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BitcointGet Summary Review

Website: www.bitcoinget.com

Type: Rewards Site

Price: It's Free To  Join

Rating: 45/100

Review Of BitcoinGet

Verdict: Legitimate

Summary: BitcoinGet is legitimate that provide some income to users but there are better ways ways to earn some side income and that won't consume much of their precious time. 


BitcoinGet Overview?

2017 was the best year (so far) for bitcoin, and it was the currency everyone was talking about.

All over the media and the internet, technologists, futurists, and investors couldn't get enough bitcoin.

In that hot market, BitcoinGet offered a fascinating new way for people to earn bitcoin.

However, how is BitcoinGet doing in 2018? Is it still a fast, easy way to earn bitcoin?

What Is BitcoinGet and How Does It Works?

Is BitcoinGet a scam

In many ways, BitcoinGet is like many other reward and incentive sites.

Users take surveys, watch videos, and complete tasks in order to earn bitcoin.

Rewards are credited directly to your bitcoin wallet, making it a fast and easy way to earn bitcoin.

BitcoinGet works by having users register on their website, either on a computer or with a mobile device.

You must register with your bitcoin wallet, so if you don't have one, get a wallet first.

Once you are registered, there are a number of ways to earn bitcoin with BitcoinGet.


Surveys tell you up front approximately how long they will take to complete, and how many bits you will be rewarded.

Surveys are provided by well-known research companies Peanut Labs and Tap Research.

Complete tasks for bitcoin

Users of BitcoinGet can complete tasks for Crowdflower and earn 1 bit per task.

Complete offers

Offers are sponsored by Persona.ly and Ascend Media, and are typically invitations to sign up for various newsletters, free trials, and similar offers.

Some of these offers require that you enter your credit card data, and you will be charged for the service if you let the free trial expire without canceling it.

Watch videos

You can watch videos from 2-4 minutes in length and get rewarded with bits.

You have to watch the entire video (without looking at another tab) and enter a CAPCHA code at the end, in order to earn 1 bit per 3 videos.

Shop online

With CoinRebates, BitcoinGet allows you to earn bitcoin rebates when you purchase merchandise from sites like Walmart, Expedia, Overstock, Macy's, and more.

These are very small rebates, but they allow you to earn bitcoin from purchases you would have earned anyway.

Refer your friends

If you refer your friends to BitcoinGet, you will earn 10% of any rewards they earn through the site.

One of the bigger, more recent problems with BitcoinGet is that the rewards offered have decreased over time. In 2015, surveys were often rewarded with up to 1,500 bits.

Later, surveys were worth 50-1000 bits. By the end of 2017, surveys were only worth 300 bits on BitcoinGet. Many scammier sites operate like this; they offer high rewards in the beginning and get good reviews and good feedback, then reduce their value more over time.

It's possible that, if BitcoinGet had such low rewards in the beginning, it wouldn't have such a large user base now.

On the other hand, Bitcoin has increased tremendously in value over the past few years, so perhaps the decreased rewards from BitcoinGet are deliberate and proportionate to the newly increased value of bitcoin.

BitcoinGet will transfer your balance to your bitcoin wallet once you have accumulated 1,000 bits, and they claim to complete transfers within 48 hours.

Remember that things like free trial offers can take weeks to be fully completed and credited, though, so not all of your activities will earn bits right away. 

Who Is BitcoinGet For?

What is BitCoinGet

BitcoinGet is for people who have a little time here and there, and specifically want to earn bitcoin rather than any other currency.

It's worth remembering that it takes 1,000,000 bits to earn a bitcoin, and that bitcoin exchange rates are extremely volatile.

This means that the practical, dollar value of tasks completed on BitcoinGet can vary widely.

Some days it may seem like you earned $1-$2 on BitcoinGet, other days it may feel like you only earned pennies.

BitcoinGet tools and Training

The tasks offered on BitcoinGet are extremely simple and typically don't require any training at all.

In the case of tasks and offers, it's smart to read the instructions thoroughly so you understand what you need to do in order to earn the rewards.

BitcoinGet Support

BitcoinGet is very active and responsive on their Facebook page, which is the best way to reach them with support problems and concerns.

​Pros and Cons

The Good

BitcoinGet is a fast, simple, easy way to earn rewards in bitcoin and add to your bitcoin wallet over time.

The Bad

Something dramatic appears to have happened to BitcoinGet in December 2017 through January 2018.

Payments were delayed for weeks, some offers disappeared from the site, rewards were decreased. They said they were working on a new system with improved speed and stability, but that doesn't appear to have been launched.

This sudden unpredictability has led many people to wonder if the site will be around much longer, or if they can rely on getting the rewards they had previously accrued.

The company posted that they would soon offer payments in other alternate currencies, which raised concern among those who specifically wanted to earn bitcoin.

Long term silence from BitcoinGet about the status of these changes and updates is concerning, so this might not be the best time to join BitcoinGet as a new user.

My Final Thought on BitcoinGet? 

If you are the kind of person who wants to spend a few minutes here and there on survey sites earning extra dollars, there are other survey sites and apps with better, more predictable rewards than BitcoinGet.

If you specifically want to earn bitcoin, there are other apps that pay bitcoin rewards, possibly a bit more predictably than BitcoinGet is doing right now.

Up until recently, BitcoinGet has not been a scam, so it's possible that BitcoinGet is just going through a rough patch.

But it would be smart to wait until they have sorted things out before signing up with this site.

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  • Salim says:

    Thanks for providing us with this wonderful and honest review of BitcoinGet but I’m not convinced because of the rating percentage, moreover, you made mention of the incident that happened last year that causes delay in payment. I believe to be on the safe side, one should try out affiliate that is 100% guarantee of earning back. Thanks

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Yes, I actually very skeptical if someone delay in payment. It shows how the finance of the person or company in a sense. But good things about BitcoinGet is they are legit after dig further. 

  • Dave Sweney says:

    BitCoinGet likely is not a scam as you mention, but it has seemingly lost its mojo over the past year. This is not surprising, as BitCoin itself has run into some major swings in value (mainly downwards, unfortunately). It has so much promise, and there have been many apps, tools, training, etc. that have grown up around it.

    The problem is that most of them are masked reboots of the same apps, tools, and training that have sprung up in other media darlings of the moment. This one seems to be one of the better tools/platforms, but as you mention, with the problems they are experiencing lately, maybe not the best opportunity available online these days.

    Generally, my experience has been that much more effort is required to make any significant amount of money than you would have to make using other means. You really are not building a business, you are trading time for money. In the long run, the only way to increase your income is to spend more time doing the tasks to get paid in BitCoin (or any other currency they may pay you with).

    As you mention at the closing of your review, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is a good place to learn how to build a business that allows you to stop trading time for money, and develop a business that will provide an ongoing recurring income for you.

    By the way, that income can involve any niche, and interest, or any market segment you can imagine. I have had a very good experience with Wealthy Affiliate over the past almost 4 years, as have others (you included some examples). I do use other tools and services at this point in my business, but I still use Wealthy Affiliate too, almost every day. It has been a very good investment in myself.

    Getting back to BitCoinGet, although it may be legitimate, the opportunities to develop a business around it are quite limited. My advice would be to focus on the activities that will help you build a sustainable business that provides recurring almost passive income, and that is what you learn on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Thanks for the information, good review!  

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey Dave, Thanks for your long feedback here. Yes, I am also using WA every day and using the methods they teach to earn my income online. I am glad found them somehow. 

      Last but not least thanks for your feedback in BitcoinGet again. 

  • Urbano says:

    Hi there it sound like a bitcoinget is a great way of doing an online business. Just like you said I will stop making excuses and I will try this bitcoinget and see if I can finally start making some decent cash. Bitcoin has evolve very well in the last month and years so I think it will be a ricky but lucrative business.Thank you very much for sharing this Bitcoinget system.

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