What Is Countdown To Profits About – Is This Another Scam?

Is Countdown to Profits a Scam? In this review, I will explain why you should avoid this program and stay far away despite the promising speech. So, What is Countdown to Profits about? Countdown to Profits is a membership-based program that promises people to earn at least a dollar in the first 30 days after following or completing its 21-step process. If not, the person will be paid $500.  It’s one of the absurd promises that this program makes to unsuspecting individuals online.


Countdown To Profits Review

Website: www.countdowntoprofits.com/start.php

Product: So-called “Online Training Program”

Owner: Richard Paul

Price: $97

Overall Ranking: 0 out of 10 (SCAM) Read further before you hit the buy button.

How Does Countdown to Profits Work?

After reading the first paragraph seems tempted. Yes, I do lol!! Of course, you’ll have to pay $97 to be a member of this program. Basing on reviews online, though, there’s no chance in hell that you will be able to get the $500 even if you didn’t earn at all after completing the program.


Countdown to Profits was created by a certain Richard Paul. The name has been associated with several binary options scams, which certainly makes CTP very fishy, to say the least.

In a video for Countdown to Profits, Paul says the familiar line “I used to be exactly where you are right now” in a bid to empathize with Internet users looking for a way to make money online.

Countdown to Profits is promoted as being designed for people with no previous experience in online business. It also entices people with promises like ‘start making money from the comfort of your own home’  and ‘choose your own working hours.’ Moreover, a potential member doesn’t have to be skilled at something in order to become successful at this program.

Once you give up your email address, the website browser will redirect you to a video presentation which lasts for around 8 to 9 minutes. The video has Paul sharing stories of how he has been able to build up wealth thanks to an algorithm that enables him to make lots of commissions.

The video is your typical advertorial that promises a lot of things, but little information on how Countdown to Profits works. It’s only when you go to the Terms of Service section of the website that you will have an idea of how this entire thing works.


Basically, it teaches members how to set up websites that sell digital products.

There are actually Three levels of membership. In the Gold membership, members are taught how to  set up websites and sell digital products online even if they have no technical skills.

Platinum members, on the other hand, have the benefit of working with a mentor on the phone. The mentor is supposedly there to help members with their goal settings. Members are also trained to through webinars.  Lastly, Platinum Plus members have access to mentors who will guide them in setting up their websites as well as building blogs.

Who is Countdown to Profits For?

People who are willing to part with their hard-earned money for the opportunity to ‘earn’ online may want to try Countdown to Profits. However, as you would learn from reading this article, all signs point to this program being bogus or a scam.

Countdown to Profits Tools & Training

The program claims to offers webinars and online training tools. However, you’ll have to be a member to get access to these tools.

Countdown to Profits Support

You’ll have to sign up as a member to get support from Countdown to Profits. The level of membership will also have a bearing on the kind of online support that you can get. Platinum and Platinum Plus members, for instance, have access to ‘mentors’  who can supposedly help them in their goal setting.

The Good & the Bad

Pro #1: It is designed for people who have no experience whatsoever in online business.

Con #1:  If you read the terms of service, the company says that they are only providing information and not any sort of business opportunity. It’s a far cry from the claims made in the video by Mr. Paul, who says he can help you earn a lot without having to leave the comforts of home.

Con #2:  You’ll have to pay $97 to be part of the program.

Con #3:  When you visit its website, you’ll notice various signs that basically tell you this is a scam—from photos of cars and mansions that entice you to sign up.  Then there are recurring photos of individuals who supposedly got rich after trying the program. These tell-tale signs all but confirm what most people suspect about Countdown to Profits—that this is a scam you should avoid.

My Final Opinion of Countdown to Profits

It’s hard not to label Countdown to Profits as a Scam. The signs, after all, are there the moment you visit its website. From displaying photos of cars to houses to the use of pressure tactics (“there are only a few spots left in your region”) to the promise of giving you $500 if you don’t earn a single dollar; all these signs point to Countdown to Profits as being a scam.

It also doesn’t help that the proponent of the program, Richard Paul, has been implicated with several online scams in the past. You just can’t risk your money, even if it’s only $97, for a program that very much looks like a scam.

If you still desire to have an online business that can help augment your income, then you might want to check out the Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike Countdown to Profits, this program won’t ask you to shell out $97 to become a member. In fact, you can get a free trial to see what you will be doing. Unlike Countdown to Profits, the business model is tried and tested with nearly a million online entrepreneurs having benefited from it. And there’s no deceitful promise of getting back $500 in case it doesn’t work because as many of those who have tried it, the Wealthy Affiliate does work. This is the only program that

This is the only program that I rated full score because they (the founder) care about your success. Here I have screenshot one of the success story from the member.


The Wealthy Affiliate always in My #1 recommendation list because its has been helping independent-minded individuals earn online for the past decade, which speaks of the credibility and the reputation of this program. Simply put, you’d rather join a tried-and-tested online business program such as the Wealth Affiliate instead of a bogus one like Countdown to Profits, right?

Have you try this before or almost wanted to? So now it’s your turn to share your thought here?

Thank you for your time reading this scam review. Lol^-^. I wish you can avoid this kind of scams as much as possible.

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