YT Gorilla Review: Is It a Good Buy?

Marketing your business online? Apparently, doing so is an effective way to reach out to your target consumers. These days, most people have access to the internet and have social media accounts where they get to see various advertisements of different products and services. So What is YT Gorilla About? Is it A Scam? Let’s start digging.

Speaking of online marketing, what method have you already tried? Have you tried to use YouTube? You should, for you can surely reach a large number of potential customers by doing so.

In relation to this, we made a review on the YouTube Gorilla (YT Gorilla). It is an internet marketing tool that automatically shows competitors’ keywords, video clip descriptions, and more details that can help earn money online. Is it worth every buyer’s money or is it just a scam?

YT Gorilla Review At A Glance

Name: YT Gorilla
Products: Video Marketing
Website: YT Gorilla
Founders: Andrew and Chris Fox
Fee: Upfront $97 come with 2 Upsells at $39 Each
Overall Rank: 3 out of 10
Status: Not Recommended (You can use free instead and why pay for this)

What is YT Gorilla and How does It Work?

YT Gorilla is an online tool that aims and claims to help you earn money as an affiliate. It also promises to help you generate a lot of fresh leads, rank your videos, and 5.38 million organic YouTube views. This software is an automated traffic finder that can also make it possible for you to get 57,384 Leads on AutoPilot.

Moreover, this tool will automatically show you your competitors’ keywords and descriptions for any video clip. YT Gorilla is also known as the ultimate YouTube Tool. It also comes with an alert system that lets you know when there is a new video clip released.

Andrew Fox, the creator of this product, studies YouTube for two years. According to him, these are the fastest and easiest ways to rank your video clips:

  • Look for the keywords ranked for by your competitors.
  • Use YT Gorilla to find and see the keywords.
  • Automatically receive an alert when there is a new video clip based on markets and keywords you targeted.

Being fully cloud-based, you don’t need to download anything. You can access this tool from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac. It comes with YT King Kong Keyword that enables you to see your competitors’ tags and keywords with a few clicks.

This tool helps you earn money by link-brokering affiliate products into video clips that are high-ranking to make bank. What’s good is that you do not have to create and rank these video clips or personally do some negotiations with anybody.

Now, this is what you should do:

  • Look for relevant affiliate products matching high-ranking video clips.
  • Reach out to channel owners through e-mail.
  • Send out the video deal-making templates that are pre-tested and high-converting.
  • Put an affiliate link alongside the description, and then share commissions with the video channel. Rinse and repeat.
  • Generate percentage deals from highly-ranked YouTube clips of other people.

You can purchase YT Gorilla for a front-end price of $97. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You get a full refund if it does not satisfy you.

Meanwhile, it also comes with two upsells: one is a list-building course that teaches how to build a list after people visit your YouTube video and the other one is a product that can help you create your own video pages.

Who is YT Gorilla for?

This video marketing tool is for those who are into videos and are patient enough to do some research. As you know, succeeding in using this tool requires searching for relevant affiliate products. It is also for those who would like to generate income while working at home instead of spending a significant amount of time in the office and doing an eight-hour job.

Moreover, this video tracker suits those who would like to build a career in video marketing without having to do so much effort. You just have to be willing to learn a little and be consistent with your efforts.

The Good and the Bad

Just like a normal product being sold, YT Gorilla has its share of pros and cons. Here are the things you should expect from this online marketing tool:


(+) It teaches you various skills when it comes to video marketing. You will learn how to create your own video pages and build a list after your YouTube video gets visited.

(+) It promises to help you generate income at home. What’s good about online marketing is that you can do it anywhere. You can earn money anywhere, even at home.

(+) It comes with a money-back guarantee. Taking such risk may be a good sign for it may indicate high quality. YT Partner with JV Zoo affiliate program so most likely you are able to get back the refund once you are not satisfied and dispute.


(-) It shows you details that are actually offered for free by other videos. Being able to see information on likes, comments, views, etc. may seem cool, but it is disappointing to find out that you are paying for details that you can actually have for free.

(-) The training videos come up with low-quality content. It does not dig deep into the idea of making money.

(-) You can find a lot of spelling errors on the sales page. This indicates low quality.

YouTube and Marketing

YT Gorilla may have its share of advantages and disadvantages, but you should know that using YouTube to market your products can indeed be very effective. Here are the reasons why YouTube is important in marketing:

  • YouTube has more than one billion users or 33 percent of people online.
  • Videos are more engaging compared to emails and traditional advertisements.
  • YouTube traffic is cheap, especially when compared to FB and Yahoo. There are even times when you can get free traffic.

Can YT Gorilla Give You Your Money’s Worth?

Given all the details discussed above, it may be a little safe to say that buying YT Gorilla is not a wise move. While you may find some advantages of the product, the fact that you’ll be paying for details that are supposedly free is quite disappointing. Adding to the disappointment is the lack of depth in its educational content.

In hindsight, the cons have outweighed the pros; hence, it is better to invest your money on something else. Opt for the one that comes with more advantages than disadvantages.


Enough with all those Crap created by YT youtube. In summary, I just wanted to let you know you are able to get what mentioned by YT for free.

Yes, You are right. It is available for free on Youtube. Without spending the expensive price tags – $97? What’s the heXX? Sorry for the rude but somehow my emotion get high when reviewing these crap.

Without spending the expensive price tags – $97?

What’s the heXX? Sorry for the rude but somehow my emotion get high when reviewing these crap.

Your effort, money and time better invested somewhere else.

It’s Your Turn Now

As usual, I am always trying to help you out to reach your online journey goal. And helping you to succeed is always my priority goal. What you need to do is just simply reach out to me somewhere here from howtomakegenuinemoneyonline site.

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