What is Ethtrade About? Is Ethtrade a Scam?

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Digital currency trading and investments are today’s buzzword. Many are keen to look into this of investment since this is relatively something new and the potential for growth might be there.

Even investment experts are already looking over this kind of platform and also established multi-national companies too.

As they say, this might be the next currency or the digital world might be transitioning to this kind of service.

After all this kind of currency trading promises safety, security, convenience and a lot of digital features. And Ethtrade aims to give that balance.

Ethtrade Summary Review

Product Name: Ethtrade

Founder: Eric Bondi & Micheal Frendowski

Price: No Fees

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No

Best For: Individuals who would like to know about digital currency trading like ethereum or bitcoin for that matter

Ethtrade Review


What Is Ethtrade and How does It Work

Review of Ethtrade

Ethtrade Brand

Ethtrade was founded way back in August 2015 by Eric Bondi and Michael Frendowski. Its online trading platform came to be last April 2016. The company Ethtrade Limited is registered in Hong Kong last July 2016.

Ethtrade is considered a High Yield Investment Program or HYIP specializes in trading ethereum. Etherereum is a cryptocurrency very similar to bitcoin. One needs to mine Ethereum too and then sells it for a profit. 

Anyone who knows Ethereum can be able to see the steady growth of this one as a digital currency. 

No wonder this is considered very popular today and understanding how lucrative this will be in the near future too.

The company Ethtrade claims that that they have a pool of skilled traders that can do trading every day with great results.

Hence, when you pour in money to the company, they will use that amount and place it in high-risk trades. When they make a profit, you get to share it with them.

One interesting facet of Ethrade is its dynamic platform for digital currency trading.

One will find it very easy to use since it has taken out a lot of complicated tasks and it pose tried and tested trading algorithms and procedures that are updated daily.

Their business model promises that monthly income to be generated will be as much as 50%. The half of that income will be given to their investors.

Ethtrade is even beginner-friendly as such anyone even without a digital currency background can be able to understand their platform and from there know Ethereum and related topics too.

Is Ethtrade a scam or Legitimate

Sign up Page

The simple to use trading platform provides its users a truly versatile one. No wonder beginners would find Ethtrade appealing.

It also provides a simple investment scheme and an easy to fund account for as little as $10. If you want to get started with your digital currency journey, you just have to register to the site.

And registration is free. You only have to put in your email address and also a minimum of $10 to feed to your investment fund.

At the backend, their asset management team will then handle the trading. Your money can be withdrawn even during the time of investment for a small fee.

Who Is Ethtrade For

Who Is Ethtrade for

Ethtrade is for individuals who would like to know about digital currency trading like ethereum or bitcoin for that matter.

If you have no idea how to get started with any of those you might consider dipping your toes and trying Ethtrade. Yet, in spite of the high rewards this promises to its members, do due diligence whether Ethtrade is worth investing.

There have been a lot of complaints surrounding the trading platform such as not knowing who the real owner is and no investment history too.

Even if the platform is run by experienced trading professionals, there’s no trading history shown or a successful portfolio for that matter.

Hence, there’s no solid proof or evidence that indeed they are earning out from Ethtrade.

Even if it is enticing to somehow double your money in a matter of weeks, remember high rewards, high risks. You must look at the worst thing that could happen to your money in there.

The Good & the Bad

The Good

  • It is free. Joining Ethtrade is easy because it is free. Even if you want to join as an affiliate member, you don’t need to pour in cash to be considered one. However, if you choose to still be a free affiliate, you only earn base referral commissions.
Is Ethtrade referral commissions
  • Easy platform. Ethtrade is appealing to new digital currency investors because it takes the complications out from the platform. Hence, you will be welcomed with a quite easy to follow platform.

The Bad

  • No proof. Successful transactions and history cannot be seen on the website. There’s even no one that can claim that they were able to earn money using the Ethtrade platform.
  • No regulations. Because digital currency is still new there are still untapped websites that are not yet insured or regulated. This also is the same for Ethtrade. Hence, when you put your money to the system, you are making a huge risk. If there are problems whatsoever, you will also not know where to go and where to report it.

My Final Thought of Ethtrade 

While Ethtrade delivers something new and delivers the future today, there are no evidences of earning money from this platform.

The money being invested by interested individuals might be making its way to the system in order to pay liabilities to other members. If you look at it closely, this might be a Ponzi Scheme

What is Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi Scheme Tier

With that being said, avoid Ethtrade until there are strong evidences that many are earning from it.

Even more, with no regulations in place to do some check and balance to the company, chances are you might be bidding your money goodbye.

Hence, it might be better to look for other legitimate sites where you can say, your money is safe.

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  • Tsquare says:

    Thanks for this review and information. Here comes another Crypto currency hit and run program that’s ready to swindle people’s money. Companies like this will promise you that they will help you make good investment return but in their mind they just want to deceive the greedy online entrepreneurs. Instead of wasting time on this people should invest their time with company like wealthy affiliate and so on. One must learn to be able to earn but those trainings are pretty very profitable. 

    Thanks once again. 

  • Dammy says:

    Have heard of this cryptocurrency platform in the past most of my friends into cryptocurrency and forex trade invested in it but didn’t go to well for them I think the problem here is that they are just starting off and they need to just get their game plan right if they want the coin to be recognized if not we might just have another TBC on our hands. What beats this platform down is the inability to provide users with enough proof that this is legit and anyone smart enough won’t go head first into the program unless you’ve gotten enough proof to invest. The admin did a great job putting this up very incisive post good job.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      I am sorry to hear about your friends didn’t go very well. Just curious how much they invested? If the amount is not too much then take this as a lesson. 

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