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Perk.com Summary Review

What Is It: Software Company

Founded: 2009

Website: www.perk.com 

Price: Free To Join

Parent Company: Rhythmone

Summary: Perk is a mobile application that lets people earn rewards for their shopping behaviors

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


Perk.com Overview 

Perk is a website as well as a series of apps that will allow you to earn a little money through various means, including watching videos, live TV, taking quizzes, shopping and more.

Those who have tried it out liken the setup to something similar to CashCrate or Swagbucks.

If you're familiar with those sites, you'll know that these aren't things you'll get rich from, but they can provide some nice little rewards that can be enjoyable for those who are willing to put the effort in.

The main difference is that Perk.com is connected to a wide number of apps rather than just a website.

What is Perk.com and How Does It Work? 

Perk largely provides rewards, offers, and the ability to earn through viewing, listening or shopping for various things.

These can include adding yourself to a certain mailing list, trying out a service or making purchases.

The good news is that there are definitely a wide variety of ways to earn.

There are 12 different apps you can use for the sake of earning points, which can allow you to build up the points towards a specialized Perk debit card called Perk Plastik, gift cards and sweepstakes to win cool prizes, more gift cards or even cash in some cases.

On top of that, you can also earn a decent amount of points by making referrals.

When you refer someone to the program and they earn some points through the apps, you'll in turn get 500 points.

However, they do have to cash out the rewards they earn before you can obtain that bonus.

It's also important to set your expectations with this program. It's not an option that will make you rich or even allow you to live off of the earnings.

This isn't designed to be an easy ticket to financial freedom. Typical earnings range from about $5 to $25 on a monthly basis.

The Most Profitable Ways To Make Money on Perk.com

This is really going to depend on the kinds of rewards you're seeking.

Overall, with Perk it's important to keep in mind that there are different currencies involved in the process. There are tokens and there are points.

Consequently, you'll need to have a full understanding of what each one can get you, as well as which apps allow you to earn the type of currency you want.

The best way to earn money through this program is to make sure you know what the end result is you want, whether you need tokens or points to get it, and then do what you can to earn the correct currency for the correct type of prize.

That way, you can streamline the process and have a good idea of how to get the results you want.

It's also wise to treat it for what it is. If you have a little extra time during your day, then go ahead and earn a few points if you can.

However, it's not going to be profitable for you to spend hours or days trying to earn points, as it is unlikely to earn enough to be worth that time.

Who Is Perk.com For

Perk is largely for those who want to earn a little extra cash, gift cards or other goodies in their free time.

It's an option that can be fun to make use of from time to time, but not one that will earn you a great deal of money.

Perk.com Tools and Training

There isn't a lot of training needed for those who use Perk, aside from maybe learning how to navigate the website and apps to get what you need.

Once you have a handle on that, you'll definitely be ready to go earn the points or tokens you need to get what you want.

Perk.com Support

Perk does include a help center that can assist you with understanding how Perk works as well as how the apps work.

It also provides FAQ as well as a page for helping you to understand what your account page is all about.

On top of that, you can also submit a request if you have a more specific question. While this isn't as fast as a live chat, it can be a decent way to get what you need in a relatively quick amount of time.

Overall, the help center is simple and easy to navigate.

Pros and Cons

The Good

There are plenty of benefits to Perk. It allows you to earn a little bit of extra money in some interesting, easy ways.

It won't make you a ton of money, but who doesn't like a little added spending money, or a gift card to look forward to every month?

As long as you have the right frame of mind, Perk can be a perfectly find experience.

It doesn't present itself as a way to get rich, just an opportunity to earn a little money through a wide variety of ways. 

You may even find you enjoy the time spent earning.

The Bad

The largest issue with Perk is the confusion that can be caused by the difference between tokens and points.

For the most part, there is a reason for the difference as one tends to work for sweepstakes and the other is more for earning gift cards, but in some cases it can be confusing.

As a result, some people may become frustrated with trying to find ways to earn the right kind of currency, so you'll want to make sure that you have a full understanding of what you want and how to earn it in an efficient way.

My Final Thought on Perk.com

Perk is a pretty decent site, with some convenient apps. With the right expectations, it can be a fun way to earn some gift cards or a little bit of extra income.

Just don't expect to be able to replace the income from your job with this program.

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