What is Megatypers? Is Megatypers a Scam?

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Megatypers Summary Review

Website: www.megatypers.com

Founded: 2012

Founder: Unknown

What it Is: Solve capchas to earn money

Rating: 35/100

What is Megatypers


Megatypers Overview 

Megatypers Review

MegaTypers is a clickworking site, where you get paid small amounts of money to do small repetitive tasks online.

These sites can be a good choice for people who struggle to get a conventional job, can only work non-traditional hours, or have limited skills, because you only have to sign up and complete small, simple tasks.

MegaTypers pays people to solve CAPTCHAs online, so long as you can read and type, you should be able to make money with MegaTypers. But is it worth your time? Keep reading

What Is Megatypers and How Does It Works?

Megatypers Captcha

Some websites that focus on typing or transcription have you perform a skills test or something before you register.

But MegaTypers does not; it allows anyone to sign up and register for free.

They recommend that you be able to type at least 10 words per minute, but do not test you for speed or skill.

MegaTypers is currently only open to those who have a valid invitation code.

However, MegaTypers also has an affiliate referral program. When you sign up for the site using someone's invitation code, they get rewarded with 10% of all your earnings.

So finding a MegaTypers invitation code online is fairly simple, because affiliates make them easily available.

MegaTypers offers lots of cash-out alternatives. You can get paid by PayPal, debit cards, bank checks, Western Union, Perfect Money, WebMoney, Payza, bitcoin, or LiteCoin.

You have to choose your payment method when you sign up, and it cannot be changed later.

Different payment methods have different cash-out thresholds.

Most MegaTypers cash-out thresholds are between $3 and $100, and payments are processed weekly.

However MegaTypers doesn't credit typers directly in cash.

Typers earn “TyperCredits” which can then be converted to “a dollar currency” (one has to assume the standard is US dollars).

Typers earn different amounts of “TyperCredits” depending on when they are working. TyperCredits change every hour, and can be higher on different days. 

While the front page of MegaTypers.com says that TyperCredits start at $0.45 per thousand images and go up to $1.50 per thousand images, real users see rates as low as $0.15 per thousand images, and no higher than $0.91.

That bears repeating for emphasis. MegaTypers pays people a top rate of $0.91 for solving a thousand CAPTCHAs.

Assuming you type at their minimum recommended speed of 10 words/minute, you could potentially type 600 words in an hour, but most CAPTCHAs are two words, so you could potentially solve ~300 in an hour, meaning you would earn about $0.30 an hour in a top-paying hour.

In fact, most people who use the site regularly see returns at around $0.40 - $0.50 per hour, probably because they type faster than 10 words a minute.

Who Is Megatypers For?

Is Megatypers a Scam

MegaTypers claims to be good for stay-at-home parents, those who need a second job or are in between jobs, or for students who want to earn extra money from anywhere.

They also claim that top earners on the site earn $100-$200 per month.

It is theoretically possible that some early adopters hit those earnings numbers, mostly by relying on the affiliate reward system, but nobody using the site today is seeing rewards anywhere close to that amount, and most are seeing $5-$10 per month.

With rewards that are so very low for the amount of time required, it seems that most people would be better off doing almost anything else to make $2 a week.

Tools and Training

The site does have tools and training to help you solve CAPTCHAs quickly and accurately, although it's not necessary for most people.


MegaTypers not only doesn't have great support, but they are clear that they can suspend and ban accounts at any time, for any reason, with no explanation.

In fact the entire tone of the site as it communicates with typers is almost unnecessarily aggressive. One typer referred to it as “bullying.” For example:

“Smart-CAPTCHA solving is mandatory at this time of day.”

“Your work is reviewed every hour. If we find incorrect answers, we will deduct it from the total amount images you have decoded; consequently your Estimated Balance will be reduced.”

If you don't solve CAPTCHAs within 15 seconds, the system starts warning you.

Three warnings and it will end your session. While it's understandable that there must be rules, they could be communicated more collaboratively.


The Good

There is really nothing good about MegaTypers.

The Bad

Based on what's above, you might think you already know what's bad about MegaTypers: the low rate, high earning threshold, and aggressive communication style. But no. What's really bad about MegaTypers is:

Load times between images

Typers are working for MegaTypers by the hour, and the rate varies every hour. They are supposed to work quickly and are penalized for taking too long.

However, in between every CAPTCHA, they have to wait for the new image to load. Sometimes these load times can be very long, reducing the earnings of the typer for no good reason.

No terms and conditions

If this were a reputable site, offering legitimate contracted work to people, then there ought to be terms and conditions, a privacy policy, and probably a legal disclaimer.

It is highly suspicious and unusual to invite people to register for a site without these kinds of statements.

Banning people before they cash out

The most widespread, furious complaint about MegaTypers is that many people have the experience of being banned or having their accounts suspended and earnings docked just before they reach a cash-out threshold.

The company does not respond to or resolve these complaints.

My Final Thoughts on Megatypers

It is this final point that makes MegaTypers a site to avoid. It would be bad enough if they had people working for pennies an hour.

But to have people working for pennies an hour, for dozens of hours, only to suspend their accounts and dock their pay for no reason is beyond scammy, and actually insulting.

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  • Merlynmac says:

    Thank you for this review.  I’m a bit leery of a company that’s trying to solve CAPTCHAs.  I can’t think of a legitimate reason for something like this and suspect it’s for bypassing safety guards or SPAM controls.As if my discomfort wasn’t enough, the pay is terrible.  I can’t imagine anyone making a living off of this.I appreciate that you took the time to review it and even provide examples of the “earnings”.  I’ll definitely steer clear of this one.Thanks again!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Merlynmac, You are most welcome and this is what I do to help people stay out of this kind of BS.

  • stefan says:

    Wow, this is really more like a joke than a make money opportunity lol.

    $5-15 a month if you do this all the time, who should this help? I don’t see how this program gets participants, that’s about the lowest level pay I have ever seen.

    I like you prefer to work on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Ok, here I initially don’t earn any money but with every hour I invest I’m building my own business step by step.

    The success stories show exactly what we work for here, not $5 a month lol.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Stefan, I am happy for you that results from the WA training. Keep it up and eventually, you will achieve your goal. 

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