What is Traffic Swirl? Quality Traffic or Waste of Money?

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I have to congratulate you making an effort to research about Traffic Swirl. Is this really work like what they stated in their website? Is Traffic Swirl a Scam? Are Traffic Swirl really free to join and bring traffic to your website?

No worries. I am going to reveal to you in this Traffic Swirl Review. 

Before you read further let me be honest with you, I am not promoting Traffic Swirl to you but I am here to reveal the truth about them. 

Traffic Swirl Summary Review

Website: TrafficSwirl.com

Founder: John Bell

Price: Claim to be free but....Read further

Best For: Anyone who want free traffic

Traffic Swirl John Bell

Summary: Traffic Swirl is not scam but somehow I do not recommend despite they are claiming to be free at first gaining traffic to your website. 

Rating: 30 /100

Recommended: Not Really 


Traffic Swirl Overview

Traffic Swirl is a website that claims to be able to bring more traffic to your website, blog or even social media for a very low cost.

It claims that it will be able to target the ideal traffic and direct people toward whatever it is you want attention on.  On the most basic level, it claims to be free.

However, many of us know that things that seem too good to be true usually have a catch of some sort, so let's take a deeper look into this program.

What Is Traffic Swirl and How Does It Works?

To begin with, the program claims to be free.

On the simplest level, the idea behind this program is that you'll explore the websites of other users, and in return they are meant to explore whatever website you've chosen to use in their program.

However, many of the features on this program use a currency called “tokens.” Without them, the program is essentially useless.

You can earn them through exploring affiliated ads, which will provide varying amounts of tokens depending on how long they are overall.

If you don't have the time to do that, then you can also choose to purchase tokens.

This does in turn, make the program no longer a free service, but you can choose to only spend smaller amounts on the tokens to keep the cost at a minimum, or you can choose to splurge.

In addition to tokens, there are also credits. These are a currency you gain as you explore other websites using the program.

For those who don't want to do the work, you can also buy tokens, and in turn credits using the tokens. This is a more costly method, but less time consuming.

Another feature you can consider purchasing is the Turbo Surf, which can increase the number of credits you gain while looking at other people's websites.

As a result, less time is needed to gain whatever number of credits you want. It's essentially like a mobile game, but for earning money through your website.

The Most Profitable Ways To Make Money On Traffic Swirl

Overall, there aren't many ways to benefit from Traffic Swirl that don't rely on you spending either a decent amount of money or a lot of time on the effort.

If you're okay with spending long periods of time watching ads and exploring the websites of others, then it does have the possibility of becoming profitable.

If you're more interested in a speedy way to get traffic, throwing money into tokens and credits can work towards the process, but there's always the chance that you might spend more than you make.

Overall, there might be some better ways to gain traffic that are truly more profitable.

Who Is Traffic Swirl For?

Traffic Swirl appears to target those who might be new to the game of gaining traffic to their websites, blogs and other internet profiles.

It presents what appears to be a simple, easy and free way to get traffic, but ultimately it is none of these things once you get into it.

Furthermore, it's an option that allows you to pay for convenience that does have the possibility of gaining you more traffic, but it's going to cost you in either time or cash. One way or the other, it's a method that many will likely tire of pretty quickly.

That said, there are referrals you can look into that offer the possibility of getting some commission.

While other aspects may be on the shoddy side, this is the one that stands the best possible chance of earning you any actual money from your website.

Tools and Training

Overall, Traffic Swirl does offer the ability to try it for free, though it's likely you'll have to earn or pay for tokens before too long.

This is an aspect that some may enjoy, since they can give it a shot before investing any money into it.

On top of that, the affiliate program is likely to be the best way to make money.


Based on available information, it appears that there isn't a lot in the way of support to be had on Traffic Swirl.

There is a live chat that you can make use of, but not much in the way of training, coaching or other aspects that can teach you how to use it to the best of its ability.

As a result, it's not the most suited to those who are brand new to the concept overall.


The Good

Traffic Swirl does offer the ability to make use of an affiliate program, which can provide some amount of substance in the way of earning money from your site.

This can be a decent way to earn a little bit of commission, though there are likely other affiliate programs out there that are better.

The live chat also provides a small amount of customer service for some of your more basic questions.

The Bad

Traffic Swirl is a program that promises to be free, but then leads you down a path that requires either a lot of time or money to get the traffic you want.

Largely, it's a product that is too good to be true, and there are much better ways to get more traffic to your page without having to put in the effort or cost of Traffic Swirl.

My Final Thought on Traffic Swirl

In all honesty, you're far better off learning how to add SEO qualities into your page.

This can take a small amount of learning, but it's really a relatively simple way to get more traffic without the added cost.

Before you look into shoddy programs like Traffic Swirl, find ways to add some keywords to your article, and find ways to improve the SEO overall.

That way, you'll be able to save money for likely better results.

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  • Riaz Shah says:

    I hate these cheap programs that are being created only to suck us dry of our money, I’ve encountered many of them and Traffic Swirl is no different than the rest. These “internet gurus” rehash PLR programs and paste it in their so-called courses to try and prey on innocent people. 

    I used to fall for these schemes a lot when I first started online until I learned to differentiate them, awesome to know you’re taking the time to expose John Bell, hope this helps the newbies avoid pitfalls better!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Thanks for your kind words here. Hope more people able to reach this review and read further before getting in.

  • Merlynmac says:

    Thanks for this review.

    I’m always looking for ways to get more traffic to my site.  Sadly, there’s no really quick and easy option right.  The pay-for sites can send you unqualified visitors, if any at all and the free options take time which may or may not produce results.

    In the end, I agree with you.  SEO might be the best option.  That’s not to say I won’t continue to pursue other options, like social media and what not but I think I’ll skip most of the questionable services offered by programs like these.

    Thanks again.  Your review saved me a lot of time.

    • Maxx Tan says:

      You are most welcome. in order to stay qualified traffic, I personally will prefer doing great in SEO. 

  • Huy says:

    I am so glad that I ran across your review. I was taking a look at Traffic Swirl but was confused by the tokens since its suppose to be free to use but gaining those tokens took so long and I wsn’t sure if I was just wasting my time. Thanks again!

    • Maxx Tan says:

      Hi Huy, it is confusing though. Anyways you are most welcome and I hope you enjoy reading and able to grab some useful information within the article. 

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