What is time bucks? Is It A Scam or Trustworthy?

Welcome to Time Bucks review and first of all I would like to congratulation in making such a effort to research on this program. 

We all wanted to make sure we are able to make money online without being scammed. We wanted to make sure we spend our time wisely, you know time is the most precious. 

So in this article you are going to find out my thought of Time Bucks and make a right decision. 

So let's get started. 

Time Bucks Summary Review

Product: Rewards Site

Founder: Unknown

Price: Free

Origin: Australia 

Summary: Don't Join Time Bucks if you are looking for way to make real money. It is not worth spending your time earning so little 

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No


TimeTime Bucks Dashboard Bucks Overview

What is Time Bucks

Time Bucks is a “get paid to” site. Like other “get paid to” sites, you earn small cash rewards for doing small tasks, watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers, and other short tasks.

You can also earn cash rewards for referring people to use the site, with a referral system 5 people deep.

In other words, if you refer someone, and they in turn refer someone else, and they refer someone else, and so on, you get a small percentage of all those people's paid activities on the site, up to 5 layers of referrals.

It has all the standard features of a GTD site, so what makes it different? 

What Is Time Bucks and How Does It Works?

It's easy to use Time Bucks. You simply sign up for free on their website, and you can use your Facebook login to create an account as well.

Once you have signed up, you will have a well-organized dashboard that shows all the things you can do to earn rewards through the site.

Time Bucks has some unusual tasks compared to other GPT sites. You can earn rewards for:

Watching Videos

You have to watch a certain number of seconds before you are rewarded for watching a video.

Taking Surveys

They have surveys available with a range of rewards.


The Offerwall has a number of paid offers like downloading apps, signing up for free trials, etc.

View Content

You can get paid to watch clickbait-like slideshows, like “Ten Best Yearbook Quotes” or celebrity gossip. If you enjoy these kinds of slideshows, you can make a few pennies watching them on Time Bucks.

Read Emails

You can get paid to read emails and newsletters, follow social media accounts, etc.

Daily Offers

Time Bucks users have very low-paid daily offers and opportunities, like daily raffles, daily polls, daily random dice rolls, etc. And the top 5 daily earners every day always get an extra cash reward.

Daily Selfie/Grow a Beard

Time Bucks will pay you to post a picture of yourself every day, or to grow a beard and post pictures of your progress. Participating in these tasks means that you give Time Bucks the right to use your image in their promotional material, so don't participate if you don't want them to have the right to use your photo.

The Most Profitable Ways To Make Money On Time Bucks

Refer A Friend

Many Time Bucks offers are one-time offers that are only open to new people. In fact, it's possible for someone to make up to $50 on their first day by successfully qualifying for and completing all the one-time offers.

Earnings will go down quickly after that as those offers are exhausted, and the normal daily offers have lower rewards.

However, in the initial enthusiasm of making quick money, you may choose to refer some friends who will then (hopefully) make money and do referrals on their first day, and so on.


You can allow Time Bucks to run in the background and mine cryptocurrency.

While giving the site the maximum bandwidth may slow down your computer, this is truly an opportunity to earn money for nothing as the tab runs in the background and offers you random chances to win a little money every hour.

A full day at the highest speed will earn you $0.06-$0.07.

Note that when I say “a little money” I mean a little money.

Time Bucks rewards are always in US dollars as currency, but generally awarded in fractions of pennies, not just pennies.

You can earn $0.001 for watching a slide show, for example. You can also click a button every hour for the opportunity to earn $0.002 worth of bitcoin.

Rewards are paid out every Thursday via PayPal or Payza, provided you have met the $10 minimum payout threshold.

Bitcoins are paid into your bitcoin wallet, should you win any.

Another way to make money off of Time Bucks is to basically gamble. For example, you can buy referrals in order to recruit even more people to the platform, which boosts your earning potential, or use your Time Bucks earnings to purchase Time Bucks raffle tickets that might yield greater rewards.

Who Is Time Bucks For?

Time Bucks Review

Time Bucks might be for people who like wasting a lot of time online taking selfies, clicking random buttons, reading slideshows, and watching videos. However, the rewards for those activities are extremely small.

Many users complain that after the first rush of one-time tasks, the numbers of surveys, videos, and other activities they can get rewarded for is very small.

That may make Time Bucks not a good choice even for people who enjoy those kinds of activities.

Time Bucks Tools and Training

Time Bucks doesn't require any training; the tasks are simple and the site itself is well laid out and very clear.

Time Bucks Support

Time Bucks offers email support, FAQ on the website, and the terms and conditions are very clear.

Pros and Cons

The Good

The good is that with Time Bucks it's possible to earn money by doing practically nothing, if you allow it to use your device to mine bitcoin.

And earning money for posting selfies or growing a beard is an unusual idea, that leads to some cute videos.

The Bad

With regular rewards in the fractions of pennies, it's difficult to see how anyone can get any bucks for their time with Time Bucks.

There are other survey sites that pay more, offer sites that pay more, and even better ways to mine Bitcoin if that's your thing.

The strategy of stacking most of the offers that pay a dollar or more as one-time offers for new signups appears to be designed to make people feel positive about the site for their first impression, but then has a lot of potential to disappoint over time.

My Final Thought on Time Bucks

Time Bucks isn't worth the time for the bucks.

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  • Riaz Shah says:

    Wow, another of these tedious time-consuming money-earning sites that reward us so little for the huge amounts they are earning. Kind of reminds of Bubblews when I used to do previously for some quick cash but I have to admit, the grow a beard thing is pretty new and an ingenious way to get something free from the users.

    Great Time Bucks review maxx, not a good long-term option but I think for students in need of cash, it would be a temporary fix for them.

  • Promise joshua says:

    I generally love the make money online niche even though it is quite competitive.

    I think you need to correct this error in your second paragraph immediately ”We all wanted to make sure we are able to make money online without being scam”  – should be scammed not scam. No offense.

    Thanks so much on the information on time bucks. I never knew that they use the images we upload for their gain. it really isn’t worth the time.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Joshua, Thanks for the correction. I have changed that and thanks for your comment here. Appreciate that. 

  • Chris Anyomi says:

    This time bucks can be as well referred to as time bomb,once it is too good to be good,then know that there is something hidden about the promotion. You have all the package in affiliate market in one box,yet master of non.It is very wise the way you detailed the time bomb and save gullible newbies online looking for a way to make money. I will try your affiliate scheme  and see what I can achieve.

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