What is Riway About? Is Riway a Scam? Be Aware of This First!

What is Riway about? In terms of doing business, are they really showing you “The Right Way”? This is something we need to figure out with the help of this review since many people out there are getting lured with this company. We need to know if this company is indeed offering value to their market or if they are just another scam company preying on the innocent and unknowing.

Rolls Royce cars. Mercedez. Extravaganza. The marketing style this company has adopted is giving us an impression that members of Riway International Groupcan afford a luxurious lifestyle without struggle or difficulty. This perks up our interest and has us ponder if the business opportunity they’re offering is something for us to consider.

This puts you into this line of thought, “Can they really afford to have such a lavish lifestyle”? To know this, we need to look into their business model and from there we can figure out if the business can really sustain a lavish lifestyle.

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Riway Summary Review

Website: https://web.riway.com

Founder:  Lim Boon Hong

Price:  SG$3,688

Best For:  Everyone who is seeking for an opportunity to earn extra income. 

Company logo of Riway

Summary:  This company was started out by someone who happens to have a relevant background in the networking industry. But contrary to what you would expect, there are many aspects of the company that is questionable, particularly their product offerings. They are centered more on their marketing hype than by educating their market about their products and what makes them work.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended:  No


What Is Riway About?

​​​​Riway is a Singapore-based supplement niche MLM company. The business’ primary market is in Asia  but they also have satellite offices in various Asian territories like Taiwan, Myanmar, Indonesia,  Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan. Lim Boon Hong is currently the company’s head (CEO), which he founded in 2008.

Riway Founder

If you will check out the company website, instead of providing Hong’s relevant background in the corporate and  MLM industry, his bio is characterized by statements of generic self-flattery. We can glean from his website his background as follows: 

“With his keen business acumen and excellent management abilities, he continuously seeks to improve and insists on leading by example to establish Riway’s market leadership with a determined conviction as he sets his eyes on the global stage so that everyone could have the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life of freedom.”

Before launching Riway, Hong used to work as an affiliate to Nu Skin first.

How to Get Started with Riway?

Affiliate membership to Riway is tied to your purchase of any of their offered starter packages, as follows:

  • Silver – $375.68
  • Gold – $755.29
  • Platinum – $1425.88
  • Diamond – $2450.98

What makes them distinct from each other though is the included product as well as the income potential through the company’s structure of compensation plan.

Or you can become a Riway distributor after making a purchase of their 6-month package worth of therapy products valued at SG$3,688. The product package is comprised of 7 boxes of Purtier Placenta, which qualifies you to have a distributor Diamond Account.

Riway's Purtier Placenta

Take note that when you opted to buy a box of Purtier Placenta on Lazada, it is valued at SG$388. It is way cheaper in Lazada as opposed to buying it through a Riway sponsored seminar at SG$3,688 / 7 boxes = SG$527.

If you are really keen on joining the Riway network as a distributor, you will become entitled to the following perks:

Compared to other MLM companies, you are not necessitated to maintain your account. There is no required monthly purchase amount after making your distributor account active.

You will not be given any specific monthly sales target. But this work to your disadvantage because you will not be able to optimize your earning potential.

What is Riway about

Your Riway network membership is non-transferrable and is also a lifetime thing. (This part here is kind of deceptive in such a way that there really is no networking company that has lasted for decades. Some may have, but after 5 years or so, they luster as a shining opportunity to many dissipates.)

In a nutshell, lifetime membership to Riway mean only to say that you will become part of their network for life, but that brings no significant value to you or to your financial wellness, now nor in the future.

How to Earn Money in Riway?

Riway is offering their members 3 opportunities to choose from:

  1. Referral Bonus

You need to bring in someone to the company and have him purchase the 6-month therapy package. This will entitle you to earn a 10% commission from the transaction which is valued at  SG$368.80 (SG$3,688 * 10%).

           2. Development Bonus

The Riway International compensation plan is adopting a binary model. What does this mean to say? For as long as you have a person on your left and that matches the person you have on the right, you are entitled to receive a commission, a 10% development bonus.

In simple words, if you have some on the right and there is someone on your left, you will earn SG$368.80.

Riway binary system

          3. Matching Bonus

Make it sure that your downlines (3 levels deep) are earning development bonus. If this is the case, then you are entitled to 10% commission on what they are earning. In a binary compensation plan, 3 levels deep mean to say that 14 members are under your support umbrella.

This actually explains the reason why Purtier Placenta is so expensive. The majority of the money is finding their way back into the compensation plan.

Riway members are asserting that it is fairly easy to get started with the MLM or multilevel marketing business, particularly with the Riway structure and with the companies attractive compensation plan, one can easily get motivated.

Pairing Bonus system

In much the same way as how other networking systems work, Riway is encouraging members to refer interested parties and get them to join the network as distributors. If the newcomer has got the right confidence to deliver his sales pitch, then making arrangements for appointments to his prospects would be easier.

However, for those who are struggling or lacking in this department, they can opt to bring their prospects to the company regular seminars which are actually offered in their satellite offices 3 times a week.

This is, by far, the easiest way you can get this business rolling without you having to worry about the selling or the recruitment part.

Now the point of concern here is, is it really, honestly that easy?

The Ugly Truths Revealed

There is an observable high rate of failure within the members of the Riway network, and this is something that you need to know and understand before making up your mind to join this multilevel marketing company.

A high level of risk is involved, and anyone in the right frame of mind will not want to gamble with this, especially when failure is highly anticipated. I am enumerating here now some valid points that contribute to the high rate of failure in the Riway network.

Wrong Team to Join

Crucial to your success in a multilevel marketing company is the team you will choose to join in. If you happen to have a sponsor who is not so concerned about the quality or integrity of the products or services they offer, but whose actions are more centered on earning big bucks, then he is the worst upline or sponsors you can get.

Additionally, your success is also directly dependent on the product knowledge and expertise that your sponsor is willing to impart to you. Having a not so successful sponsor or upline tend to pass on to you the same fate they have in the business themselves.

You can actually veer away from such disappointment and frustrating experience by knowing exactly what the better opportunity is --  that is by becoming an affiliate marketer through Wealthy Affiliate program.

The Absence of Proper Leads or Prospects

So far, this one aspect, crucially important, is the biggest challenge faced by many Riway distributors. We all know that the very survival of a business organization is highly dependent on having proper leads or prospects.

The absence or the lacking of proper leads impedes a company from growing. In the case of the Riway networking team, members normally would make their inner circle their initial prospects, this would include friends and family members.

Naturally, not everyone is keen or would show any interest in the products or the business opportunity they have on offer. It is because they are not highly targeted groups. Or simply put, they don’t have the same entrepreneurial spirit that you have, which is okay.

Consequently, the chances of getting even a single soul on board are very slim to nothing at all. After exhausting all ways and means you can think of to try and invite people to agree to join you and become your downline, you will run out of good prospects to go after.

Since I used to work in multilevel marketing companies before, I’d say been there and done that. Nothing works! You earn good but your chances of getting yourself a step closer to your financial independence are far cry from reality.

It takes a discerning mind to see and understand that MLM structure is primarily designed by these companies to carry their best interest, but not so much on helping their members to achieve their financial goals.

Riway Products Don’t Come Cheap

When someone offers you an anti-aging product or anything that goes in line with age defiance niche, it is forgivable to be given an arm and a leg cost when you know what makes the product potent and highly effective.

Riway Purtier Placenta
Riway product

But how would you feel or react when instead of giving you facts and information, what you will receive instead would be an array of marketing cliches. It would be very annoying for me instead.

Is Riway a Scam?

Did someone from your own circle tell you that Riway International is a scam company? Or is taking on a pyramid scheme in how it operates? With respect to this review I made, no they are not qualified as a scam company nor a pyramid scheme company.

The company actually did a very poor job in convincing me why I need to shell out a few hundred bucks and buy their deer placenta supplement. Let us delve deeper into this.

Riway’s Silver package, which is valued at $375.68 comes with just a single bottle of a desiccated deer placenta, other than that there is nothing else. If you are going to do a quick Google search on this, you will realize that New Zealand normal price tag per bottle of dried deer placenta is around $50-$60.

Aside from the alleged income opportunity they are offering, they don’t have any other reason to offer why you need to pay for a product that is 7 times as much for a placenta supplement. They failed to give us any compelling reason why taking their deer placenta supplement is something we need to consider seriously. Other than the fact that placenta is being fed to babies when it comes to following that it should be good for adults to consume as well. 

Unless you are a soul willing to be identified with a multilevel marketing company with a shady and questionable reputation in the industry, I can’t think of any plausible reason why anyone would have any interest in joining Riway International.

With Riway International, we are faced with another multilevel marketing company that is not keen on giving us adequate information regarding what their products is all about or what it is made from. Above everything else, they seem to bring their members to focus on affiliate recruitment.

With these two elements of the Riway International, it is obvious to see that they really don’t sit well in the industry. Hence, I can’t come with any good reason why we should consider joining this team.

How I Make Money Online?

When it comes to making money online, there is so much hype that you will hear about it. But don’t worry, all you need to concern yourself about is find exactly what really works, and with that, you need to learn necessary skills as well.

Finding a way to make money online and having a stream of passive income to yourself is perhaps one of the reasons that you have made it so far here, up to this point. I am going to reveal my altruistic side on this one and share to you my secret to making money online. It is not an overnight success, but the sure thing is you are headed in the right direction in as far as making an extra income goes.

While I am not holding anything against networking companies, and I do understand that some are even finding success with some of them, we can’t deny the fact that the vast majority just don’t have the same fate. It is not something to blame on luck, but identifying exactly the right opportunity to take advantage of.

Top Recommendations

My top recommendation for you to earn a significant amount of money sometime in the future is to consider affiliate marketing, particularly the program being offered by Wealthy Affiliate. Why them?

Here are top reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is the cream of the crop:

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Most importantly, it’s the platform which enabled me to become financially independent. And I see no reason why you can have this level of financial success, too.  

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What do you think about this company? Assume that you are planning to join Riway International and eventually become a distributor, knowing how their products are, do you think you will find success here? Or if you are good in sales, how would you try to promote their product line without addressing questions that have something to do with what they are made of or what is in them that makes it expensive? Please share your thoughts below, we might have something up for a discussion.

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  • Kandi says:

    There are so many people looking for ways to start a successful online business.  There really is a lot of money making schemes out there.  It’s hard for innocent people to be able to tell the difference between a legitimate offer and a rip-off offer.  I find it ridiculous some companies want to offer a “product” for $375 when you can easily find it yourself on google for $50, that is absolutely absurd.  I found this review very helpful and beneficial to exposing how it works exactly and laying it out whether someone can expect to make money or not.  When you look to make extra money online more times than not it means you usually don’t have the means to “invest” and take your chances.  Thanks for the information!  

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Yes, this is the reason why I make myself a goal to dig more information and write review towards them so when doing online research they are clear before they join or purchase the program. This is to create the awareness and even though they decided to join they have a clear mindset how it works and having the preparation on the outcome. 

      We can’t tell the offer whether is legitimate or rip off offer and always fall into the trap before it’s too late.

  • radeetalam says:

    Hi,I heard about Riway after reading your review. In your article, I came to know that Riway is an MLM based business and they are not showing us the right way. I understood that, Riway is nothing but a scam. So, we should stay out of it. 

    I loved your recommendation which is Wealthy Affiliate. Though, I am a beginner at WA, I am loving it day by day and making money as well. It is place for both learning and earning. This is like a family. WA is a door of possibilities and successful future.

    Thanks for let us know about the truth and reality of Riway.


    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hey Radeet, You are most welcome. Good to know you discover the truth and reality of Riway in this review post. Help me share out to your surrounding if you could for everyone benefits. 

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