What Is Global Test Market About? Is It Legit or a Scam? Read This Before you Join Up

Global Test Market

Free To Join












  • It's Legitimate
  • Payout Via Paypal
  • Anyone Can Participate


  • Very Time Consuming
  • Market Point expired in 3 Years
  • Boring Survey that might not related in your interest
  • Long payout. Usually takes 4-6 weeks or more

What Is Global Test Market? Does Global Test Market Scam People? Lots of people simply like to “putter about” online instead of doing something actually useful. They just want to pass the time online flittering from one thing to another like they’re changing channels on the TV.

Maybe the first answer their emails and check Facebook. Then they check their favorite news and gossip websites, watch amusing videos on YouTube, play a few simple but diverting online games, or just solve some online quizzes and puzzles.

However, if you’re prone to answering surveys for free to pass the time, then you don’t really have to go unrewarded for your efforts. You can actually get paid, and you make your time more profitable with Global Test Marketing.

Global Test Market Review?

What Is Global Test Market?

Name: Global Test Market
Website: www.globaltestmarket.com
Overall Rank: 5 out of 10
Reward: 1000-1200 points = $50
Fee: Free
Status: Legit

What Is Global Test Marketing and How Does It Work?

Global Test Marketing allows you to get paid just a little bit for every survey you complete. First, you join Global Test Marketing just by registering on their website. The registration form asks you a bunch of questions about your interests so that GTM knows which types of paid surveys are best for you. It’s free to join, so there’s no nonsense about how you have to pay money to earn money.

Here you are offered the surveys you can fill out, and then you’re awarded MarketPoints. Different surveys offer the different number of MarketPoints, which you can then exchange for gift cards or cash.

Often the points are higher when the survey information is more urgent for the company who needs the info. You also usually get more points if the survey is much longer. You also have to be demographically qualified for the surveys. If you’re not the right age or in the right location, then you’re probably going to receive fewer points (if you receive any at all).

In general, you’ll need to complete about 25 surveys (more or less) to reach about 1000 to 1200 points, which you can then convert to about $50. The precise number of points that can be converted to $50 depends on the country you’re based in.

You just have to convert these points within 3 years of receiving them, or else they’ll expire.

What should assuage any worries here is that of all the paid survey membership websites you can join, Global Test Marketing is the most reliable and the most well-known. It has about 5.5 million members based in 49 different countries all over the world. Even teens who are 14 years old can participate since the youth demographic is obviously important to a lot of companies.

However, if you’re in the US you may have to wait about 4 to 6 weeks to get your money through PayPal. In other countries, it may take even longer.

Global Test Marketing Support

The Global Test Marketing FAQ section is quite informative, so most of your questions should be answered quickly. It also comes with a Help Center that can answer any question you send in.

There’s no forum for members to discuss their problems and experiences, however. For the companies, that’s a good thing because they would like to avoid any possibility of collusion. Still, it would have been nice if members can share their problems about the money or about not getting enough surveys to answer.

The Good and the Bad

(+) You can summarize the two main benefits of Global Test Marketing easily enough. First, you can get money and rewards for something that you probably wouldn’t mind doing for free. Even if you do insist on getting paid, answering surveys won’t require any sort of special knowledge or training.

(+) The other main benefit is that Global Test Marketing is totally legit. The surveys will be available. You will get paid. This website won’t scam you at all. That’s always a relief since so many scam websites abound all over the web.

On the other hand, there are quite a lot of negatives you may have to deal with.

(-) This will take a very, very, very long time to make you money. It’s so time-consuming that some people may take an entire year to reach the requisite amount of points for your $50.

(-) There will be some days when you don’t get too many surveys to complete.

(-) Some of these surveys can be so boring!

(-) It takes a lot of time to get paid. Some of the more impatient ones may even say they’re not paid at all.

Basically, Global Test Marketing is not how you make real money online. Getting $50 every 2 months is difficult to achieve, and that’s way below minimum wage.

What’s the Better Alternative?

Now if you want to really make money online, you have to try something else. You can use that time you spend on surveys to actually learn about online businesses and other methods like Affiliate Marketing. Read this I have written on What Is So Good About Affiliate Marketing nowadays. Then you can actually earn real money for a change, and more quickly too.

You can try to learn from an educational training program like Wealthy Affiliate, which will give you the training and tools you need to start a website and make it grow. You get all the support you need from a real community, and you can even get private coaching.

After all that, you can earn $50 a day. In fact, that’s a rather small—some people earn a lot more than that especially if they know what they’re doing. See below-proven success story from WA member build their website and make money from it.

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Global Test Marketing is a totally legit company with some serious issues. On one hand, it offers you a very easy way to earn a bit of money. It’s so easy for you that it earns a 5/10 rating.

But why not a higher rating? That’s because the money is so small and it takes so much time that you’re basically not really earning money at all. From an income-earning perspective, taking surveys for money is a joke.

So what you need to do, if you’re determined to take surveys for money, is to join other similar sites like Global Test Marketing. But if you want to earn real money, you’ll have to learn how, and then you have to do some real work. Perhaps you can make money with your passion. Read this on how to build your own website.

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Maxx Tan

  • Carol says:

    In the past I’ve signed up for all kinds of surveys hoping to make some extra cash, but I have never made anything from any of them. I got so tired of answering the same questions over and over again and you’re absolutely right, it can get so boring. Not only that, but the ones that actually sounded like I could make money from never seemed to have anything that I fit the criteria for. At least it’s good to know that Global Test Marketing is legit and not a scam. If I had more time I might give it a try. Thank you for explaining it all so well.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      No Problem Carol, I have also encounter a similar situation thought of Survey is works. But when you consider the time you spent there you will know this things doesn’t work if you look for serious income for from your online business.

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