What is BigSpot About? Is it a Scam or Legit?

Throughout this review, we are going to find out what is Bigspot about? Is Bigspot Scam?

Does it really worth your time? Let's find out more out together in this post.

At first glance, BigSpot is yet another survey site, where you get paid to offer your opinions on products and services. There are a number of these sites, many of which are legitimate.

It is the reputation of these other, legitimate services that encourage people to sign up for BigSpot, assuming that it will work the way these other sites do.

However, BigSpot is NOT itself a survey site. BigSpot simply takes your contact information and emails you offers from other survey sites.

You will never earn any money directly from BigSpot, regardless of how much time you spend on their offers, or what questions you answer.


What Is BigSpot and How Does It Works? 

When you go to the BigSpot website, you will be asked to sign up by giving your email address and demographic information.

As with most survey sites, this is not an unusual way to sign up for surveys, so it's natural to complete these forms and register with the site.

You will also realize there are many advertisements about BigSpot be it in social media or commercial on Television just like this:

With most survey sites, once you have signed up, you will get a member's dashboard area where you have options for different surveys you can take.

However, with BigSpot, once you have signed up, you are directed to a new page that shows a number of other survey sites.

BigSpot says that they have “matched you” with these sites that may be willing to reward you for your opinions, and encourages you to sign up with those survey sites.

This is deceptive for a few reasons:

  • You have not been “matched” with these other survey sites. Everyone who signs up from Canada gets the same sites, and everyone who signs up from America gets the same sites
  • To join the other survey sites, you will have to register for each of those sites in turn. Doubtless, BigSpot gets an affiliate reward for everyone that signs up for these sites using their links, but there is no incentive for a person to sign up for those sites through BigSpot rather than just doing so directly

Every one of these other survey sites has their own terms and conditions, reward plans, and privacy policies.

Signing up for these sites means giving them your personal information, in addition to the information you have already given to BigSpot, and each site should be scrutinized carefully to make sure that they will protect your data

BigSpot and their partners will then proceed to email you (and many people receive phone calls as well).

These emails will suggest that you are matched or qualified for a paid survey, but they are all, in fact, offers to sign up for yet more survey companies.

In other words, instead of paying you for giving your opinions and completing surveys, BigSpot and their partners are simply selling your personal information and using your registration as legal permission to spam you.

You will never make any money off of BigSpot. If you signed up for all the other survey sites BigSpot directs you to, it's possible that you will find one that legitimately offers rewards for completing surveys.

But, in that instance, it's faster, more private, and more effective to simply sign up with a legitimate survey site to begin with.

Who Is BigSpot For?

BigSpot isn't for anyone. It's simply a scam to harvest your information. If you want to earn money by taking surveys online, find a legitimate site that won't simply take your data and spam you.

BigSpot Tools and Training

BigSpot doesn't offer any tools or training, but they aren't really necessary for the services they claim to offer.

BigSpot Training

BigSpot has a contact form on their website, but do not respond to negative reviews or comments or requests for help.

Pros and Cons

The Good

There is really nothing good about BigSpot. Don't waste your time. If you insisted then check with other alternative survery sites.

The Bad

BigSpot is nothing more than a scam to collect and sell your personal information.

BigSpot often sells your data to companies who in turn sell your data to yet other companies, and on and on so that you can't tell where the spam is coming from.

It uses the reputation of other, legitimate survey sites to get people to sign up, and then spams them.

Final Conclusion

The fact is, there might be a good reason for a service like BigSpot claims to be. For example, if a survey site did collect and store your personal information, but then actually used that data to pre-qualify you for surveys, it would be a useful service.

When using paid survey sites, it can be annoying to answer the qualifying demographic questions over and over again, only to find out that you don't actually qualify for the survey and have wasted your time.

In other words, if BigSpot actually worked like it pretends to, it would be a good idea and have a lot of happy users.

But it doesn't operate in that way, and instead is just a shameless data harvesting operation. BigSpot is a scam and should be avoided.

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