Total Life Changes Review: TLC, Total Life Changes is a scam?

Nothing can be more disappointing and frustrating than joining a business venture and spending our valuable time and hard earned money to it, only to realize eventually that it is a scam or a sham organization. If you suddenly realize that you are in this kind of difficult situation, you may not be able to accept the reality right away, that you have just wasted your valuable time and money to it for nothing.

This is what we are trying to veer away from, to fall as one of the victims of scam organizations. It is always best to know what the tell-tale signs are, so we can keep a safe distance from them. And what you are doing now, to know the truth and educate yourself about Total Life Changes is the first step to that.

It seems to me that we really have an endless supply of opportunities catering to the health and wellness industry. Besides the promise they are making of creating a positive impact, they always make an assertion they can become instrumental in improving our financial well-being.

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Total Life Changes Summary Review


Founder:  Jack Fallon

Price: $99.95 + $49.95 monthly sales volume

Best For:   For people with exceptional flair in recruiting others to the business and are also well-versed in selling products to others. 

Total Life Changes is a Scam?

Summary:  I actually find some aspects of Total Life Changes very good. They even have very good range of product offerings to offer their market. The TLC opportunity is great and also positive one. It is good enough to set the  right example for any new networking business that is just in its inception phase. But in terms getting yourself a stable online passive income using their offered business opportunity, I decline to say that they are the best to have. Find out with this review I made. 

Rating: 30/100

Recommended: No. 


What is Total Life Changes About?  

"Total Life Changes is a scam!" This is not an unusual sentiment you will hear especially from those who happened to have a not so pleasant experience with this company. But we can’t jump into conclusions just like that. People’s perceptions and feedback are always subjective, and we need to steer clear of that for the benefit of those seeking the truth. 

Total Life changes review

What is Total Life Changes about? 

They are an international networking company that caters to the needs of the health and wellness industry. They market and sell nutrition and skin care product line. Besides that, the company is also putting an emphasis that they are also concerned with the overall wellness of the human body, and alleviating stress.

Would you believe that this networking company, which started out in 1999, was conceptualized in CEO Jack Fallon’s home basement? Over the years, since then the company has grown to become one of the major networking companies in the MLM sphere. 

The company, which is currently headquartered in Michigan, is offering to the market a wide array of products, with their Detox Tea as their flagship product. “Lose 5 lbs in 5 days!” is among their popular marketing slogans for their flagship product.

Total Life Changes Products Review

In this part of the TLC review, we are going to take a closer look at their product offerings. They have been in the business for quite some time now, hence, we can anticipate that they have many offerings.

TLC’s product line can be categorized into 3 groups:

  1. The skin care line
  2. The Iso Cafe line
  3. The nutritional product lines.

The TLC Beauty and Skin Care Line

The skin care line of TLC includes beauty creams intended for the body, the face, and the hands. This lineup include the following:

  • Lashes
  • Renique
  • Essential Soap
  • Lucida Charcoal Activated Toothpaste
  • Essential Soap with Activated Charcoal
  • Sol Daytime Face Cream
  • Oil
  • Luna Nighttime Repair Cream
total life changes products

Sol and Luna Face Cream 

 total life changes is a scam?

 Essential Soap

Total LIfe Changes Review


TLC Coffee Line

This obviously includes the company’s line of coffee products.

  • Cafe Latin Style
  • Iaso Cafe Delgada
Total Life Changes Products

TLC Coffee Packaging.

Total Life Changes  Reviews

Cafe Lating Style

The TLC Nutritional Line

In this category, you will find the nutritional product offerings of TLC.

  • Life Drops (liquid dropper)
  • Nitro (capsules)
  • Iaso Instant and Regular Tea (tea bags and powder)
  • Nutraburst Multivitamin (liquid bottle)
  • Resolution Drops (liquid dropper)
  • Siberian Chaga (capsules)
  • Gano (capsules)
  • NRG (capsules)
  • Nutraburst (liquid bottle)
  • Slim am and pm (powder that comes in a container)
  • Stem Sense (capsules)
  • HSN (hair, skin, and nails – capsules)
  • Techui (capsules)

Here is the Total Life Changes Business video presentation in Youtube:

How to Get Started with Total Life Changes?

Just like any other networking company, joining TLC will necessitate you to shell out some money. To become an affiliate member of Total Life Changes, you need to pay their membership fee which is valued at $99.95, this excludes shipping and handling.

This package membership entitles you to a  month’s supply of products of your choosing. Usually, new would pick 4 packs of their offered detox teas. Together with the product sampling your choice, your membership package comes with:

  • Promotional product flyers
  • Capture page coded to you
  • Affiliate website coded to you
  • Product pamphlets

And since TLC is a networking company, you need to maintain a monthly sales volume of  $49.95 a month to maintain your affiliate membership status as well your entitlement to commissions on your sales output.

As for the TLC  compensation plan, you may want to check out this video I sourced for you from Youtube.  This is for educational purposes only and not to convince you to give their networking program a try.

Recruitment is a big consideration if you want to risk in rank in this compensation plan. Consequently, you may need to make more personal purchases during those months that you won't make it to hit your target sales just to accommodate and cover for the required monthly sales volume. 

For me this is a clear indication that Total Life Changes is indeed a product-based pyramid scheme. Retail sales are put in a secondary priority in this company, next to personal product purchases  and recruitment of members. 

Has Total Life Changes Earned the Accreditation of BBB?

The Better Business Bureau has awarded their accreditation to TLC. You can find the full BBB listing  for TLC here

Total Life Changes received a BBB rating of A+. 

  • The company has been accredited by the agency since 8-17-2018
  • They have been in  the business for 15 years
  • For the last 3 years, 22 complaints has been lodged against the company.
  • The Ugly Truths About Total Life Changes Finally Revealed! 

    TLC is riddled with lawsuits. 

    The Environmental Research Center lodged a case against TLC in 2015 for allegedly having lead in several products they are offering in the market.

    Expensive Product Line

    Another common issue usually complained about networking companies are the skyrocketing price tag their products usually come with, and TLC is not an exemption here.

    Around the globe, TLC has total of 8 distribution centers. Therefore, it should not have any issues when it comes to shipping, in fact should help facilitate things  faster for them so as to keep their shipping costs at the minimum amount.

    However, since TLC is also a direct-selling company, they need to have more than enough profit so as to cover for the 50% commissions on sales of their reps. Naturally, this is the most obvious reason why MLM products are high like those of TLC’s.

    Late Delivery/Shipping of Purchased Products

    This is another issue raised to our attention by people who choose to buy items from a few select MLM companies such as TLC. If you are a distributor  in this networking company, how good are you in coming up with an alibi why their purchased items has not arrived to their doorstep yet?

    This is a customer service issue, and understandably this is beyond the control of members. It is something that TLC and other networking companies need to look into because they will be losing significant number of customers and interested parties if this is going to become their norm or practice.

    What I Do Like About Total Life Changes?

    The health and wellness niche is a dynamic industry. 

    One of the most saturated business niche today is the health and wellness industry. It is also among the most lucrative industries today worth  $60 billion  and growing.

    This signifies a very stiff competition among competing brands. With TLC being in this business for over 15 years now and counting, that only means to say that they know exactly what they are doing and how to make things work to their advantage. Otherwise, they would not have survived the competition that long.

    Generous compensation packages for product distributors. 

    Network members of TLC are lucky enough to find a networking firm with generous compensation for them. They get to enjoy 50% commission from their product sales. If they have a flair for selling products, they can anticipate huge amounts of earnings from this alone.

    Is Total Life Changes a Scam?  

    No, this networking company can’t be qualified as a networking scam nor  as a pyramid scheme. What they are is a legitimate business organization, offering us legitimate and tangible products.

    Even if various kinds of complaints are hurled against them all over the Internet, online forums, Facebook, and in the Better Business Bureau due to their failure to ship purchased products to their customers. Or if sometimes customers are under the impression that they are deliberately refused to be given a refund, these issues or concerns has got nothing to do with them being legitimate business.

    They may be a legitimate company, but there is no way we can deny the fact that they have a number of operational policies that inevitably is raising red flags.

    How I Make Money Online?

    If you will join a networking company, taking the role of a product distributor, you are also expected to recruit people in your circle. You need to convince to join you in the business and become part of your downline network.

    If they refuse, and honestly most of them will, insisting and persisting on what you want is an indirect way to harass them. This should not be, but most of the time, MLM members are in this kind of situation.

    What if I tell you that you don’t need to harass people in your circle with business opportunity with better, more positive results! You don’t have to sell, you don’t to recruit! You don’t have to go outside your home and meet people -- by becoming a marketing affiliate, the Wealthy Affiliate way.

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    Do you really want to join a networking company like Total Life Changes? I used to work in a networking company before, and mind you only those who are pioneers in them are the only ones that are earning that much. Do you have similar experience about networking companies? What can you share about them that will give value to us. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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