What is Finish Line Network About? (Smells Like Another PYRAMID SCHEME IN THE MAKING!)

With each passing day, there seems like a new MLM company coming u. This time now we’ll look into Finish Line Network. And together we’ll determine if trying out this platform is indeed worth your while.

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Finish Line Network Summary Review

Website:  https://www.finishlinenetwork.com

Founders:   Chad Stalvey, Todd McCart, Doug Wellens, Greg Chambers, Paul Counts,  Joel & Kitty Kellman

Price:  $20

Best For:  A sound opportunity for people who are interested in learning about Internet marketing and are wanting to earn some money on the side. 

Is Finish Line Network a SCAM

Summary:  Perhaps FLN is the freshest and the newest networking company I have evaluated so far. It is also giving us an impression that it is just a reboot of yet another defunct network company owned by one of the founders. Normally, it is good to join an MLM company while it is still relatively new to the industry. It gives you a competitive edge in terms of making more money from the system. But as we delve deeper into their structure, something tells us that some things are not really right with this networking group. This main purpose of this MLM review is to enlighten you on those areas. 

Rating: 60/100

Recommended:  No


What Is Finish Line Network?

Whenever we hear the world multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, what usually comes to mind are the negative connotations we have about it. Also, the product offerings we know they have are usually catered to the health and wellness niche.

In the case of Finish Line Network, they are another networking company but they are not involved in the health and wellness industry. What they are selling instead are Internet marketing-related products.

There is not much information regarding the Finish Line Network. From what I gathered, the company was founded just recently, in the last quarter of 2018. Additionally, there are several people are involved in founding the company. They are as follows: 

  • Joel & Kitty Kellman (Part owners of the lead generation tool Online Sales Pro)
  • Paul Counts
  • Doug Wellens
  • Greg Chambers
  • Todd McCart
  • Chad Stalvey

I also came across information that Doug Wellens and Greg Chambers are also the founding heads of yet another networking group named ​Traffic Authority . This networking group is offering traffic generating products, very much related to what Finish Line Network is catering to.

Since this networking group is relatively new in the industry and fresh in the business as they are, we need to take this review with a grain of salt. The company indeed has a long way to go in terms of proving itself and what value they can offer.

Finish Line Network Product Offerings

If you will check out their introductory video, you will learn that this networking group rolled has just rolled into 1 three different systems, they are:

  • Internet marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Online Marketing

The Finish Line Network is making a bold assertion that by employing their current system, members of their group have a good level of assurance that they are indeed penetrating a billion dollar market.

The company is offering four main products, namely:

  • Silver package
  • Gold package
  • Email Profits On Demand
  • High Ticket Live Events
Is Finish Line Network SCAM

1. Silver Package - $47 per month

This product package is all about lead management. It also comes with a corresponding app for ease of use in mobile devices.

The app will let you run your business using your phone and drive leads and sales from there, too. 

2. Email Profits On Demand (ePOD) - $1,997 for the entire package

ePOD is a training program for email marketing. The working idea behind this learning course is to transform a completely clueless towards becoming a digital marketing expert by employing nothing but proven mail marketing strategies.

When you are having a business online, email marketing is paramount to its eventual success, right? But I can’t help and wonder that in order for this training package to become really worth it, it needs to have some real serious value to make its price justifiable.

3. High Ticket Live Events - $997 onwards

High Ticket Live Events comes with a series of digital marketing events. This is where you can get to meet marketers as they let you take a peak to their secrets to success.

4. Gold Package - $130 per month or $2,997 for a 3-year subscription

With the Gold Package, you can get access to virtual training and live events. Such events are normally run by influencers and top marketers.

The working idea behind Gold Package is to help you earn more money by virtue of promoting your business and FLN. 

Finish Line Network Reviews

Does Their Product Work? 

Every digital marketer understands how important it is to know how to attract and manage relevant leads. Despite the fact that these product packages come at exorbitant prices, it is likely that they come with some genuine value.

If you are thinking that you will need to buy any of this stuff anytime soon, the best course of action you have here starts out small. As you make good progress with it, then you may consider buying other products that you think will be very useful for you.

Since the company is relatively new, it is premature to gauge whether their product offerings work as expected or not, let alone if they indeed provide real value.

It is also understandable that no one has come forward yet to tell something about their experience on their products, or testimony about any of the four product offerings.

But if you seriously want to make some income, you may need to shell out thousands of dollars on their programs.

If you are certain you are heading your way to this direction, make it sure that you are getting tangible benefits from your purchased programs themselves. 

How to Get Started with Finish Line Network? 

With other networking companies, we have gotten used to the usual drill, that in order to become a full-fledged product distributor we just need to pay a certain amount of membership or joining fee and that’s it.

However, this is not the case in FLN though. This networking team has deviated from the usual recruitment process of other MLMs.

If you wish to get into the program, you need to shell out $20 fees for that every month. But if what you are aiming for a product-based commission instead, here are the fees you need to mind about:

  1. You will pay $3,171 and then followed by $177 a month. They are to be paid separately for your monthly Gold subscription, or,
  2. You will pay $6,038 followed by $47 a month. Then, it’s $2997 every 3 years for the 3 year Gold subscription. 

Finish Line Network’s Compensation Plan

Much like other MLMs, I actually consider FLN compensation plan way more complicated than everything else that I looked into previously.

I have this hunch that even the network members themselves are having a hard time explaining the company’s compensation plan in detail. I say so because how come they need to conduct a minimum of 1-hour webinar just to ensure the explanation covered everything for their members?

Here is a Youtube video that will try to explain the company’s compensation plan:

The Ugly Truths About Finish Line Network Revealed!

FLN Has the Essential Elements of a Pyramid Scheme!

I am not making a conclusion that FLN is a pyramid scheme, what I am saying is that they have the makings of one. (and there’s a world of difference on that!)

Before anything else, I want to emphasize that this company is putting so much emphasis on you recruiting more people to the business. The bulk of your earnings will actually come from your successful efforts on this as per FTC or Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

Despite the fact that you can sell their products, which entitles you to receive direct commissions, many other bonuses and monetary perks they offer have something with you recruiting other people aspiring to try out the opportunity.

If you are not in the know yet, FLN networking team has a close semblance to other programs MOBE (My Own Business Education) and Digital Altitude. Both of which were shut down by the FTC.

The FTC qualifies the business models being employed by both companies as illegal. And yes, the FLN’s, in various aspects of it, are similar to those.

I am not in the right position to qualify FLN as a pyramid scheme business - we should leave that work to the hands of the FTC. I can only warn you enough to be wary about this company if you are seriously considering to give it a try. 

Rank #1:
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It is a Big Challenge to Get Your Money Back

The odds are working against you in this company, at least on the financial aspect.
The company may not qualify as a pyramid scheme, but that does not change the fact that you will have a hard time recouping your invested money in this business.

The way that I see things in this networking group, they are going to put their members in a difficult situation in such a way that it would be difficult for them to regain their money back.

Furthermore, I also came across their ​Income Section of their legal document. . The structure of this document is similar to that of an income disclosure statement.

What is Finish Line Network About

We can glean from the document that their network members can have an annual potential income of $300. This amount can go up to as high as $1800.

Doing the Math here, that gives you $25 a month for a year of passive income. With this figure, you are actually better off with GPT (get-paid-to-do) and survey websites because they tend to give you a higher rate of income, compared to that of FLN.

On the assumption that I am amenable to that $ 24-month earnings from their system, do you have any slight idea as to how much time it will take me to recoup my investment back?
In a $3171 Gold Package, it will take you 126 months and that is going on a rate of $25 a month.

It will take you more than 10 years to get your investment back.

What I Do Like About Finish Line Network? 

As much as I want to find something positive and commendable about this multi-level marketing company, there is none of those that I can see about Finish Line Network. This is the third time that I am doing this.

The first reason being the company is relatively new and fresh. This is a very limiting factor and there is not much I can cover for them except for what they have up on their official homepage. 

Is Finish Line Network a PYRAMID SCHEME? 

This network marketing company is giving us a good impression that they are indeed a legitimate business with a promising business opportunity.
This is all we can make of for now based on the information we’ve gathered about them since they are still very new to the industry and have operated only for just a couple of months since they were founded.
Right now, it is too premature to tell whether anyone can make money from their system or not.
One thing I am sure though at the moment, investing your money in this opportunity is not practical and will not have your best interest. My best suggestion is to put your money somewhere else.
Above all, what’s putting me off from this business is that they are putting heavy emphasis on rewarding recruitment efforts over products being sold. Not to mention also is the time it will take to recoup your invested money.
For me, if it will take more than a decade to recoup my $3000 investment -- I’d rather have it on a time deposit in my bank. That gives me a certain level of assurance that my money will earn a profit.
We’ll have our eyes fixed on Finish Line Network if FTC team will deem them like a pyramid scheme company or not. It will not take long for this agency to take the appropriate action. 

How I Make Money Online? 

When you fully understand how the MLM business model really works, you will agree with me in saying that this particular business structure is not the best vehicle to use to reach your goal of financial wellness.

Multilevel marketing is favoring so much the company itself and it's business interests, oblivious of the fact that it also needs to promote the interest of its network members as well. So forget everything you are made to believe about MLMs.

If you are seriously looking for the best online money making opportunity, I suggest that you try affiliate marketing instead. As an individual who’s already tried both the MLM and affiliate marketing worlds, I know that I am in the position to really tell which one is the far better option.

  • You don’t need to recruit to get ahead    
  • A chance to earn bigger money    
  • No complicated compensation plans    
  • Commissions can get as high as 100%    
  • You are not required to buy starter kits
  • No joining fees    
  • Work at your own pace
  • Promote any product or brand you like to a global audience    
  • A chance to promote products or brand you are passionate about
  • Make money while you sleep    
  • A chance to earn passive and residual income    

My purpose in enumerating some of the good points you get from the Wealthy Affiliate marketing opportunity is for you to get the whole picture -- the system is designed to work in your best interest.

The Wealthy Affiliate is a community of dreamers, but these people are in touch with the real world. They understand how the world works. It is made better in the sense that you kick it off with no strings attached as it gives you an option to have a free trial.

Test the system all you want in all aspects of it, discover how it works until you are fully satisfied. Decide to try it out when you are ready.

This program helped me and others Make A living Online and some of it even quit their Full Time Job. You will learn how to build a Thriving Online Business step by step so stop making excuses and Join Me Now

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