What is Panda Research? Is It SCAM or LEGIT?

The prospect of making money from the Internet is very appealing to many of us. An online research will show you the manifold of ways to get this done. However, it is crucial that you know to identify a legitimate opportunity from a scam offer. 

One of the most popular, and perhaps even most sought after online money-making opportunity we have today is a paid survey site. We sometimes refer to them as GPT or get-paid-to survey sites. While they may be extremely popular and very much in demand these days, you should not get into the habit of just joining a random survey site.

Much like any other online money-making opportunity, you need to identify if the platform you are planning to join is safe, credible, and not another scam. If you have plans of joining Panda Research anytime soon, think twice first if this is the best opportunity for you when it comes to making money online.

If you are seriously looking for ways to establish another stream of online passive income, I strongly suggest that you consider becoming a marketing affiliate instead. If you only have a good grasp of how the vast majority of GPT sites work, you wouldn’t even consider them as worth your while.

Why marketing affiliate?

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Panda Research Summary Review

Website:  www.pandaresearch.com

Founder:  n/a

Price: Free to join

Best For:  People willing to answer survey questions during their spare time and hopefully earn some bucks on the side. 

The Panda Research Reviews

Summary:  Panda Research is a pioneer in the get-paid-to survey industry. While they have been involved in the industry for such a long time since 2005, the company has the audacity to make a disclaimer notice upon account signup that members are not given any assurance that they will get paid for their efforts in answering their provided survey tasks. 

Rating:  15 /100

Recommended: No. 


What is Panda Research?  

Did it ever cross your mind what is Panda Research paid surveys all about? If you are somehow familiar with InboxPays and InboxDollars, the very same minds behind them are also the very same ones behind Panda Research.

Panda Research works in much the same way as any other online paid surveys out there. You need to sign up and create your profile first before you can join their platform. Following that you need to answer as well several demographic questions. This part of the sign-up process will help the system classify what type of profile you are having, hence, it can determine also what type of survey tasks it should send to your account.

Panda Research is a  qualified market research company. This signifies that this business entity is taking the role of the middleman for its client companies. These Panda Research client companies have a dire need for your information and they obtain them through survey tasks. They are coursing this to their target market via Panda Research platform.

It is crucial that panel members (those who signed up to participate in survey tasks) accomplish the survey questions sent to them on time and in full details. Otherwise, failure to do so will invalidate their entitlement to receive the corresponding points for that particular survey task.

Normally, there is a ceiling for accumulated points which corresponds to cash reward offerings and other incentives.

Panda Research Reviews and Company Background?

It is safe to say that Panda Research is one of the pioneer GPT sites. The company was established way back in 2005. They were under the umbrella of A&A Marketing Inc., the very same team behind many other paid-to survey sites such as MindsPay and InboxPays.

There are 7 other companies under the A&A Mark Inc., but it is obvious to see that Panda Research is their flagship company. Even if there are 7 other business organizations behind A&A Marketing Inc., they have not been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and received a failing mark from the agency which is “F”.

One of the most complained about issues in GPT/survey sites is when panel members are constantly screened out from survey tasks. This is a very frustrating situation because it completely removes a member’s chance to accumulate points for rewards.

However, according to my research, aside from survey projects Panda Research offers its members a manifold of other money-making opportunities.

People who get screened often from survey tasks can turn to these opportunities instead:

  • Receive and read paid emails
  • Choose to accomplish free and paid offers
  • You can refer people from your circle to join the company and become part of the panel members.
  • Receive promotions and specially discounted items on offer
  • Entitle yourself to receive rewards and raffle draws after completing a survey task. 

How to Get Started with Panda Research?  

Currently, Panda Research is open to anyone provided they are a US resident, and at least 18 years old or above. Your profile will not be accepted if you will sign-up for an account on behalf of another business entity or organization.

The system allows for one account per household, and you may only have one account using a valid email address. Members are discouraged to have more than one account because this will only result in account termination and invalidate your upcoming earnings.

What Will Panda Research with Your Survey Answers? 

Whatever information Panda Research collects from their panel members, they will be solely utilized for marketing research purposes. The responses of their panel members are collected, collated, processed, and would be finally submitted to their client companies.

Panda Research paid surveys

The collected information from surveys will be used by client companies in shaping the products or services they are offering their market. With respect to your personal details, unless you opted upon sign-up that they can be disclosed to Panda Research’s client companies, they would remain confidential and will not be accessed by third-party entities.

The Ugly Truths About Panda Research Revealed  

Limited Potential Earnings 

Can you really, honestly say that you are earning decent money if after waiting for more than 30 days you will only get $50? You guessed it right, it is a very low income potential for you when you join Panda Research.

No Payment Guarantee

This company is not going to give their panel members any assurance that upon completing their offered survey tasks, they will receive credit for it.  It literally translates to having no assurance that you can get paid from your effort.

What is Panda Research?

Income potential disclaimer in Panda Research

30-Days of Waiting Period

This GPT site is implementing a 30-days waiting period for you to receive your cash incentives. Waiting time would commence from the time you processed to withdraw from your account your earned funds.


Poor Customer Support for Panel Members

This aspect is one of the most complained about in the Panda Research platform. The vast majority of their panel members need to wait a significant amount of time just to get a response from their support team for a query.

A handful of them are also unable to elicit an answer for their concerns.

High Minimum Balance for Payout

This GPT site requires that you have a minimum of $25 accumulated from your completed offers before the system could actually allow you to process withdrawal of your funds. This simply means to say that you can’t cash out from your completed surveys alone.

Some panel members also raised concern about the long waiting time for them to receive their Paypal payments, an average of 90-days.

Panel Members Are NOT Getting Paid

Before making a decision to join Panda Research and take active participation in their survey projects, it is important that you contemplate on what you are getting yourself into.

You need to imagine first the amount of time it might really take you to reach the threshold amount for you to cash out. Plus, if ever you reached that threshold amount for you to withdraw your funds, do you still have a good amount of patience to wait for another 30 days to get an approval for your funds withdrawal request.

The Panda Research Reviews

Panda Research is NOT BBB Accredited Company

If this agency, Better Business Bureau, has not granted a stellar rating for Panda Research, it only means to say that this company has a very poor customer relations. The organization might not even have its own concept of what a good customer service is.

As far I am concerned, if will you will raise a complaint about a company’s products or services to their customer care team, chances are high that your concerns will not be addressed in time and in proper manner.

Worse, you might not even get a response.


What I Do Like About Panda Research?  

  1. It is free to join Panda Research. Sign-up for an account to participate in their survey projects is free of charge. It will cost you nothing.

  1. The Panda Research sign-up process is pretty simple and straightforward. At stake also is a chance for you to have your very first $3 earning, just by taking the time to complete the sign-up process.

  1. If in other online paid survey sites, members are having an issue on the scanty amount of surveys they’re getting, it is not an issue with Panda Research platform. They will send you an adequate amount of surveys on a regular basis.

  2. This GPT site is reputed to have the highest payout amount out of hundreds of survey sites. The longer the survey is, the higher their payout will be, anywhere between $25 to $75.  

Is Panda Research a SCAM?   

I am really having second thoughts if I should qualify Panda Research as a scam, considering the fact that they have been in the business since 2005. It is a great feat in the online world for any company.

However, with respect to the various warning signals we came across with on this and other Panda Research reviews,  I would be very hesitant to recommend this opportunity even to my most fiendish foe as I know that there are indeed many other online money-making opportunities that are far better than this.


If what you are really after is finding an online money-making opportunity that delivers you a steady stream of passive income, then you should not consider Panda Research.


Remember what I disclosed above, they have a disclaimer during the signup process that they are not giving their members any guarantee that they will get paid for their efforts in answering surveys.

By making it sure that they have a non-payment clause in their disclaimer message, they are protecting themselves and can’t be obligated to pay their panel members at any given time. Moreover, since the platform offers unsuspecting members low-income potential, it is not surprising that a handful of its members are not getting paid also.

Keep this in mind if you will proceed and join the Panda Research platform -- it is not their obligation to pay you! Therefore, they don’t owe you any explanation if ever you don’t get paid for your efforts.

If you want to take the risk, I won’t!

How I Make Money Online?    

The prospect of earning significant amounts of money in a short period of time with minimal effort has always been an effective strategy employed by GPT or get-paid-to sites to lure unsuspecting people to join their company. Panda Research is not an exemption here.

From all the information given above, we can glean that Panda Research is definitely not the best opportunity to have in as far as making money online is concerned. First of all, they emphasized on their sign-up disclaimer that they don’t give their members any assurance that they will get paid by them if they will take active participation in their survey tasks.

That is the red flag you need to know!  Everything else about it is actually dwarfed by this admission from their end.

But there is no reason for worry.  As opposed to answering surveys every now and then, I suggest that you consider becoming a marketing affiliate, the Wealthy Affiliate way.

Why Wealthy Affiliate? 

There is a manifold of marketing affiliate programs that I have found on the Web before, but after making a careful comparative analysis of what they have on offer in as far as reaching my financial goals is concerned, their training programs and employed methodologies are second to none.

Most importantly, it’s the platform which enabled me to become financially independent. Right now I am earning a 4 figure passive income per month.

There is no reason why you can’t enjoy the same success that I am having at the moment. And all is made possible by Wealthy Affiliate.

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On a lighter note, how do you find paid survey sites? Do you really, honestly think you can earn a decent amount of money answering surveys? I used to take chances on a couple of paid survey sites before, and guess what I never earned a single dime from any of them. Me not being able to cash out from Paidviewpoint after 2 months of answering their survey questions, had me outgrow my interest in paid survey sites up until today. What is your story about? Please head yourself to the comment's section for your feedback on this post.

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