselves with that amount, for whatever troubles that being a member of CashCrate might have caused them (which is primarily wasting away their time for nothing.).

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CashCrate System Screens You Out All the Time

What can be more disappointing than being screened out all the time, and thus lose your chance to earn a few dimes. Just like that, no explanation was given. Do you honestly feel that this kind of online money-making opportunity is worth your while?

It is completely understandable that certain survey tasks require a specific type of demographic responses. This increases the likelihood of anyone being screened out should they fall short of those profile requirements.

So that explains the reason why there are instances that panel members would be screened out, their profile is not relevant to the survey project.

But it is a completely different story when you know that you are fitting for the survey tasks, and the system would boot you out of it. Such a notorious and unforgivable way to disqualify someone!

And this happens to almost everyone I know are into CashCrate, too. 

What I Do Like About CashCrate?

They Pay Their Panel Members

Different the fact that GPT websites have their own unique issues that their panel members complain about. CashCrate is no different, but they're paying their members for their effort and participation in survey projects. 

Take note, not all GPT websites that you will come across will pay you. CashCrate is an exemption to that, and even if I had described them as being notorious in some aspects of the business, they have this one good trait in them. 

At least, they are redeeming themselves through that. 

Is CashCrate a Scam? 

No, they are not. So, what is CashCrate about?

CashCrate is just one of the sundry of online money making opportunities on the Web, but like many others it also failed to deliver the biggest expectation we have about them -- help us earn a good amount of passive income online. 

People are also keen to know if CashCrate is legit or scam. Is it another sham online money-making opportunity? Do we need to veer away from it?

For the record, CashCrate is definitely not a scam.

They are actually offering their panel members too many options for them to earn, except for taking offers. You can cherry-pick the one which you find okay to deal with and then do it. You take action on it, and then wait upon CashCrate system to forward the money rewards into your account.

Sometimes, CashCrate offers have a manifold of hoops also. To be safe, try to put in a junk email address and use that to sign up for service. Eventually, cancel out the service and see if your request to cancel will push through. It won’t. (So, then you need to contact your card company for them to reverse the charges.)

But in terms of being a scam, I won’t qualify CashCrate as one. Considering the fact that they have been in the business for quite some time now, 12 long years. Should they have been scamming people right from the start, they have been shut down by proper authorities long ago. 

How I Make Money Online?

The prospect of earning a measly amount of money from answering online surveys is definitely a turn-on for everyone. But let us accept the fact that this not to be considered as a profitable way to earn money online.

The vast majority of get-paid-to websites are riddled with issues, and unsuspecting members who signed up for an account in their platform are usually first-timers in such. Therefore, they really are not fully aware of what lies ahead, what awaits them.

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Why Wealthy Affiliate?

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Would you consider answering survey questions for some cash? Why or why not? With my own personal experience about these so-called get-paid-to sites, I don't see myself as having the right amount of patience to wait  and accumulate my points. My point is, I can't rely on paid surveys to help pay for bills. Therefore, I need a more stable source of passive income if I am going to make that as my goal. Are you still going to give them a try? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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