Turning your passion into online passive income?


What is the definition of passive income?

Day in day out, life is overwhelmed with the hectic schedules and daily routine of an office job or any other job that requires you to pull yourself out of bed and hit the shower, grab a quick breakfast and stand in the train with along a thousand’s or so just like you. Some take the car and beat the jam, but does not make you escape from the reality of life which is; to have something to look forward to every day when you wake up.

For some, it does not matter how the day is; it could be raining it could be hot, someone may be dead for all they care, what matter throughout the day is that they get their job done and rush home to lay on the couch or hitting the sack. And that’s about it. There are people, though, that organizes their day, list a few things or so, to get their tasks done and to earn the best of every day in any way possible. Sadly, many of us are in the reality of waiting to go home and hit the sack.

Now, this is where productivity stands out. Many fail to know the importance of taking note on how your mental ability is capable of withstanding even the hardest of any days to get your day going. In this, we mean being active, not passive. You see, passive is a negative word. It is just a word. So what you may ask. But how about being passive? Imagine being passive. What is passive you ask me?

Passive could be a standalone word portraying a vast meaning that simply sums up to one point
. The gutter where what goes in comes out more than you expected. You see, passive a choice of word to show that your earnings do not sync with what is being spent on. Generally, when we say earnings, its draws your attention to the doll
ar note. Of course, money plays a tremendous amount in life, but let us not forget; the other approaches that require more productivity which in this case, relates to your time, your state of being and also the outcome of what you invest

Are you spending your free time wisely? Time equals to money?

It is devastating at times, when your day does not seem to bring the best out of you and it’s really messed up at some point of time, you really feel you could jump off a cliff. For some, money does not have to be the case. It may also mean simple things such what you do on a daily routine, you head to the gym, fine; you burn calories and keep track of the pounds you carry. But for some, routines such as lazing at home doing absolutely nothing but stare at a blank wall and before you know it, it has already been a day and you catch yourself thinking, where did my time go to?

Without a doubt, we all know that time is super valuable. Take a look at how you spend your time and ask yourself as to whatever you are doing and the people or the job you’re doing is enabling you to be a productive person. Here’s an example, many of us have the liking to own expensive goods from a renowned brand. For a take, I choose to buy it, simply because I like it and it makes me feel good to carry such expensive brand and so I decide to buy it. Now weeks, later I’m running out of money, I lack savings and I have to save every penny possible because I spend a huge amount on the good that I bought which I once thought or made to believe it was important. Now, was I active or was I passive? Notice the difference of an active person. I would adore the brand, sure I’d like to own one of its good someday, but I know that my savings do not enable me to get what I’d like to have. The point is, being passive is just merely being indulged into something that really does not bring much to a great amount of time. It does for a bit, I would be lying if I would say it doesn’t at all, but what the point really is; there’s no much kick to it.

Income Sources

Now back to the main point, money that we spent may vary to our liking and what suits our interest. Without a doubt, everyone wants to have the luxury to splurge on what we want and what makes us happy and thus the list prolongs with what I need to buy and what I want to buy that before you know it, the three amount figure in your bank account degrades to a one figure account. The question is, though, are we really contented with the materialistic things that we have and forget to look at the needs of what really matters within.

On the other note, passive income may also ring to people who really just work for the sake of it. They work and work and forgetting that their passion and likings are all there deep within screaming out loud like an infant. They are the ones who keep their dreams all within, knowing and losing hope that one fine day or perhaps, their interest and passion may not reach to their expectations. And so they just choose to remain in the basics of all living that are; to do a normal basic job with eight hours of time frame and having a decent amount of paycheck.

The gets of what I’d like to say is, indulging in many activities is by far the easiest thing to do these days with social media greatly being a help to us. Be sure to know where your time and money goes to, because before you know it, living life would be so behind you that chasing it does not make much sense anymore.

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