What is Rev.com? Is it Worth Your Efforts and Time?

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So What is Rev or Rev.com. Is it a Scam or Legitimate work from home opportunities?

Rev.com is a website that allows for the possibility of making money through a variety of at-home jobs including translating, transcribing and captioning.

While this opportunity is potentially a decent one for the right people, it isn't going to be ideal for everyone, so it's important to make sure you correctly set your expectations.

There are plenty of variables to consider with this option. While many people are willing to jump at the opportunity to work from home, it is worth making sure that you consider carefully.

The ability to work on your own schedule can be very appealing, but that doesn't mean there aren't any downfalls.


What is Rev.com About?

Essentially, there are three positions that you have the option of taking on through this website. You can choose to do captioning, translation or transcribing.

What is Rev.com About

The most common option is transcribing, which allows you to build text from a wide variety of professional audio files.

Through this choice, you'll have the ability to listen to conference calls, interviews or lectures and then create a text file depicting everything they say.

It's a relatively simple process, but it isn't going to be one that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

If you have a mind for multiple languages, then the translation job may be the ideal option for you.

Through this job, you'll review documents in one language and then translate them into another.

The only limits on this position are that it will depend on the languages you already know; not all jobs may be of the same languages.

Finally, the captioning position allows you to add captions to videos at the appropriate points within them.

Depending on the videos you can find, this might be a limited option or one that can be very lucrative at times; it really depends on the demand.

Ways To Make Money with Rev.com

Overall, Rev.com isn't a job that is going to get you rich doing something simple. That's not what the website is used for, nor is it what it intends to do. You can certainly make some money through the jobs offered, but it's not going to be the breezy way to riches.

Is Rev.com a scam

Potentially, the most lucrative option is the translation. At the most, this position claims to offer $0.07 per word. That could potentially result in $70 per every 1,000 words. What's going to make a huge difference is how quickly you can translate, as well as how many videos are available in languages you know.

After that, captioning offers the possibility of providing up to $0.75 for every minute of video you caption. Assuming you can obtain and translate 60 minutes of video in the same amount of real-world time, that can potentially result in up to $45.00 per hour. However, being that fast is unlikely.

Finally, the most popular available job, transcribing, offers up to $0.65 per minute of the audio you're listening to. Just like captioning, if you're able to transcribe 60-minutes’ worth of audio in 60 minutes, that runs the possibility of $39.00 for each hour.

What Is Rev.com for?

Rev.com is a great option for those who want to earn a little extra money.

In some cases, it might be an option that can work as a full-time from-home job, but you should expect earnings to be lower than the $39.00 or $45.00 per hour possibilities.

As a result, if you don't mind earning a lower pay, then it might be worth trying out.

However, it isn't recommended that you try to jump right in full time. Instead, check out the site in your free time and try to get a feel for how likely it is to suit your needs full time.

Rev.com Tools and Training

There is some training you can obtain through Rev.com, which is extremely helpful for those who want to be able to get the job done to the best of their abilities.

This is a great opportunity for those who are completely new to the concept.

In the realm of training, there are online tours, editors, FAQs, style guides, as well as guides for tracking work and plenty more.

This can be very useful considering some of the editors might be pickier than others, so you'll want to be at the top of your game.

Rev.com Support

As mentioned above, there are several resources you can use for support with Rev.com.

If you find that you have questions that cannot be answered by the various pages, you can also opt to contact their customer service more directly, through either a phone number or their email.

That said, the FAQ pages are quite in-depth, and should be able to answer many of the questions that users have when they are just starting out.

For those who want some work done, there are plenty of support options for customers as well as freelancers. You're sure to get help in almost any situation.

Pros and Cons

The Good

Rev.com does present an opportunity to earn some money through honest work that you can do from home.

It's a legitimate site, and therefore a perfectly good option for those who want a little more money in their pockets.

The Bad

The amount you can make is really going to be based on the demand for your work, as well as how quickly you can get through various jobs.

Some audio files or videos may be more difficult to understand, which can result in more time spent on a single task. Some editors can also be rather picky.

My Final Thought

Overall, Rev is definitely not a scam and is a perfectly good option for earning some extra money, but don't expect it to make you rich.

If you're interested, it's better to start small and get a feel for the work available and how quickly you can get through it before trying to dive in full time.

I would highly recommend you to join if think you have the skills and passion. After digging more information and others users I find that the positive reviews are more than the negative reviews. Feel free to join the Rev and see how it goes.

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