World Global Network Reviews (Is World Global Network a Scam?)

For me, the World Global Network is a very interesting MLM formatted company for the simple reason that they made it a goal to make technological advancements become part of consumer's everyday lives. They offer us a number of a few technological retail packages like the Helo SmartBand.  In addition to this, they also integrated affiliate structure to their official website. 

As you will learn today, our main purpose for our unbiased review of World Global Network is to determine, once and for all, if this company is a scam,  a pyramid scheme, or what not. I gathered more than enough information about this company which enabled me to come up with a conclusion that will surprise you. 

This unbiased review for WGN will help you decide whether you need to have your time, efforts and money somewhere else. 

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World Global Network Summary Review

Website:   http://website.worldgn.com

Founder: Fabio Galdi 

Price:  Starting from $349 to $3,499

Best For: Not for you. 

World Global Network Reviews

Summary: A life-sensing technology business, World Global Network has taken advantage of the MLM business model to have a wider reach of the market to sell their products to. Running as a legitimate MLM business, becoming a member of this networking company doesn't come cheap. As for the earning opportunity, like most networking firms, there is so much so much drudgery on that aspect.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No


What is the World Global Network?

When Fabio Galdi founded the World Global Network, what he had in mind then is to put up a company that is centered on innovation. He envisions that everyone one day will make use of life-sensing technological products, or simply put wearable technologies. Wearable technologies, not so much for a jargon right?

I suggest that you check out the company’s video presentation I sourced for you on Youtube. The visual element of this video will help you understand what is meant by wearable technologies.

What is the World Global Network? They work under the multilevel marketing business model. When a business is a qualified MLM company, this simply means to say that they rely heavily on the help of independent distributors in terms of marketing their products and selling them off. Essentially, they are the company’s informal salespersons.

Like with any other multilevel marketing company, you can’t make money from World Global Network if you are not a member yet. Once you become an independent distributor, then you can sell their products and start earning.

Aside from directly selling WGN products to your own circle (friends, relatives, colleagues, etc.), you can earn more by recruiting people who are interested in this business opportunity. Basically, this is how MLM companies work. The person who recruited you to WGN wants you to join the team so you can help them sell the products even more. And in the process of doing so, earn residual commissions from your validated sales output.

I have 2 main thrusts for this World Global Network review I am making, the business opportunity itself and the products the company has on offer.

World Global Network Products

I am aware of the fact that you are not keenly interested to know about WGN products in full details, but you are leaning to know more about the money-making opportunities they have on offer.

If we need to assess WGN products, we need to make use of the following parameters. This will help us gauge their value and marketability.

  • What WGN’s products are used for exactly?
  • How can these products help people in their daily lives?
  • Are they high quality?
  • How do they differ from other products available on the market? 

One look and it is pretty obvious to see that WGN is actually offering their products with price tags that are way higher than what other merchants with similar products are offering.

In this case, we can deduce that they must come with some kind of added value to make these overpriced products unrivaled. It will work to the advantage of the company but it is also for your own good as a future distributor.

The million dollar question here is, are WGN’s products at par with these accepted standards? The only way to determine this is to look at each of their products, one by one.

1. The Helo Wellness Band

This is WGN’s flagship product, a simple fitness, and health tracker wristband which works pretty much the same as the others you see being sold in Amazon, but at a third price. This smart wristband lets you track your own body’s bio-parameters such as :

  • Distance Travelled
  • Number of Calories Burned
  • Heart ECG
  • Heart Rate
  • Sleep Patterns/Quality
  • Daily Steps
  • Blood Pressure
  • Breathing Rate
  • Fatigue Level
  • Mood

There is no way we can deny that the Helo Wellness Band has competitors in the market, particularly the Samsung Gear Fit and Fitbit. So what makes this smart wristband stand out from the others? Not much, to be honest on this part.

Is World Global Network scam

However, Helo Wellness Band is at a more competitive edge in the sense that it was featured by international media such as Fox News and NBC News and thus gained mileage. Perhaps the biggest and the most valuable recognition it had was the CES Convention which was held in Las Vegas.

You may try to search the Web and see what makes Helo Wellness Band better than others, but then again your efforts will just be in vain. For this reason, I will not encourage you to try and sell this item to your circle. How would you reason out why they should pay 3 or 4 times more for a smart wristband that is just like the others in the market?

2. Life Log

This is a system designed to work with the Helo Wellness Band by keeping a record of the measurements it made.

3. Biozen

One of the highlights of our modern life is our incessant use of electronic devices and appliances. Their absence could create a huge impact on how we will efficiently live our daily lives. Unknown to many of us, our dependence on the electrical appliance can have a negative impact on our bodies.

All electric device we use create electromagnetic waves and they have been found to cause irreversible damage to the human DNA. A good portion of these waves can be hindered by the use of the Biozen device.

Check out this video and see if biozen works okay,

I honestly feel that biozen is capable of blocking out some of the  “electrosmog”, but it may not be as effective in as far as keeping harmful radiation out.

It is very hard to prove that it really can. People will find it not plausible and will choose not to believe for obvious reasons.  Another reason that will go against it is the price issue. There are actually similar items found on Amazon and are being sold at a much more affordable price. So there really is no point why anyone would buy this item from WGN.

The added value? None!

4.  The InFolio Smartphone

WGN is marketing the Infolio Smartphone as being the first mobile device that mitigates the harmful electrosmog emissions, which the company is asserting as being taken care of by their Biozen technology-based antenna.

I think it is safe to assume that most of us are aware that our mobile devices emit harmful radiation. Unfortunately, people are not so concerned about this.

What is the World Global Network
Is World Global Network a scam

A person planning to buy a smartphone will have the following in mind before making a purchase:

  • It should have a better camera
  • Comes with sleek design
  • Equipped with a faster OS
  • Equipped with a wide, beautiful screen
  • With better battery capacity etc…

Even the major industry players, Huawei, Samsung or Apple, are having a hard time finding buyers. So, what can make someone decide to buy instead of an inFolio Smartphone?

So, is there hope for an added value? None.

Perhaps, it might work to mention that the mobile device has less radiation, but then again this factor is of least importance to buyers.

How to Get Started with World Global Network? (The Business Opportunity)  

If you want to start earning from the World Global Network, you will need to join this company first and become one of their independent distributors. Internally, they will call you a Wellness Ambassador. 

The pointers below are the step by step guide for you to follow if you want to participate in this kind of business opportunity.

  1. You can signup here.
  2. Next, make a purchase of the Helo bundle
  3. Start marketing the products and sell them to your circle.
  4. Find someone you can recruit to become your downline.
  5. Teach your downlines how to sell the product, and give them good guidance on how to build their own teams. 

Essentially this is how MLM companies work.

The Ugly Truths Revealed  

1.Extremely Low Success Rate

If you will check out WGN’s compensation plan, you’d be thrilled at the prospect of bonuses, luxury travels, and private jets. But if you dare take a closer look at the company’s income disclosure statement, you will figure out the sad truth about this company, particularly for the sad plight of their members.

Is World Global Network scam

This information I have above can be referenced from WGN’s official website. MLM companies are required to publish their income disclosure statement,  an official declaration of the company revenues and how their member earning capabilities are impacted by this.

This document shows that MGN distributors earned nothing in the year 2017. And on that very same year, almost 50% earned less than $1.000, while 22.30% of the company’s business builders made a whopping amount of $1.000 – $4.999.

If you are going to do the math on this, you will see that  92% of the associates were not even able to receive minimum wage neither.

2. WGN Products are Not Unique

WGN products are indeed lacking in outstanding features that would have made them unique or incomparable to similar items found in the market. Worse, they offer their items in price tags that are way above what their competitors offer.

Although the quality of their products is quite exceptional, it is simply not enough to make them a hit in the market. We know for a fact that the technology market is extremely competitive and the consumers are price sensitive.

Even the big names in the industry like Samsung and Huawei are challenged in augmenting the sales. What more can you anticipate from the smaller players like WGN? With this now, do you really, honestly think that selling WGN products would make sense?

If their official website takes forever to load up on their computer monitor, do you really, honestly think that they will have the patience to wait upon it. It only takes 10 seconds to lose a website visitor and have his attention diverted somewhere else on the Web. I suggest that you try to visit their website from, to see for yourself how sluggish the site can get.

3. High Initial Costs

WGN is a qualified  multilevel marketing company, and being such, they normally have some startup costs that are not negligible. While you can join the organization without having to pay for anything, you are instead required to purchase their starter bundle, the Helo Bundle.

These bundles can range from $349 to $3.499.

The cheapest, so far,  is the “Helo Personal Bundle” valued at $349.

This one is true to almost all MLM companies out there. Even if you can join their network for free, they would necessitate you to purchase their product offerings initially and then for your account to remain active and qualify for possible commissions, bonuses or other remunerations, you need to maintain a designated sales volume every month.

Hence, I don’t encourage anyone to join a qualified MLM company for that matter. Instead, I offer them a better alternative and that has something to do with affiliate marketing.  

4. Extremely Slow Official WGN Website

If their official website takes forever to load up on their computer monitor, do you really, honestly think that they will have the patience to wait up on it. It only takes 10 seconds to lose a website visitor and have his attention diverted somewhere else on the Web.  I suggest that you try to visit their website from here, to see for yourself how sluggish the site can get.

What I Do Like ABout World Global Network

The World Global Network is Enjoying a Good Reputation, so far

Despite the seeming odds of the company, the WGN network actually presents us  with some pretty good things, too. Here are some worth noting so far:

  • WGN Founder Fabio Galdi is a recipient of the 2014 top 100 direct selling CEO in the world. He actually bagged the 11th place, as per source.
  • Then in 2014, WGN was at number 10 in the best MLM compensation plan, as per source.
  • WGN is also included in the  100 Solid Top MLM Companies, as per source

This goes to show us that the World Global Network is headed by people with strong leadership skills. And as far as the business structure is concerned, it is tough yet reliable. 

The Wearable Technology Industry is a Dynamic Industry

The mere fact that WGN is involved in the wearable technology industry is pretty much working to their advantage. It is because, so far, this is one of the most dynamic, fastest growing, steady and strongest business directions today. So with that, it is safe to say that they are in the right place.

What is the World Global Network
Is World Global Network a scam

Is World Global Network a Scam? 

The World Global Network is a legitimate business in all aspects of it. Hence, we can’t qualify them as a scam. It is also a far cry from a pyramid scheme company.

The natural tendency of many people nowadays is to look at MLM companies as a pyramid scheme and all pyramid scheme as tantamount to scam as well. There is absolutely no truth in this.  So, is the World Global Network a scam? No, they are not. 

The multilevel marketing business model has been around for a long time already. There was even a point in time that this was considered by industry experts as the best business model so far because it gave everyone the opportunity to somehow reach a certain level of financial independence.

While this business model remains working well for many people, it is unfortunate to see that this is only a fraction of the total number of distributors or sellers. From this, we can anticipate that these people are most likely to go back to the usual 9-5 rat race.

How I Make Money Online? 

The main reason why I am not very fond of the MLM companies is that I myself have been involved with a few before. I have seen how they really work from the inside out. It really takes a discerning mind to see and understand that this business model is not structured to help its members reach financial independence, but to help the organization earn more.  

Even when these networking firms are offering their most generous remuneration packages to their members, fact remains that they have reserved the biggest slice of the cake to themselves. So, what is left to do?

Find a better opportunity sans the usual risks involved in the multilevel marketing setup. My top recommendation? Get yourself involved in affiliate marketing!

Top Recommendations

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What can you say about the World Global Network? Did you happen to see or have a hold of their Helo Wristband? How do you find it? And how do you find this company in general? Please head to the comments section below and share to us what you think. 

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