What Is Squarespace About? Pros and Cons of the Website Builder

Is Squarespace a good website builder for you? Getting a beautifully-designed, user-friendly, and fast-loading website with reliable and relevant content is a must for successful affiliate marketing professionals. You have to carefully consider your choices in website builders and hosting services since it can make or break your plans. Among your choices are Squarespace and Wealthy Affiliate, both of which have been tested for their ease of setting up, maintaining and hosting the website for affiliate marketers.

Squarespace Review

Website: www.squarespace.com

Product: All-in-one Website builder

Founders: Anthony Casalena

Overall Ranking:  6 out of 10

Prices: Basic – $12/month if pay annually or $16/month to month. Business – $18/month if subscribe annually or $26/month to month.

What Is Squarespace All About?

Basically, Squarespace is a software as a service-based (SaaS) integrated content management system. This means that it integrates the features and functions of a website creator, a blogging platform, and a hosting service in one system. You, as the client, can create and manage your own personal and professional websites and blogs on it.

If you have done your research, as I did, you will find that these are among its most common pros mentioned by users:

(+) Easy drag and drop website builder. You don’t have to possess coding skills to create and maintain your new website although these will come in handy for management purpose

(+) Design-oriented website creation platform. You can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful website characterized by vivid colors, reader-friendly layout, and readable fonts. You must, however, make design choices with these things in fact. You can adjust colors, fonts, images, and sidebar width, among others, too.

(+) Designer templates to choose from. You will like the clean and clear layouts with a sophisticated vibe. Your website should have a polished look if and when you make the right design choices. Your chosen template will also be viewable on both mobile and desktop devices.

(+) Cover Pages are available. You can use a single scrolling page as your standalone website or you can combine it with a template.

Other benefits are good customer service, backups, and integrated website management tools.

But there are also disadvantages about Squarespace. You have to weigh these disadvantages against its advantages – and you may just realize that it’s not worth its expensive fees!

(-) Lesser control on its appearance on mobile devices. Your website will look best on desktop devices but not on mobile devices, such as smartphones, which will work for your benefit. This is because studies have shown that more people are accessing the Net via their mobile devices.

(-) An overwhelming number of template choices. You may balk at the sheer number of your choices, especially if you’re a newbie who wants to start with a basic yet effective website.

(-) Only one payment processor integration. You will be unable to pay with other methods except for Stripe, which isn’t available in many smaller countries.

The fees for Squarespace’s services are relatively expensive in comparison with its competitors. You can only avail of the bundled services, which means that you cannot avail of services separately. So how much does it really cost you for owning a website?

What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

Now let’s take a look at the great things that come with the subscription to Wealthy Affiliate, a reliable and reputable web creation, management and hosting service. This is a great service for affiliate marketers, both novices, and veterans, for the following reasons.

#1 Fast, easy and convenient creation of your websites

You’re probably worried about your lack of coding knowledge and skills, especially when you hear that professional website designers and developers have formal code training. But your worries are unfounded since Wealthy Affiliate makes it so easy for affiliate marketers to start their business ASAP.

You will love the drag and drop operations in creating your website and its blogs from scratch. You can customize your website by first choosing your template, deciding on the desired customizations, and implementing them. You can experiment with the colors, fonts, and layouts as many times as you want until your website is exactly according to your vision.

Of course, you will end up with a beautiful website that can attract and retain your target customers’ attention! Netizens love well-designed websites that provide positive experiences in overall design, from the colors to the layouts.

#2 Powerful platform

The SiteRubix platform is such a fast and powerful platform that affiliate marketers put their complete trust in its reliability. Your website and blogs including their domain names are in good hands with the platform – and for affordable monthly fees, too!

#3 Great tools for website management

But website creation is just half of the work. You must also manage your website in a cost-efficient, results-effective manner and, thus, make it your best tool toward affiliate marketing success. Your available tools on Wealth Affiliate include website security, ranking, and analysis, which you can learn within an hour or two.

You have to use these tools in order to ensure that your website ranks well on search engine results for your keywords. Your website’s security will also be affected by your optimum use of these tools.

#4 Excellent support system

If you encounter technical issues with your website, you can easily contact the customer support service and get results. Your issues can be addressed – or at least, your calls and chats can be answered – within a minute, on average. You don’t have to wait for a day just to get responses and, thus, you will not be missing out on conversion opportunities.

#5 Outstanding security features

And speaking of security, your website will be monitored by Wealthy Affiliate 24/7 so that attacks can be prevented even before these happen. Your website’s integrity and reliability partly rest on the hosting service provider’s ability to prevent hacking attacks, among other security threats – and Wealthy Affiliate delivers!

Let’s say that your website crashes for any reason, a fact that has also happened to my own websites. You don’t have to panic since Wealthy Affiliate has one of the best backup systems in the industry. Your website will be back up in no time, thanks to the double hosting features, daily backups, and full redundancy.

Final Thoughts

Between Squarespace and Wealthy Affiliate, you will be making a great choice in a website builder, blog platform, and hosting service. But if you’re an affiliate marketer who wants to step up your game, you can be more competitive with Wealthy Affiliate. You will find that its features and functions are, indeed, especially suitable for your business – and that’s what matters most.

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