WAH EDU Review – Read This Before You Buy!

What is WAH EDU About? Is WAH EDU a Scam? With so many websites claiming that it’s easy to make money online, it’s impossible to tell which one of them are telling the truth.

If you are someone that doesn’t want to work a standard 9 to 5 job while taking half hour trips to and from your office, then the idea of working right at home might sound interesting to you.

There are many programs that you’ll find on the internet reiterating the same tired marketing jargon that they’re the best and how you’ll make so much money with them compared to working an actual job. One of those is Work at Home EDU and I’ve reviewed it below.

Work At Home EDU, more popularly known as WAH EDU after it’s website URL, is an online training course where you go through a series of lessons teaching you how you’ll be able to make money online.

You might scoff at the idea of getting scammed $97 in exchange for knowledge, but the information that this website provides in its member’s’ area are mostly composed of common tips and tricks you’ll find for free elsewhere anyways.

WAH EDU Program Quick Review

What Is WAH EDU?

Products: Educational Program
Website: www.wahedu.com
Founders: Michelle Robinson
Fee: $97Upfront
UpSells: Yes, $100 and Above
Overall Rank: 0 out of 10
Status: Confirmed Scam

What is WAH EDU and how does it work?

WAH EDU became a viral website when a faux news website called Smarter Finance Daily (SFD) had a supposed story with one Michelle Robinson. A mother that works at home and makes more than your average stay-at-home parent. She has apparently decided to compile what she learned through her experience in working online into one big website known as Work At Home EDU.

What the Smarter Finance Daily fails to mention is the fact that they’re using a stock photo of a female supposedly Michelle Robinson. If you search for similar images using Google Image search, you’d find that the picture of the woman surface 4 years prior to the supposed inspiring story of a work at home mom Michelle Robinson.

If you browse around their website, you’ll also notice how little it’s updated and how the news posted on it almost always links to WAH EDU.

If you’re still marching on with the thought in your head that WAH EDU works, you will eventually get to their website. It’s simple enough that you can signup right away before it even presents you how it works and why you should trust it. The $97 membership fee guarantees you with its 1-year refund policy if you don’t make money within that time.

This is where the actual scam starts. Many folks have claimed that they didn’t receive their money back even though their refund claim was valid even through the confusingly worded fine print found at the bottom of their front page.

Once you sign up, you will get an email introducing you to the different pages all with their own dedicated resources. The most common mentioned page is the Videos page where you will gain access to over 100 hours of videos teaching you how to make money online in different ways.

Many of the money making ways the site claims to be unique to it can be found on various blogs. The earliest one instance of a plagiarized tutorial is from a blog post dating October 2004. Almost a decade before the WAH EDU website was even launched.

Not only is WAH EDU scamming you by taking your money by giving you the information you can get for free online, they also subject your contact details to various dirty marketing firms. It doesn’t matter if you untick the newsletter and calls subscription, you will receive them a week later at the soonest.

There’s no clear way to unsubscribe to these marketing offers through the WAH EDU website. You will also be subjected to spam emails not related to working at home or the WAH EDU brand.

When you finish the lessons provided by WAH EDU, your final task will be to start posting links. Apparently, you’ll be earning big bucks if you start posting the links that they give you.

This is a big red flag since using your social media accounts as a vehicle to earn money for an online income program is always a scam. They’re essentially exploiting your contacts list without even asking for it since you’d willingly do it for them.

Who is WAH EDU For?

If you are desperate to get out of your 9 to 5 job and want to stay at home to make money, then WAH EDU would be the dream method of earning. You will benefit from the supposed passive income once you start posting links and inviting your friends & family to click on them.

The amount of information that you’ll be able to find inside the WAH EDU member’s area will take you a lot of time to go through. In a sense, you can apply them and start making money. That still doesn’t change the fact that you paid $97 for a collection of free lessons someone found off of the internet.

WAH EDU Tools and Training

WAH EDU provides you with over 100 hours of videos to watch and more than 80 pages of text resources to read through. As established many times in this review, these resources are either plagiarized word-for-word or are changed to video format to avoid copyright claims.

A one-on-one lesson is offered on the website if you’re willing to wait for the queue to get to you. There’s no actual way to track what your position is. I believe this is a fake system and there’s no eventual tutor coming your way much like their non-existent support team.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

(+) The storefront website and member’s area both load fast and are easy to navigate.

The Bad:

(-) The information provided in the member’s area are mostly plagiarized from various blogs that offer them for free.

(-) Most of the videos are of low quality with some being impossible to read. There’s also a constant cracking sound when you listen to most of them.

(-) The videos load very slowly since they’re hosted on a different server from the website which seems to be overloaded most of the time.

(-) Even if your refund claim is valid, you will not get your money back. There’s also no possible way to complain to anyone since there’s no support team. Any name you find inside is a fake name and all of the photos of the “staff” used are stock images.


As what you can read from WAH EDU page, there are very unclear about what is the product and misleading information. Which lead to suspicious and doubt. The website is very simple and unprofessional nor less than 500 words. From what I see, they are not putting efforts into this program and I can say they are just bullshitting trying to scam out people money.

On top of that, your personal details do at risk if you subscribe this type of scams. Later or sooner you will receive some phone calls from a stranger and this could be very scary. I am sure you will give your email upon subscribing and do expect to receive more spam email from the third party also.

Your time and money better invested elsewhere. 

What’s next Maxx

Basically what I am doing right during my free time is blogging. I believe you hear blogging all the time. But how could you turn blogging into your online business and generate sustainable income from there?

Good question.

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Here I want to prove you some proof what others member are doing:

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If I can do it. I believe you are able too. Give yourself a chance and set a goal to more forward. Now I have guide you what I am doing and I strongly urge you to follow my path. A successful path.

I am gonna to end my writing here and would like to thank you for sticking this post til the end.

Last but not least do leave your thought and experience in below section are. We would like to hear from you and I wish you all the success in your online journey.

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