What Is Weebly About – Is Weebly Right For You?

When you’re engaged in affiliate marketing, then you must be familiar with website building and hosting.  One of the website builders available is Weebly, a robust and reliable site builder known for its easy drag-and-drop, code-free operations. But the question is – is Weebly right for you? It’s important to know its key features and compare it with other good site builders like Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix platform so you can decide which is best for your needs.

Weebly Website Builder Review

Website: www.weebly.com

Product: Web Hosting Service Featuring Drag and Drop Website Builder

Founders: David, Dan and Chris

Overall Ranking:  6.5 out of 10

Prices: From $8 onwards with different pricing – stated below

Is This Drag And Drop Website Builder Really Works?

Weebly is a website builder known for its user-friendly features and functions, particularly in terms of its drag-and-drop, code-free operations. You can just use your mouse in dragging and dropping in products pictures and slideshows on your new websites without dealing with the complexities of coding. You can use it for building either a professional or personal websites, such as your main website and connected blogs for your affiliate marketing business.

Weebly is among the easiest website builders for these reasons. In fact, Weebly is behind more than 40 million websites and counting, who are able to take advantage of the following benefits:

#1 Highly user-friendly with drag and drop operation that novices in website design can easily learn. Its user-intuitive interface is easy to use for all skill levels, too, such that you can build a functional website within two hours.

#2 Wide selection of on-trend templates with high responsiveness for both desktop and mobile devices. It also provides the option of fast and easy changes to a website’s existing template coupled with automatic content migration. It also provides access to the HTML/CSS codes for the template.

#3 Pre-designed page layouts. These include more than 40-page layouts for the home, about, contact, portfolio, services, and menu sections. Each page can be customized according to your preferred design.

But there are also disadvantages in using Weebly. You have to weigh the pros with these cons since your website’s success can be adversely affected. You may not, for example, get a cost-efficient, results-effective and user-friendly website for your affiliate marketing business.

#1 Limited customization options for the template. You can only change the overall color scheme and font styles although other minor changes can be made via the codes. You will get better customization from Wealth Affiliate.

#2 Slower pace on the introduction of new and innovative features. Weebly only has one or two innovations introduced each year, which means your website will likely not be on-trend.

#3 Basic blog features. You will be unable to include advanced blog-related features, such as highlight related posts, latest posts, and more popular posts. You want your readers to stay on your blog and, hopefully, act on your desired actions (i.e., click on the link).

#4 Inefficient content management system. You have to manually sort and add custom content types, which is inconvenient when your website has dozens of pages.

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#5 Inability to add advanced marketing tools. You will find it nearly impossible to add EV SSL, custom analytics packages, email collection tools, social shares, and A/B testing applications.

If you’re planning for rapid growth for your website, Weebly isn’t your best choice. Below are the different features with different pricing. And I do highlight the prices below are based on annual subscription. So are this consider hidden charges with such tiny and unobvious wording? I let you decide it. 

So what else? Are you really pay the price as per advertised? I don’t think so. If you look at below, SSL doesn’t include in your starter and pro plan. If you need those features you have to pay more. Does it make sense? So which means blogger or users pay for started and pro plan unable to enjoy the SSL features? Eventually, you will upgrade to Business and above plan right? So are this upsells? Yes, I said it.

So how about your business email account? Have to pay for it? For sure my friend. First Weebly locks you in 1 years subscription plan if you want to enjoy the price as per features above. If you need few email account for your small business? Be prepare to fork out more. You get this feature for FREE at SiteRubix as long as you remain as a premium member.

How about Weebly Support? I have surveyed and do some research what others users has commented. Here the screenshot:


What Is A Better Alternative?

Weebly may be a great website builder for newbies and veterans alike but it has its fair share of issues. You should look for a better alternative – and it’s known as SiteRubix, it’s part of Wealthy Affiliate. You will find that its benefits will work best for your affiliate marketing needs and wants in a website.

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Easy to Build

You don’t have to spend two or more hours creating your website since Wealthy Affiliate makes it so easy, even for people without coding skills. You can have a website in an hour, thanks to the fast drag and drop operation, a wide range of templates (more than 3,000), and customization options.

I must say that Wealthy Affiliate and its SiteRubix platform makes it fast, easy and convenient to build your website from scratch. You can choose a basic template first and then make customizations at a later time, as the need arises. Your goal is to put yourself out in the Internet world.

Integrated tools

Once your website is in operation, you will have integrated tools for its effective and efficient management. You have tools for website analysis, security, and ranking, all of which are essential in keeping it on top of the search results pages for its keywords.

Effective security

When your website is being hosted by Wealthy Affiliate, you have the assurance that it’s as protected against security threats as can be. Your website will be provided with full redundancy, 24/7 monitoring, and daily snapshot backups, too.

Fast support system

You can rely on the 24/7 support system provided by the website builder and hosting service. You can expect fast responses to your issues, usually within a minute or so after calling or chatting with the customer service representative. You may even be worried after your website crashed and your contents were wiped away but Wealth Affiliate has backups – your website will be back online after a few minutes.

Powerful platform

You can also rely on the SiteRubix platform, a fast and powerful platform that adds to the positive user experience. The better your visitors’ experiences are while on your website, the higher your chances of them performing the desired actions (i.e., clicking on the link and buying the products).


Your website will also benefit from Wealthy Affiliate’s double hosting feature. This means that your website has the benefit of full redundancy – its contents always have backups or its main backup.

Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate is your best choice for a website builder and web hosting service. You will love the affordable fees ($49/month-No Hidden Cost Guaranteed), ease of setting up and managing your website, and beautiful designs that attract visitors. The most important part with the price you pay for, you will get all-in-one features like support from the Owners. Fully developed and updated training for all the levels of internet entrepreneurs especially newbies. Below is what Wealthy Affiliate make the bold promise for helping you succeed in your online business.

You also get free domains with SiteDomain-Grab It Here. Your website will become one of your best tools in becoming a successful affiliate marketer so careful consideration of its overall design and development is a must – and it starts with using the best features of Wealthy Affiliate.

So is there any thought from you? Feel free to leave your comment below.

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