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What’s the purposes of Keyword Research Tool?

What is SEO? Did you know why SEO (search engine optimization) is so important in the world and helping to build your online business?

There is more than 3 billion of internet users and the trend is increasing from time to time. With such trends, we must admit people started switch their focus into an online business.

Think about it, how you pay your bill or buy your stuff nowadays compared 10-20 years ago? By sitting in front of your comfort home and typing in products keyword boom…bills getting paid as well as your desired products will deliver to you doorstep without you leaving your home.

This efficiency not only saving us MONEY but also our TIME. We have limited time in life and therefore we could focus our intention for doing something more meaningful. This definitely brings a lot of opportunities and demand to the online business too.

Have you ever know why this all happened? Thanks to Mr. Google.

In a nutshell. Keyword research tool is helping internet marketer like me to know niche competition and keyword ranking by the monthly searches. This data provides more information how popular that keyword and how other competitors are doing out there.

In order to outperform your business or service, you must use the right keyword with the right information to rank your contents/article in top page in Mr. Google.

The more your keyword click by the audience the more google algorithm will rank you on the front page. What happen if your page ranked on the top front page? You should have better answer with this….

Therefore, this is how important of selecting right keyword effectively.

There are many tools you can be it paid or Free in Mr google but the most recommended are only Jaaxy.

Jaaxy is the most incredible keyword research tool I ever use. I will explain below in terms of Value, efficiency and how does it work.


Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2016 – What is Jaaxy


Jaaxy is founded by 2 experienced internet marketer Kyle and Carson. The same founder of Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU). A platform that provides reliable ALL in one from hosting your website to educate you become the success in internet business. When I mean all meaning said is all without wasting your time to outsource. Amazing guys.Thumbs up. You should join Wealthy Affiliate community to experience yourself.

Okay….Back to Jaaxy from their track record of proven success. Jaaxy is A niche keyword research tool and SEO that’s helping know exactly how your keyword will rank if you targeting in your contents work. As well as know how your competitive your keyword ranked.

Jaaxy works well in the web-based and saving you hassle from downloading software. It allows you to conduct keyword research for you favorite list and export into text or CSV file which allow you to convert to a spreadsheet or Excel program.


How Jaaxy tool work? – A quick visual reference



I am using “Baseball game” for my keyword and Jaaxy will suggest others related keyword for a better recommendation. For example: in this case, I would shortlist “play baseball games” for this keyword. Only my preference.

Why? And how to use that information for your contents in order to rank? here is the details explanation:

Keyword – A phrase that users type into the search engine to find what they are looking for.

Avg (Average) – This shown the average searches for this keyword Per Month. Anything more than 50 is great.

Traffic – This shown the visits to your website Per Month if your site ranks First page in the search engine. As time pass by you will see this increase if your site ranked well and the more the better.

QSR (Quoted Search Engine) – The number of pages competing ranked in google for this exact keyword. This search engine includes Bing, Yahoo and Google and the most recommended are above 50 marks. Everything is done by Jaaxy algorithm and anything more than 300 marks is difficult to rank. In this case the lower the score, the better. Usually, I will aim for score 100 and score between 200-300 if I couldn’t find any related keyword.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – You will get the color clue : Green, Yellow, Red.

  • Green = Good, Easy rank
  • Yellow = Average, More competitive but ranking is possible
  • Red = Poor, Very competitive and difficult to rank

SEO – This represents the score on traffic and competition. The higher the rank the better. (Scale from 1- 100). Any score more than 80 marks is great.

Domains – Check the availability domain for the keyword in top TLD, Domain extensions (.com, .net, .org)  for your chosen keyword.

Related (on the sidebar) – Jaaxy makes the suggestion on related keywords and key phrases so you could dig deep into searching others idea within your keywords.

As long as criteria above are met the more chances your site will rank well and bring in more visitors. Enter your keywords below to try out. For free.

Who is Jaaxy for?

If you are one of those listed below profession and I strongly recommended you to use Jaaxy in order to achieve more success in your work.

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Site flippers
  • Domain flippers
  • SEO companies
  • Email marketer
  • Bloggers
  • Professional freelance writers
  • Niche pursuers
  • Those who need to “Spy” on their competitors

How much does Jaaxy cost

Free – $0

This plan provided 30 Free searches with totally no credit card required. Just click on image below to grab yours. This plan give your better understanding how Jaaxy work, you may want to try out your keyword in your mind instantly.




PRO Plan -$19 Includes:

This plan is for those are new to internet marketing and also suitable for experienced internet marketer which operate few websites. I screenshot the image after upgraded to Pro plan and this is how it look like.


  • Unlimited keyword searches per month
  • Keyword & Website Competition
  • Unlimited domain searches per month
  • SEO Analysis
  • Site Rank (Where you are ranked in Google)
  • SEO Power Score: On Demand
  • SEO Competition Tool
  • Keyword Quality Indicator: On Demand
  • In-depth website analyzer
  • Affiliate program finder
  • Keyword list management


ENTERPRISE Plan – $47 Includes:

This plan suitable for very experienced internet marketer and need compile data in little of time. They need the data fast and quick and most probably the operate tons of websites.

  • Unlimited keyword searches per month
  • INSTANT Keyword & Website Competition
  • INSTANT Domain Availability
  • Unlimited domain searches per month
  • SEO Analysis
  • Site Rank (Where you are ranked in Google): Speed: x10
  • INSTANT SEO Power Score
  • SEO Competition Tool
  • Keyword Quality Indicator: On Demand
  • In-depth website analyzer
  • Affiliate program finder
  • Keyword list management

Please find below Jaaxy overview comparison chart


Remember with the right tool right education your contents will definitely outrank competitors and rank well in google. As Mentioned there are lot of others keyword research tools out there and I tried most of it but none of it perform well like Jaaxy in terms of pricing and results.  Click here to access the free trial and experience yourself.

Thank you for your time reading this post and I hope you gain something from here.

Feel free to comment below as I would like to hear more from you.

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