What Is Level Rewards About? Is It Another Waste of Time and Energy?

I’d like to assume that the main reason you are here is that you came across Level Rewards and you have a keen interest to join this seemingly good paid survey platform.

Do you want to know if venturing into this platform is worth your while, no?

This review and analysis of the Level Rewards platform are not biased but I see to it that it is very objective and straightforward. Simply because I am not associated with this get-paid-to do a website or with any other online money-making opportunity for that matter.

For that reason, I can honestly say that I am delivering nothing but truthful and honest to goodness review of the Level Rewards structure.

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Level Rewards Summary Review

Website: https://levelrewards.com/

Founder: Undisclosed

Price: Free to Join

Best For: Ideal for people who perfectly understands how GPT (Get-Paid-to-Do) websites work to their advantage. 

What is Level Rewards

Summary:  Even though we qualify Level Rewards as a  decent online money-making program with what can be considered as a unique referral system, I won't encourage anyone to join this site. From the name of the platform itself, they have a  leveling system that works to the disadvantage of their members. It actually keeps them from earning money through their platform. Unless users will discern how the system works, they would not suspect that the website is offering them limited income potential. All because of their employed leveling system. And if you happen to become a member of their panel through a sponsor, you may not expect any valuable help from him and may have to depend on your own in as far as learning about the program is concerned. Level Rewards does not offer training support for their members, so they are left out on their own learn about the opportunity and the program.  

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: NO!


What Is Level Rewards?

If you haven’t come across this website before, it is likely that you have either of these two questions in mind: 

  • What is Level Rewards About?
  • Is Level Rewards a SCAM?

Level Rewards is a typical platform for affiliate systems. Their main purpose is to link users to various products and services. As for the company’s revenue, they get cuts on the commissions that each of their members earns

The system works in much the same way as most survey sites. Instead of survey offers, what they have are product trials. There are instances that they offer survey tasks, too. 

Now, let us delve deeper into what Level Reward system really is all about and determine if they are a scam to veer away from or not. 
The vast majority of GPT (get-paid-to-do) websites give you the liberty to just sign up for an account so you can become a full-fledged member, and after which you can commence making money by accomplishing for them simple tasks. 

In Level Rewards, things are taking a different turn though. They will require you to complete different types of task offers, at the same time, they will also encourage you to invite other people into the system to do the same.

Therefore, if you are among those people who are looking for ways to earn a few bucks just by accomplishing simple tasks and is wanting to earn extra more by referring more people to the platform, this opportunity will work well for you. 

As the name of this platform suggests, starters would begin by using their Level system. Whenever you get promoted to the next level, your earning potential simultaneously will increase also. 

Each level in their system is valued as one credit. Therefore, if you have 2 credits in your profile, that constitutes getting your account promoted to level 2. Thus, 3 credits put you in level 3, etc. 

Is Level Rewards a SCAM or what?

So far, it is not indicated anywhere on their homepage what the maximum level is they have for their panel members, but I have come across users that are in Level 30 already.

What’s interesting in this platform is that the commissions you earn will depend up the level that your affiliates reach. For example, if you referred someone into their platform and they moved up to level 2 on their own, then you are entitled to receive bonus money amounting to $10.

Here is the catch you need to know:

It is either you are on the same level as they are or you are in a much higher position. Otherwise, you might not get yourself entitled to the bonus.

So this means to say that if you are a panel member on level 1 and you have an affiliate who quickly moved to level 2, then that means to say that you won’t receive any bonus money.

I myself did not expect that coming and was under an impression that it should be a great twist to the classic affiliate program we know of.

How Do Level Rewards work? 

Compared to other GPT websites, Level Rewards is slightly different in such a way that they are not going to pay you for completing offers yourself.

The tasks they offer you comes with a corresponding number of credits which will eventually take your profile to a higher level.

You will start to earn if someone signs up using your link and they start completing offers right away, too. The higher level they reach, the more money you will earn eventually.

If your referral reaches a new level, then it is okay if you will proactively request from their customer support team for your reward. It will be sent over to your provide Paypal account.

The Level Reward system will let you earn $5 for each and every level that your referred member will complete. However, please remember that you are not going to get any payment for any level that is much higher than what you are currently on.

For instance, if you are level 3, you may only expect to receive payment from your referred members until level 3. So this means to say that if they promote to the next tier, that are levels 4,5, 6, and so on, the system will not deem that you are entitled to payment.

Now I am certain that many of you out there are not an avid fan of these so-called “referral programs”, while there are also a handful of people who are also really okay with it. If you are keen on finding opportunities that will help you develop another stream of online income sans the use of any referral program, you may want to consider the affiliate marketing course offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Get Started with Level Rewards? 

Account sign-up on Level Rewards will not cost you anything. This fact alone removes any possibility that this program could be a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme.

However, they have on offer paid offers, too, which will ask you to provide your credit card information. Be warned though that if you fail to cancel such subscription on time, you will get charged eventually.

The Ugly Truths About Level Rewards Revealed

There are things about Level Rewards that are worth looking into because these factors are

working against your interest if you belong to this platform as a panel member.

As a starter, your entry level status means to say that you won’t get paid with actual cash. What you are going to receive instead are rather credits. Earning credits will take your status to the next level which in process will bring you more affiliate bonuses.

In Level Rewards, there is no way you can make money just by completing their offered tasks. The bulk of your income here will actually come from their affiliate program.  

Second thing worth mentioning here, most of the offers you will have from this site are paid trials. These trial offers necessitate that you volunteer to their system your credit card details.

Now you must understand that there is a risk involved here and that is you  will get charged should you miss out on cancelling that particular subscription just before the deadline comes.

Unfortunately, not many people will remember that, most especially if they signed-up for multiple trials every single day.

Additionally, there are other subscriptions that will necessitate you to pay an upfront fee. Included here is the Hulu Plus. They will charge you with $5.99 just by creating an account, eventually earning for you 2 credits.  


Another point of concern about these offers that I just noticed is that these offers are available in the United States ONLY! If you will try to use proxies or VPN, it will run the risk of getting your profile banned.

So this means to say that if you are outside the U.S., it is going to be very difficult for you to even get to the second level.

I also want to emphasize how badly you need to assess your marketing skills? Is it really that good? Why bother? It is because the bulk of your income will actually originate from the affiliate program.

Granted that you are exceptionally good at it, there remains the fact that you will need to motivate them so they will exert all that needed the effort to move up from their current level, too.

Basically, the working idea here is that you need to grind offers so you can move your level a notch higher up while at the same time you need to get your affiliates to grind their offers as well. If they do so, they will get to a higher level and eventually you become entitled to that cash bonus. 

What I Do Like About Level Rewards

Level Rewards Pays You Out!

If there is one good thing about this GPT website that is worth mentioning here, it is the fact that they give payments to their members.

If you are not aware yet, the GPT industry has earned notoriety due to platforms that are unable to pay their members with their due monetary rewards. They pay their members on time.

What  is Level Rewards About

As a matter of fact, Level Rewards has even come up with a dedicated Facebook group dedicated to members who want to post online their actual Level Rewards proof of earnings.

Above all, it is free to get started here.

Is Level Rewards a SCAM? 

It is safe to conclude that Level Rewards is a legitimate GPT rewards website with unique ways of rewarding its members. Despite the fact that we can see they have a decent program to offer, we can’t fully give our “thumbs up” to this platform nor recommend it for anyone to try out due to the following reasons:

The leveling system they employ is working against their members and is actually keeping them from earning a decent amount of monetary rewards. As carefully explained above, even if you are able to refer 100s of people signup for an account and perform assigned tasks for the site, if they don’t reach level 1 then you won’t get any payment yet.

What I honestly think about it, it is an offered money they have yet there is no assurance of anyone getting it.

Rank #1:
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The second concern I have about this leveling system is that it puts a limit to your income potential. Thus, in order to make their system worth your while, you will need to put in a lot of work to it.

Then finally, if you will count on your sponsor to train you on how to go by and carry out the business, they can be a big disappointment. Why? Like everybody else, they just groped on the system and learned things on their own. They are not experts in the business.

The reason being is that Level Rewards does not provide formal training for their panel members. This aspect is handed down to the sponsors themselves. So you’d be on your own if you, and you are not likely to receive the support you may need.

I can’t help but think it this way, the Level Rewards system is analogous to MLMs. Your upline member of the network is supposed to help you become successful in the system by virtue training you and instructing you in everything.

If your upline member failed you on this aspect, you have minimal chances of earning more from the system. But if what you are aiming for is just to earn quick cash from the Internet, Level Rewards would be ideal.

Is Level Rewards a SCAM? 

When you fully understand how GPT websites really work, you will agree with me in saying that this particular business structure is not the best vehicle to use to reach your goal of financial wellness.

If you are seriously looking for the best online money making opportunity, I suggest that you try affiliate marketing instead. As an individual who’s already tried both the MLM and affiliate marketing worlds, I know that I am in the position to really tell which one is the far better option.

Top Recommendation

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My purpose in enumerating some of the good points you get from the Wealthy Affiliate marketing opportunity is for you to get the whole picture -- the system is designed to work in your best interest.

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I did try a lot GPT websites before and I am under impression that they are all the same, including Level Rewards. The earning potential in any of these sites are so small, some won't even reward you for your efforts. This is the reason why they have earned notoriety in the online money-making sphere. With all that things I present you with in this review, would you still think it is viable to join this site? Why, or why not?  Please send your insight using the comment section below. 

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