Youngevity a Scam? Or the Real Deal?

Is Youngevity a scam? or the Real Deal? The problem with sites that offer products that ensure vitality is that more often than not, they are just a pyramid scheme. Another problem is the fact that there are legitimate sites out there that have good products, but they are not given a chance because of the present fear that people have regarding scams.

Are you also one of those people who are curious about joining Youngevity? Well, you do not have to dive in immediately and lock yourself in a contract because we are going to talk about how it works. Most importantly, we are also going to determine if it is indeed just another scam or not.

Are you interested in selling health-related products? Do you want to know if Youngevity is for you? Then keep on reading to find out!

What Is Youngevity and How Does It Work?

Youngevity is a company that was founded way back in 1997 by Dr. Joel Wallach. You can actually look at Youngevity in two ways. You can either buy their products and use them or sell them to your peers or join as a member and avail of their “Paks” to become an official distributor.

We are going to concentrate on the second aspect. What are you going to sell? Youngevity has a lot of health products such as powdered juice drinks, nutritional supplements, meal replacement shakes, essential oils, and the likes.

Aside from all that, Youngevity also manufactures cosmetics and other items for the household, which, in general, promote healthy well-being. Whatever product you are into, their main audience is people who are interested in improving their blood sugar levels, supporting their digestive system, improving athletic performance, and aiding weight loss.

Do you just sign-up to join? Yes and no. Yes, because you join as a member, and no because you will not just earn by just selling. It is a multilevel marketing company, wherein you earn points by recruiting other people. Do you now see why people ask whether or not is Youngevity a scam?

Who Is It For?

Youngevity is for people who want to devote a lot of time to expand their downlines. This can be a full-time job because, truly, you will spend most of your time talking to other people and encouraging them to join you. In line with this, you also have to attend countless conventions that teach you how to ask people to join Youngevity effectively.

At the same time, this is for people with money to spare. Again, the focus of the company is not about having successful sales. Instead, it is about expanding their reach. Therefore, if you are not really selling anything, you are not actually earning. The same is true if you fail to have a downline.

Are There Other Tools or Training?

You really do not need other tools, but they have set guidelines for their multilevel marketing system. They are as follows:

  1. Joining is usually via a referral process. Hence, if you want to join, you have to contact the person who referred you and get instructions from them.
  2. Once approved as a member, you start out as an Associate, and you now have the capacity to buy from their Paks. You really have to buy from their packages.
  3. Next, you will be trained about the Compensation Plan, and you will know how much you need to sell every month to improve your rank.
  4. Make use of the Youngevity Associate ID and create your virtual office, where you can display your products.
  5. You then have to order and sell the products. They also have an option to automatically ship, the products that are currently in high demand.
  6. Lastly, but most importantly, you are tasked to recruit other people to join the company. The logic behind this is that the more you recruit, the bigger your income will be. This is the case because as you go up the ranks, the referral fee also increases.

What About Support?

Since it is a multilevel marketing company, the support will come from your uplines. Usually, you will be divided into teams, so you can also get help from your teammates.

As for the customer support, there will still be replies to queries. However, they tend to take a long time to respond. As such, it is still best to get answers from your teammates if you really have urgent problems.

Youngevity: The Good and the Bad

The Good

  • They have reliable products.

They have a lot of products to choose from, and frankly, if you know how to find your market, it is easy to sell their products.

  • It has a huge presence.

If you do want to join the company, you will be part of a huge and growing community. The company is already well-known and trusted. Further, there are thousands of distributors around the world.

  • You help the unfortunate in hindsight.

This is not really connected with your earnings, but the company is affiliated with charitable institutions. Even though you do not notice it, a portion of the earnings automatically goes to those charities.

The Bad

  • Huge focus on recruitment

It does not matter whether you are selling a lot of products because their focus is for you to grow their family. The incentives are definitely higher when it comes to the referral fee versus the commission for selling.

  • Hefty buy-in

Again, you are required to buy from their Paks. Needless to say, the lowest package still costs a lot. So, be prepared to let go of your hard-earned money in exchange for unsure profits.

  • Hidden fees

As expected from multilevel marketing companies, they have a lot of hidden fees. They are perfectly hidden because they only pop out when you are already an Associate, and you have no choice but to pay these fees.

Youngevity a Scam?

After careful consideration, we have concluded that Youngevity is not a scam in such a way that you still get to earn off of it. But then again, it is not as easy as they market it to be. You really have to devote a lot of time, money, and effort to be successful when you join the company.

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