Top 10 Privileges You Get as a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re an online marketer or just looking for a way to earn money online, you’ve probably bumped into mentions of Wealthy Affiliate. This site has been around since 2005 and it has built an incredible reputation.

A lot of people join it initially for free, but most of these people quickly upgrade their accounts to premium accounts. There are 10 privileges to doing so and you’ll want to know all of them.

However, before you take the plunge, you may want some background first. Before you go any further, you probably want to know exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is and how it can earn you the big bucks.

Well, Wealthy Affiliate is essentially an online marketing training program. New members sign up and they learn how to develop their own websites. Starting from that they start earning money. The backbone of all this is affiliate marketing – you refer people to particular products and you get a commission on their sale. It’s all perfectly legal and rather simple once you get the ball rolling.

Though you can do the basic program and have some basic functions from your free account, you will stand to get a lot more if you upgrade yourself to premium. Here are the 10 privileges that you get.

Top 10 Privileges You Get as a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate

#1 Unlimited Web Presence

Your main presence on the Internet is via websites. As a marketer, your goal is to have websites that people go to so that they can take a look at your content and recommended products. If you become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can get unlimited hosting and unlimited websites.

There is no limit to a number of websites you have, nor is there any concern with capacity. Premium members will have space on the WA servers as long as they remain premium members. This is great since you can build websites quickly with the help of the SiteRubix website platform.

It helps that creating a website with these tools just require clicking three buttons. Plus, Premium membership means that someone monitors the sites for 24/7, ready to move if something is wrong.

#2 No Limit to Keyword Searches

One of the foundations of SEO is being able to look for the right keyword. Most of your time will be spending time to find the right keywords to use. The goal is to find keywords that ensure a high search engine ranking. From these measurements, you will be able to find the right customers.

The WA has a special tool that helps find such keywords. With its help, you can formulate content that will ensure you get a lot of hits. Normally, you’d be limited, but premium members can use it without limitation.

#3 Weekly Live Video Classes

One of the key attractions of Wealthy Affiliate is the large amount of content that you can get from their basic account. You will already have a lot of access to their text and print resources. However, you will get even more from your premium membership.

The most noticeable advantage is the live video classes. All these classes are easy-to-understand and have their teachers presenting walkthroughs with full details on how to use new marketing tactics. You won’t just watch and listen though. You will also get to participate and ask questions and clarifications.

Besides that, premium members will exclusive access to a database of over 100 hours of existing video training. Miss a lesson or a new member? Just look back at the archives to see what you’ve missed.

#4 Premium Training and Courses

Basic training already provides you with a lot of access to resources. With Premium training, you will have even more content to read and watch. This includes videos and tutorials that cover a wide range of marketing topics. By the time you’re done with all of the content on the site, you’ll be a world-class expert.

#5 Online Entrepreneur Certification

Wealthy Affiliate is a training site and one of its best products is its Online Entrepreneur Certification. This involves six levels of training, with 10 levels in each. Going through all of them will give you a lot of skills and knowledge. Plus, thanks to the way these lessons are structured, you will have some practical experience, too. This will not just help your online businesses but can also become a marketable skill. Just display your certification and sell your services to help other online businessmen.

#6 Access to Community Posts

The Wealthy Affiliate site first opened its doors in 2005. Since then, people have been posting about their projects. In addition, there’s a lot of archived discussion on the site. No need to reinvent the wheel or go down a failed path. Just read these posts and see what worked and what didn’t. Plus, the content just keeps coming as the community is still quite active.

#7 Meeting the Community

It also helps that the community that created these posts is still there. There are several successful WA members, earning hundreds of dollars a month. You’ll want to network with them and build a rapport. You may need their help someday – or more importantly – they may need your help. Business is all about who you know nowadays and having that at your fingertips is a great advantage.

#8 Solid Mentoring

However, the two best people on the site are the founders themselves. Kyle and Carson built this website from the ground up. As a premium member, you can have direct access to them. Need a little checkup on your site efforts to see if you’re doing it right? Just drop them a line and they will set aside the time to help. As a premium member, you are deserving of their time.

#9 Premium Site Security

One of the main concerns of site owners nowadays is online security. With the SSL system implemented for the site’s hosting, you can be sure that all of your information is secure. SSL has been used by the best sites out there and usually costs around $100 annually. You get it as part of your monthly $49 membership.

*$49/31 Days = $1.6 (Less than a cup of Starbucks Coffee)

#10 Being on the Leading Edge of Internet Marketing

The WA site is at forefront of Internet marketing. Its members are always formulating projects, seeking to be there at forefront of marketing trends. If you want to be part of these efforts, just sign up for free and quickly upgrade your membership to premium. These 10 privileges are there for the taking for the minor cost of a premium membership.

I personally am yearly subscription member and lock the price since I started to join them. Which means I am granted to their grandfather price if Kyle and Carson decided to increase the price which I believe will not happen so soon. And then I calculate base on a daily basis which is less than a Starbuck’s coffee. In exchange, I received education from expert to build my online empire. Which is far less than your college fees nowadays. Not to mention you will get the top feature in Siterubix Platform too.

Whether the price and the price is worth to invest in? I would confidently say YES. I like to seek shortcut when achieving my life goal. I like to seek for a mentor who has been already achieved what I want in life. I wouldn’t reinvent my own wheel. I just need to copy and seek their advice. This is the reason why I am so confident and stop looking for others once I found Wealthy Affiliate.

Trust me and Trust Wealthy Affiliate. Most importantly Trust yourself and give yourself an opportunity give it a shot.

I gotta stop here and I would appreciate if you could leave your thought after reading this in the comments section below.

Thank you and I wish you happy making decision.

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Maxx Tan

Maxx is an experienced online marketer that would like to give a hand to those wants to achieve more in building a successful online business. He also has a strong passion for investing and spent most of his free time doing research and trading.

  • Nathan says:

    I’m a recent premium member of WA and I can definitely say that all you have covered here in this post is true. There’s an exciting buzz you get when you upgrade to premium as when I did I realised how much value I was getting. The structure of learning the course and building the website and applying the knowledge is brilliant. I feel like I have achieved a lot in a short space of time. Your review here is spot on and I can tell from your website that it is working really well for you. How long did it take you to earn your first $? Was good to read the 10 privileges as it refreshed in my mind again all the benefits of being a WA premium member. Cheers

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Good question and I believe different people would spend the different time to receive their first payment. As for myself, it took me 1 month to earn my first income $ in my first niche and it took me more month to receive me first $$ on my second niche website. 

      I would say the price you pay for now is definitely worth your long term investment. It took less than a cup of coffee to be educated, to receive expert advice, to learn from members around the world, to able to communicate with the community, to able to enjoy the world best hosting provider (supports up to 50 websites with your premium) and etc. What should I say about their service? Top notch WA. 

      Take Care Nathan and catch up with you soon. 

  • Capn' Jeff says:

    I’m pumped to be a part of a community with people like yourself and others guiding the way. I’m not very savvy in the tech world (I mean I can type, that’s about as far as it goes lol) and the WA premium membership makes it easy. I have learned a lot in a short amount of time. Certainly worth it, thanks for highlighting clearly just what we are getting. One little note friend, I couldn’t tell if that first paragraph doubled or if I was seeing double, who knows at this hour, in any case, best wishes and thanks again.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Good to know that my articles benefits to you and I really wanted to write something clearly to know about what exact they are getting with the price. When I first started I was not sure and as times goes by and looked back I realized actually there are more than 10 benefits here which I will spend more time to list down in the near future. 

      By the way, thanks Jeff for pointing out my mistakes here

      Take care,


  • james says:

    Hi Maxx,

    Great article here and it really does capture the essence of what WA is all about. I’m also a premium member who joined early 2017 and am gradually building my skills. Couple of questions, 1) Just wanted to double check if there are any broken images on this page as when I’m viewing it on my device there are large gaps between each reason? 2) Are you a member of any other types of online learning programs such as WA and if so, how do they compare?


    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi James, 

      Welcome abroad and congratulations to you making the right choice. Thanks for leaving the comment here and I have a check on the images you stated, it works well on all of my devices (phone and laptop). The images will only appear when you scroll down as this will help to load the page faster. So perhaps may I know your internet connections any issue with the speed? 

      secondly, I mostly will join the online programs before writing the review unless their website no longer existed. 

      Hope this answers your question and Happy Learning here, James. 


  • Warren says:

    Nice post. You really hit where the rubber meets the road! Never once did you say this is a get rich overnite while sleeping program. The professionalism presented makes it very intriguing for someone to want to move on and learn more.

    And, of course, Wealthy Affiliate charges zero to join and participate! No money up front!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey Warren, thanks for spending time leaving your comment here and good to know you already part of this program. Enjoy the learning progress and I strongly believe you will reach your goal if you follow their training. 

      Happy learning,


  • DorcasW says:

    Maxodife I read through your review and I am in agreement with you.

    I confess that I am a premium member myself. And the ten benefits that you have pointed out are indeed facts about the Wealthy Affiliates Platform.

    I am not thinking that the benefit that a premium member get at WA is available on any other platform online. More so. if there were, the price would be outrageous.

    Do you think that someone who has impediment in the hands that would prevent him or her from typing could have some one sign up for them and have some one adding content to their Website?

    Do let me know this.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey DorcasW, thanks for having the same agreement with me and so far there is no others platform offered similar awesome like Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Regards to your question we called it outsourcing. Some people have difficulties in writing or some didn’t have time to create their own content. This method works and adding some SEO works definitely will bring revenue to your website. 

      Hope this answer your question. 

      Let me know if you have further queries,


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